It's a Shame About Ray - Recap

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The episode begins with Elijah packing his things to leave the apartment. Elijah isn’t at all happy that he has to move out, but Hanna seems adamant that he does. She informs Elijah that she would be keeping everything that George paid for. She says she talked to George and he wants her to. The two trade a few insults before, Elijah moves out with all his baggage. Jessa and Thomas-John on the other hand are meeting his parents. Audrey and Charlie are at Hanna’s place. She has called them over for a little celebration, as her first article is about to be published. Hanna is basically cooking dinner for them.

Marnie arrives a little later and isn’t too happy to see Audrey and Charlie there. The situation becomes really awkward and Marnie walks into Hanna’s bedroom and locks herself. Audrey feels it’s better if she and Charlie leave, but Hanna argues she had invited Marnie as a polite gesture and did not think she would actually come. Hanna explains that the reason she didn’t think Marnie would come, is because she and her are at the moment fighting. Charlie asks Hanna the reason for their fight. Hanna says she can’t say, as it might hurt him. Marnie comes out of the bedroom and says she should go, but Hanna urges both the parties to not go. Later, Ray and Shoshanna too arrive for Hanna’s party. Ray says they were late because they were busy having sex. Shoshanna apparently isn’t too comfortable with Ray being so open.

Jessa and Thomas-John in the meantime arrive at the restaurant where his parents are waiting for them. Jessa takes the blame for being late. His parents are a bit taken aback by Jessa’s carefree and frank nature. At the party Audrey suggests that Marnie only showed up because Charlie did. Marnie disputes that says she was invited. Hanna in turns admits to her she didn’t think she would show up after she had “double-crossed” her. Audrey then is downright rude to Marnie. She taunts Marnie for still not getting over Charlie. It then comes to a point where Marnie asks Hanna who between her and Audrey should leave. “Charlie can pick who leaves” Hanna replies meekly. Marnie is mortified at this suggestion and storms out. Hanna on her part pretends nothing happened and tries to continue having a normal conversation with the rest. Charlie is too uncomfortable and as a result walks out.

Shoshanna on the other hand during the course of the conversation realizes that Ray is living with her. During the dinner Thomas-John’s parents are shocked to find out that Jessa was in the rehab for heroin addiction. Thomas-John’s mother, who isn’t at all impressed with Jessa, taunts Jessa about the fact that she doesn’t do any real work. She suggests that Jessa only got married to her son, because he has money. Charlie arrives to talk to Marnie who is standing on the roof by herself. He apologizes to her about Audrey. “She is insecure because she knows how much you mean to me” Charlie says explaining Audrey’s behavior. Charlie says Marnie is a huge part of his life and no one knows him like she does. Marnie in turn tells him about how her life is so very uncertain at this point, and hence Audrey has no reason to feel threatened by her.

Charlie then suddenly begins kissing her. “Hey I am seeing someone” Marnie says and pushes him away. She elaborates that she is seeing Booth. Charlie isn’t too happy to hear that, and comments that she deserves someone better. Charlie then walks away in anger. Charlie returns to the party and sees that Audrey has left. Shoshanna in the meantime is hassled about the fact that Ray moved in with her but didn’t think it important to inform her. Charlie begins bad mouthing Marnie and Hanna jumps to her defense. She calls him a jerk and says Marnie has been through a lot in the past one year. She broke up with him and then she lost her job and now is having to work as a hostess, Hanna points out to Charlie. While at it, Hanna lets its clip that Marnie had sex with Elijah. Charlie is shocked to hear this.

At home, Jessa and Thomas-John are busy having an argument and trading insults. Thomas-John is angry that Jessa was a bit too honest with his parents. Jessa feels she did nothing wrong. He on his part agrees with his mother and says that he believes Jessa married him for the money. She in turn insults him some and goes so far as to say, she is embarrassed because he is so average. He calls her a “whore with no work ethic” and she punches him in the face and asks him to “grow up”. He asks her how much money she needs to leave him. The two bargain over the amount and in the end come to an agreement. Shoshanna finds out Ray is staying with her as he doesn’t have his own place. He admits to her he is a loser. While he is busy proclaiming the fact that he is a loser, Shoshanna tells him she is falling in love with him.

Ray is visibly surprised and says it’s “way too early” for her to say something like this. Ray then admits that he too loves her a lot. Jessa in the meantime comes crying to Hanna, but the two end up laughing and kidding around. The episode ends at this point.