Bad Friend - Recap

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The episode begins with Hanna at an office for an interview. She is told that she is being hired as a freelancer to write articles. Hanna is told by the woman interviewing her that she can write about anything she wants to. Hanna asks for a few ideas and the woman gives her some really absurd ones, which leaves her stumped. Later Hanna tells the girls she is going to do some cocaine and write about the experience. Marnie suggests Hanna talk to the junkie living in the basement of her building, as he might be able to get her some cocaine. She pays him a visit and after exchanging some pleasantries, she asks him for the cocaine.

“I’m clean now” he tells her, but offers to get her some as he has contacts. At the club, while Marnie is going about her job as a hostess, she runs into Booth a pompous artist who she knows from before. She tries to blow him off, but he doesn’t go away. He takes Marnie to his office to show her his latest works of art. Marnie is impressed by his work and thinks he is really talented. Marnie and Elijah on the other hand are at a nightclub. They seem to be having a great time and Hanna comments how they are “the sexiest non-sexual couple” the club has ever seen. Hanna goes to dance floor and begins to jig. She is really getting it on, when a guy comes up to her and begins dancing. She tells him that he is a really great dancer and he in turn returns the compliment.

They both decide to exchange their tops and do so right there. Elijah and Hanna then do some coke and again return to the dance floor. They are really enjoying themselves without a care in the world, as the coke has had its effect. Marnie and Booth in the meantime are busy having sex. Booth is really going at it, but somehow Marie doesn’t really seem into it. At the nightclub Elijah and Hanna are doing some more cocaine and talking about the numerous memories that they share. Elijah tells her that he wants to be honest with her and then says that he had sex with Marnie a few weeks ago. Hanna is shocked to hear this and walks away looking rather disturbed. Elijah follows her, oblivious to the fact that this revelation has deeply affected her.

She asks Elijah whose idea it was to have sex and also asks him the intricate details of the intercourse. Elijah basically tells her that he liked having sex with Marnie and also gives her the details. Hanna is really disturbed and looks at Elijah and yells “I hate you”. “I did not even cum in her” Elijah says defending himself. Marnie on the other hand texts Hanna telling her she is at Booth’s house. Hanna is hurt because she was meant to be the last girl Elijah had sex with. Elijah argues that Hanna is being selfish in making this whole thing about her and adds “did it ever occur to you that I had female lovers after we broke up?” “No” says Hanna. Elijah says that what happened between him and Marnie had nothing to do with Hanna and it’s just that he was turned on by Marnie.

They are having this conversation in a convenience store, just then Hanna sees the junkie from her building Laird walk by. She goes after him and asks him what he is doing there. He admits he is following her to protect her. Hanna tells him she is fine and the coke worked. “That’s great”, Laird says and begins crying. He is crying because he feels he completely betrayed himself by buying her drugs. Hanna assures him she is fine and asks him to go home and relax. Just then, Hanna sees the text from Marnie about her being at Booth’s place and is happy. She takes Elijah and leaves in a hurry. Also, she asks Laird to come along if he is going to follow them anyway. Hanna warns him though that they might do coke in front of him. The three then arrive at Booth’s house and Marie is surprised to see them there.

Hanna tells Marnie she is only there to tell her that she knows about her and Elijah. Marnie tries apologizing to her, but Hanna says she didn’t come for her apology. She tells Marnie she isn’t her good friend anymore and doesn’t want to do things with her. Hanna then lashes out some more at Marnie. Marnie is in tears as a result. Hanna then asks Elijah to move out of the apartment and storms out with Laird. Laird and Hanna return to their building and begin making out outside his door. The episode ends at this point.