One Man's Trash - Recap

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The episode begins with Hanna and Ray discussing a new expression called “sexit” that Hanna has coined. A man comes to the café and says he lives nearby. He says he is there to complain that someone is leaving the café’s trash in his cans. Ray says it’s odd because the café has its own dumpster. He asks the man how he is so convinced it’s the café’s trash. He explains there are coffee grounds, old boxes of pastries and “some bills with your address on them”, which indicates it’s the café’s trash. The guy is adamant that he doesn’t want the café’s trash thrown in his cans. Ray says he can’t help as he doesn’t know who is doing it.

Ray tells off the guy rather rudely. He is insulted and before leaving, reiterates that he wants his trash cans left alone. Hanna tells Ray he was really rude to the guy. “This is a toxic work environment” she says and quits. Hanna pays the guy who had just come to complain a visit. She says she has something to tell him. The guy invites her in, before she can say anything. Hanna readily agrees to his offer and goes in. The guy offers her some lemonade and asks “so what’s up?” Hanna comes out and confesses to the guy that it was she who dumped the café’s garbage, in his cans. The guy is surprised with the confession and asks her the reason why she does it.

She explains that she lost her dumpster key and was afraid to tell Ray about it, which is the reason why she was forced to dump the trash someplace else. She confesses that his house was the closest, so she chose his cans to dump the trash in. After she is done apologizing, she stares at him and then suddenly kisses him. She then pulls away and apologizes to him for what she just did. The guy in the meantime looks at her blankly, possibly too amazed to say anything. He then walks up to her and kisses her back. The duo begins making out passionately. While they are at it she asks him his age. He says he is 42 and she tells him she is 24. They both seem cool with each other’s ages. He tells her his name is Joshua. After sex, they indulge in some small talk.

Joshua says he is recently separated. “So I just had sex with a married guy” she says. Joshua repeats that he is separated. She tells him her name. Later, Joshua puts some steaks on the grill for the both of them. He tells Hanna that he is a doctor by profession. They discuss his reasons for separation. He reveals that he couldn’t give their relationship much time as he was busy with work, which led to the separation. Later, the two kid around a bit and then begin making out once again. They then begin stripping off each other’s clothes. Next day, Hanna wakes up in Joshua’s bed. She says she has to go to work. He asks her to “call in sick” and says he did too. He convinces Hanna by saying that, they are having a really great time. Hanna admits she is and is glad to hear that he is too.

The two, play some ping pong in the nude and then have some more sex, on the ping pong table. They then resume playing ping pong once again. Hanna later goes in for a bath and Joshua asks her to meet him upstairs after she is done. She begins her shower. After a long time has passed and she isn’t coming out, Joshua goes in to check on her. He sees that the shower is full of steam and Hanna has passed out. He gets her out of there and nurses her. He lays Hanna on his lap and tends to her. Hanna who is now conscious is overcome with emotions all of a sudden and begins to cry. She tells him that she wants to be happy, but a long time ago she made herself a promise that she would take in all the experiences that she could, so she could later tell people about it.

She confesses that it’s because of this promise she let people treat her the way they wanted to and even let them say things to her, but now she is tired. Just like everyone else, “I just want to be happy” she reiterates. Hanna tells Joshua all the crazy things she has done in the name of wanting to experience everything. She says she now realizes how lonely she was, till she met him. Josh seems visibly bothered by the things Hanna has just said. He tells her he has to go to sleep, because he has work the next day. Hanna is surprised that he wants to go to work. She accuses him of making her talk about her feelings and now he is clearly uncomfortable. She also mentions how he till now hasn’t told her anything about himself. He says nothing, but politely tells her that he wants her to stay and goes off to sleep.

In the morning Hanna wakes up and sees that Joshua has left for work. She makes herself breakfast and later spends time looking around and wondering aimlessly through his house. In the end she dresses up and leaves. The episode ends at this point.