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I Get Ideas - Recap

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The episode begins with Elijah telling his boyfriend George that he had sex with Marnie. George isn’t too happy to hear that. Elijah argues that he might be bisexual and has always maintained that. George though, isn’t convinced by the argument. George breaks up with Elijah, as he doesn’t want to be with someone who is “confused”. Elijah doesn’t want to break up and tries to convince George to forget that he cheated on him. George is in no mood to forgive and storms out outraged when Elijah tells him that he hasn’t told Hannah about this issue yet. Adam is sad that Hannah has broken up with him and is singing sad love songs.

Adam is doing this in front of his computer and Hannah is seeing this on her computer with Elijah. They are both disturbed by Adam’s behavior. Hannah is worried that Adam is a sociopath and in grief might end up doing something crazy. Elijah is still avoiding telling Hannah why George broke up with him. Marnie in the meantime is looking for a new job and it’s not going so well. While they are brushing their teeth, Hannah tells her new boyfriend Sandy that she really loves having sex with him. She asks Sandy if he got around to reading an essay she had given him recently. Sandy says he hasn’t gotten around to reading it yet, as he has been busy. Shoshanna and Ray are in bed together and seem to be having a good time. Marnie returns home and tells them how she isn’t having any luck finding a job as a curator.

Shoshanna suggests Marnie work as a hostess at a club as she is really pretty and therefore the job would be apt for her. She even calls a friend of her named Denise who works as a hostess, so Denise can help Marnie out. Hanna in the meantime pays Jessa a visit at her house. Thomas-John and Jessa tell Hannah about their honeymoon and what a great time they had. Thomas-John then rushes out for a meeting at his office. Thomas-John surprises Jessa by gifting her, a bunch of puppies before leaving. Later, Jessa and Hanna spend some time at a park, with the puppies. The two discuss about each other’s relationships. Jessa says how Thomas-John is really supportive of her creativity.

Hanna in turn mentions how she has given Sandy her essay to read 3 days ago and although he hasn’t read it yet he is excited about reading it. Jessa feels the fact that Sandy hasn’t read the essay isn’t a good thing. “If he hasn’t read you essay yet, he hasn’t read you” Jessa says. Hannah seems disturbed by what Jessa is suggesting and seems to agree with her. Later, at home while making out Hanna asks Sandy if he has read the essay and he again makes the excuse that he hasn’t read it as he has been busy. She persists, saying he would have read it by now if he had cared about her. Sandy reluctantly confesses that he actually did read her essay. “It wasn’t for me exactly” he tells her. Hanna wants to discuss about the issue further but Sandy mentions that this was the reason he didn’t bring up reading it, as he knew it would get weird.

Hanna insists that she wants Sandy’s honest opinion on her essay. Sandy on being prodded gives his honest opinion about the essay. His opinions are basically unflattering, which leads Hannah to mention how Sandy is a Republican and they should debate about that, just like they are debating about her essay. Sandy feels she is bringing up his political beliefs only because he criticized her essay, but she maintains they are simply having an open conversation. Ultimately, Hanna tells Sandy that their political beliefs don’t match and therefore they should just be friends. Sandy doesn’t take too kindly to the suggestion and lashes out at Hanna.

They get in a huge argument which ends with Sandy asking Hanna to leave. Hannah returns home and tells Marnie and Elijah she broke up with Sandy because he is a Republican. Elijah leaves to take a walk. Marnie tells Hanna she got a job as a hostess at a club. Hanna isn’t too impressed with Marnie’s job selection, but Marnie defends it saying how high paying the job is and how she will get to meet different kinds of people each day. In the night Adam pays Hanna a surprise visit at her apartment. He enters the apartment using a spare key he has. Hanna is terrified to see him there but acts normal. She in fear calls 911, but hangs up without saying anything.

In end she tells Adam they are over and she wants him to get out of her life. Adam understands and is about to leave when the cops come calling. They say they got a 911 hang up and ask what the problem is. Hanna first denies calling 911 and then admits she called but immediately hung up. Adam is outraged to know this. The cops take Adam into custody. Hanna apologizes to Adam for the whole issue, while he is being arrested. The episode ends at this point.