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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Back to Ballymora

The congregation of St. Dominic's raises money so that Father Fitzgibbon can pay a visit to the Irish town where he was born but then the good padre gets cold feet about returning.
Guest Stars: Will Kuluva as Remplevich | Russell Collins as Barney O'Dowd | Robert Emhardt as Joe Feeney | Argentina Brunetti as Mrs. Severino | Lauren Gilbert as Dr. Warneke | Joe Pevney as Boy
Director: Joseph Pevney
Story: Juanita Vaughn | Teleplay: Emmet Lavery

2 :01x02 - The Crooked Angel

Fathers O'Malley and Fitzgibbons are both enthralled by the angelic singing voice of one of their grade school students only to discover that the boy has a bad case of sticky fingers.
Guest Stars: Ralph Meeker as Jack Slade | Dennis Oliveri as Eddie Slade | Phyllis Love as Sister Mary Mathew | Willard Parker (2) as Monsignor Joe Giblin | J. Pat O'Malley as Healy | Wally Young as Felix | Edward Holmes (2) as Nolan | Ralph Manza as Charlie | Celia Lovsky as Mother Gabriel
Writer: William Fay

3 :01x03 - The Parish Car

After the parish car is deemed unsalvageable following an accident, Father Fitzgibbon purchases a new one and gets a really good deal--or so he thinks. It turns out that the car is stolen.
Guest Stars: Hugh Sanders as Murray Cranston | Raymond Bailey as Rudy Blanchard | Gary Vinson as Bruce Randall | Jerome Cowan as Tim Murphy | Barry Kelley as Captain Donovan | Ken Lynch as Lt. Harris | Peter Leeds as Policeman | Virginia Christine as Mrs. Randall | Harry Lauter as Frank | Johnny Eimen as Tim Whelan | Eddie Hanley as Clerk | Cy Malis as Worker | Marian Morley as Secretary
Director: Joseph Pevney

4 :01x04 - The Father

Father O'Malley persuades an old-fashioned Puerto Rican immigrant to allow his daughter to attend a school dance. There's only one problem--she doesn't return home.
Guest Stars: Victoria Vetri as Carmel Fernandez | Arnold Moss as Fernandez | Miriam Goldina as Aunt Teresa
Director: Alex March

5 :01x05 - A Man for Mary

A hot chick gets evicted by her landlady because all the male tenants in the building are arguing over her. She then goes to Father O'Malley for help in finding a place where she'll be welcome.
Guest Stars: Anne Francis as Mary Dunne | Gerald S. O'Loughlin as Bianchi | Robert Strauss as Curt | Jim Secrest as Stan Walker | George Kennedy as Mike
Director: Joseph Pevney

6 :01x06 - Like My Own Brother

A working class man is humiliated when his well-to-do brother begins showering expensive gifts on his wife and children.
Guest Stars: Harry Morgan as Al Everett | Eddie Bracken as Danny Everett | Melinda Plowman as Jane Everett | Paula Winslowe as Anne Everett | Paul Carr as Jerry Everett
Director: Robert Florey

7 :01x07 - Not Good Enough for My Sister

A laborer and his galpal want to get married but her family thinks he's beneath her in social status.
Guest Stars: Jack Warden as Carl Wiczinski | Virginia Vincent as Mary Cipollaro | Al Ruscio as Jimmy Cipollaro | Angela Clarke (2) as Mama Cipollaro | Anne Barton as Lois Cipollaro

8 :01x08 - A Matter of Principle

Father O'Malley doesn't want an all-city basketball player on the parish hoops team because he feels that the player is too arrogant.
Guest Stars: Fred Clark as John Murphy | Virginia Gregg as Margaret Murphy | Peter Helm as Frank Murphy | Charla Doherty as Harriet Hall | Chris Warfield as Dr. Thornton | Simon Scott as Larry Raymond | George Furth as Lester | Kip King as Joey | Jerry Ziesmer as Fred | Jess Kirkpatrick as Heath | Brad Morrow as Robert Stern | Scott Wells as Milton Blumenthal
Director: Fielder Cook
Writer: Richard Baer

9 :01x09 - Mr. Second Chance

Father O'Malley discovers that the largest contributor to the parish building fund is actually a racketeer.
Guest Stars: Dan Duryea as Harold Harrison | Dorothy Green as Mrs. Harrison | Maggie Pierce as Marilyn Harrison | Steven Terrell as Tony | Willis Bouchey as Bill Fleming | Ross Elliott as Ken Hamlin | Frankie Darro as Elevator Operator
Director: Allen Reisner

10 :01x10 - Ask Me No Questions

Father O'Malley catches the sticky fingered thief who's been stealing from the church poor box. To his surprise it's an outstanding student at the parish school.
Guest Stars: Roger Mobley as Miles Corbin | Joanne Linville as Nora Corbin | Kevin McCarthy as Ray Corbin

