Exit Strategies - Recap

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Everyone in the kitchen thinks that Ramir has lost his game, so Ramir brings his mother in to spice things up a little. And she definitely knows her spices, but everybody wishes she would shut up about it.

Convinced that Sam is a parasitic cult leader, Cordell regrets having Daisy fired. He and Drew cook up a plan to get her away from Sam. Cordell, Drew and Victor confront her, and try to convince her leave The Conservatory.

Kate gets a visit from Brett, the police officer who visited the restaurant after her trouble with the bank. She suspects him of trying to spy on Godiva's, but soon realizes that what he really wants is a date.

TJ’s after-hours parties are a hit. Everyone wants in, including his old nemesis Coulter.

Ramir tries to give Martin dating pointers, but Martin’s convinced he’s doing just fine with Jane and tosses their deteriorating friendship aside. However, he quickly learns that his idea “fine” and her’s are quite different.

Victor wants to work on the line. He needs a new path. Ramir reluctantly agrees: cold plates and desserts only!

Stick is having second thoughts about letting Jenna dance with another partner. Drunk and festering with jealousy, he picks a fight with her partner, Emile, on the dance floor.

Preety’s influence is a hit at Godiva’s, and the cookies warm-up to Preety when she reveals how Ramir loved his sister’s Easy Bake oven. When Vijay catches Ramir and his mother at home making chai together, he is furious. To save his parents relationship, Ramir decides that he has to fire Preety for her own sake.

After Chantal takes off, Simone goes looking for her and finds her in bed with TJ. Simone is livid and vows to send Chantal back to Williams Lake, leading Chantal and TJ to make plans of their own.