11 :01x11 - Keep an Eye on Santa Claus

Father Fitzgibbon finds an ex-convict a job as a department store Santa Claus unaware that "Santa" plans on robbing the joint.
Guest Stars: James Dunn as Honus Shamroy | Frank McHugh as William Jennings Depew | Cloris Leachman as Karen Murdock | Steve Brodie as Fred Murdock | Bill Mumy as Mark Murdock | Mary Field as Sister Agnes | Ken Lynch as Lt. Harris | Henry Hunter as Floorwalker | Eddie Hanley as Man | Katie Sweet as Little Girl
Director: Joseph Pevney
Writer: Richard Baer

12 :01x12 - A Dog for Father Fitz

Church secretary Mrs. Featherstone can't stand the Irish setter that's been befriended by Father Fitzgibbon and gives the padre an ultimatum: it's the pooch or her.
Guest Stars: Dennis Rush as Terry Donnelly | Phyllis Love as Sister Mary Mathew | Blossom Rock as Mrs. Carter | Forrest Lewis as Carter | Norman Leavitt as Milkman | Kenneth R. MacDonald as Captain

13 :01x13 - A Saint for Mama

A racketeer steals a statue from St. Dominic's in hopes of affecting a cure for his seriously ill mother. When the image doesn't work, the mobster then steals Father O'Malley to help it along.
Guest Stars: Richard Conte as Tony Laurentino | Beverly Garland as Marsha | Lisa Gaye as Rosa Pavone | Renata Vanni as Mama Laurentino | Bert Remsen as 1st Salesman | Garry Walberg as 2nd Salesman | Bart Burns as Detective
Director: Joseph Pevney
Writer: Emmet Lavery

14 :01x14 - Tell Me When You Get to Heaven

A father refuses to accept a doctor's diagnosis that his son might go blind. The reason--the physician is a confirmed agnostic.
Guest Stars: James Whitmore as Dr. Corden | Michael J. Pollard as Danny Larkin | John Alderson as Fred Larkin | Adrienne Marden as Mrs. Larkin | Mary Field as Sister Agnes | Jerry Ziesmer as 1st Boy | Kip King as 2nd Boy | Theodore Newton as Man | Henry Rowland as Workman
Director: Felix Feist
Writer: Lewis Reed

15 :01x15 - My Son, the Social Worker

Tom Colwell's father arrives in town for a visit but the social worker surprisingly declines a dinner invitation from Fathers O'Malley and Fitzgibbon. The two padres wonder what's going on between father and son.
Guest Stars: Ed Begley as Owen Colwell | Buck Taylor as Mickey Vecchione | Bennye Gatteys as Janis Lenihan | Chris Warfield as Dr. Thornton | Herb Ellis as Rabbi Adler | Frank Albertson as Commissioner Hughes | Ellen Corby as Mrs. Brophy | Jeff Pevney as Ronnie Warren | Patricia Morrow as Jo Ann Stevens | Frances Karath as Myra Friedman | Viola Harris as Mrs. Adler | George Spicer as George King
Director: Joseph Pevney
Writer: Richard Baer

16 :01x16 - A Memorial for Finnegan

Father O'Malley tries to discover why a parishioner who pledged a large donation to St. Dominic's several years back hasn't yet made good on the pledge.
Guest Stars: Preston Foster as Francis X. Finnegan | Liam Redmond as Augustus O'Brien | Nora Marlowe as Mrs. O'Brien | Chris Warfield as Dr. Thornton | Alice Backes as Grande Dame | True Ellison as Elevator Operator | Harry Swoger as Truck Driver | Vic Perrin as Clarkson | Marissa Mathes as Girl

17 :01x17 - Don't Forget to Say Goodbye

The mother of a bride-to-be tries to talk her daughter out of tying the knot because of her own loveless marriage.
Guest Stars: Noreen Corcoran as Sally McMullen | Richard Denning as Larry McMullen | Charles Knox Robinson as Jeff Winters | Jane Wyatt as Kitty McMullen | Joanna Moore as Gerry Donnelly | Donald Kerr as Elevator Operator | Matty Jordan as Waiter
Director: Joseph Pevney

18 :01x18 - The Shoemaker's Child

Fathers Fitzgibbon and O'Malley investigate whether or not a youth is guilty of a robbery. Fitzgibbon is certain that the lad is innocent but O'Malley isn't so sure.

19 :01x19 - The Slasher

Father O'Malley tries to persuade a wrestler to give up the squared circle at the request of the grappler's wife but Father Fitzgibbon, an avid wrestling fan, wants him to continue.
Guest Stars: Mickey Shaughnessy as Jim Bancroft | Fay Spain as Helen Bancroft | William Demarest as Marty | Charles Herbert as Kenny | Jerome Cowan as Murphy

20 :01x20 - One Small Unhappy Family

A young man withdraws from his wife when the doctor tells her that she can never conceive a child.
Guest Stars: Keir Dullea as Dennis Brady | Susan Kohner as Elaine Brady | Arthur Peterson as Dr. Webb | Don Keefer as Ewbank | Arch Johnson as Brady

21 :01x21 - Has Anyone Seen Eddie?

Tom Colwell sets out to rehabilitate a youth who he saw commit a theft.
Guest Stars: Rod Lauren as Eddie Karnes | Barbara Nichols as Marie | Claire Carleton as Mrs. Karnes | Bernadette Withers as Frances Karnes | Karyn Kupcinet as Amy Feldman | Dave Barry (1) as Harry the Barber | Herbie Faye as Bill the Barber | Al Checco as Bartender

22 :01x22 - Blessed are the Meek

Fathers O'Malley and Fitzgibbon are puzzled when their new church sexton seems afraid to meet with their bishop.
Guest Stars: Richard Carlson as Francis Xavier Delaney | Kent Smith as Bishop George Cagle | Connie Gilchrist as Mrs. Reardon | Mary Field as Sister Agnes | Charlotte Knight as Mrs. Podvin | Edward Holmes (2) as Nolan | Michael Flatley (2) as Virgil | Tom Daly as Character | William Sharon as Rector
Director: Robert Florey
Writer: William Fay

23 :01x23 - Cornelius Come Home

O'Malley and Fitzgibbon try to get a lifelong bachelor to keep his promise and marry a widow.
Guest Stars: Lee Tracy as Cornelius McBride | Nancy Carroll (2) as Nora Callahan | Vito Scotti as Molletti | Argentina Brunetti as Mrs. Molletti | David Fresco as Kravitz | Florence Halop as Mrs. Kravitz

24 :01x24 - The Boss of the Ward

A political ward leader gets replaced by a younger man and doesn't take it very well.
Guest Stars: Pat O'Brien (2) as Frank McCaffey | J. Pat O'Malley as Bathhouse O'Connor | Erin O'Brien as Annie McCaffey | Lawrence Dobkin as Tony Alonzi | Joel Crothers as Joe Strozzi | Athena Lorde as Maria Strozzi | Marianna Hill as Nora Fallon | Grace Albertson as Cecilia Fallon | George Petrie as Ed Fallon | Bryan O'Byrne as Tommy Noonan | Barry Macollum as Tim Shea
Writer: Carey Wilber

25 :01x25 - Run, Robin, Run

A musician who's been wrongly accused of assault refuses to give himself up to the authorities.
Guest Stars: Ivan Dixon as Robin Green | Juanita Moore as Mrs. Green | Gloria Calomee as Phyllis Green | James Edwards (1) as Sgt. Fred Wilson | Frank Behrens as Frank Bennett | K.T. Stevens as Estelle Bennett | Stafford Repp as Sgt. Al Parker | Robert Dugan (2) as Officer | Chick Chandler as Harry Grafton | Sandra Lyne as Wife | Dick Winslow as Husband | John Dennis as Policeman | Norman Grabowski as Existentialist | Sue Winton as Young Woman
Director: Joseph Pevney

26 :01x26 - The Reformation of Willie Henratty

Father Fitzgibbon hires shiftless ne'er-do-well Willie Henratty to clean the church windows. Will he end up regretting the decision?
Guest Stars: Ray Walston as Willie Henratty | Jeanette Nolan as Mrs. Mertens | Chris Warfield as Dr. Thornton | Johnny Coons as Father Johnston | Robert Nash as Wilson | Gail Bonney as Woman | Jeff Pevney as Boy

27 :01x27 - Custody of the Child

A wealthy socialite and a widowed former showgirl battle for custody of the latter's daughter.
Guest Stars: Dianne Foster as Edith Sedgewick | Gladys Cooper as Mrs. Arnold Sedgewick | Susan Gordon as Sharon Sedgewick | Linden Chiles as David Gregory | Anthony Eisley as Frank Baxter | Joe Downing as Detective | Don Beddoe as Martin Ragan

28 :01x28 - Florence, Come Home

Fathers O'Malley and Fitzgibbons are stunned when a seemingly happy parishioner leaves her husband--and he's happy as a pig in slop that she's gone.
Guest Stars: Betty Field as Florence Marlowe | James Westerfield as Harold Marlowe | Harold Stone as Detective Dave Golden | Larry J. Blake as Sgt. O'Brien | Alice Frost as Woman | Jane Betts as Mrs. Heinrich | Leonard Bremen as Charlie
Writer: Richard Baer

29 :01x29 - Hear No Evil

A deaf couple's marriage is threatened when an operation restores the wife's hearing.
Guest Stars: Richard Long as George Conroy | Ellen Burstyn as Louise Conroy | Whit Bissell as Dr. Stevens | William O'Connell as Doc

30 :01x30 - A Tough Act to Follow

After Tom Colwell resigns as director of the boys' club, his female successor's rigid methods create problems.
Guest Stars: Patricia Barry as Kathryn Fontaine | Regis Toomey as Dawson | Charles Herbert as Danny Wojack | Johnny Eimen as Jerry | Tommy Shaw as Mike | Riki Marcell as Fred | Jackie Searl as Burns | Billy Halop as Thompson | Vicki Raaf as Mrs. Provost | Henry Kulky as Rice | Iris Adrian as Mrs. Wojack | Michael Webber as Al | Steve Mitchell (1) as Policeman | Jerry Davis (1) as Jimmy Burns | Harry Short as Harvey
Director: Joseph Pevney
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 03, 1962
Ended: September 11, 1963
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