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Season 5

121 :05x01 - Car For Sale

Hacker wants Carter's car so bad, that when Gomer buys it, Hacker puts in extra gas, to make Carter believes he gets more gas to the mile.
Guest Stars: Allan Melvin as Sgt. Charley Hacker
Director: John Rich (1)

122 :05x02 - Corporal Duke

Duke Slater returns to Camp Henderson but now as a corporal, and Carter's platoon to boot.
Guest Stars: Renny Roker as Marine | Ronnie Schell as Corporal.Gilbert "Duke" Slater
Director: John Rich (1)

123 :05x03 - The Booty Prize

The Booty prize is given to the worst platoon, and looks like Hacker is going to get it, but wait Gomer tries to put on the "boot", and can't get it off!
Guest Stars: Renny Roker as Marine
Director: John Rich (1)

124 :05x04 - The Return of Monroe

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Director: John Rich (1)

125 :05x05 - Just Move Your Lips, Sergeant

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Guest Stars: Mark Evans (1) as Higgins
Director: John Rich (1)

128 :05x08 - A Star is Not Born

Carter messes up the scene, that the men are appearing in over and over.
Guest Stars: Tommy Farrell as Assistant Cameraman | Jamie Farr as Effects Man | Hamilton Camp as Assistant Director
Director: John Rich (1)

130 :05x10 - A Little Chicken Soup Wouldn't Hurt

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Guest Stars: Molly Picon as Molly Gordon | David Ketchum as Sol Gordon | Ronnie Schell as Corporal.Gilbert "Duke" Slater
Director: Aaron Ruben
Writer: Aaron Ruben

131 :05x11 - Gomer, the Perfect MP

After Gomer messes up on being an M.P., Carter returns him to the base to do guard duty on the back gate. One problem, Gomer won't let Carter in that evening to get his wallet for his date with Miss Bunny,
Director: John Rich (1)

132 :05x12 - The Wild Bull Returns

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Guest Stars: Larry Storch as General Manuel Cortez
Director: Coby Ruskin

133 :05x13 - Hit and Write

Gomer rides as Carter parks the car and hit but barely scratch another car, and the cars owner goes to the base with the car with the whole side dented.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Freeman as Alice Whipple | Al Lewis (1) as Harry Whipple
Director: Coby Ruskin

134 :05x14 - Two on the Bench

Gomer knows a football star, and gets passes for him and Carter for the big game.
Guest Stars: Glen Ash as Ellery "Moose" Lewis | Renny Roker as Eddie
Director: Gary Nelson

135 :05x15 - A Tattoo For Gomer

After seeing Carter's tattoo, Duke paints a fake one on Gomer as a trick to Lou-Ann.
After Gomer thinks that Lou-Ann likes it, he decides to get the picture tattooed.
Guest Stars: Elizabeth MacRae as Lou-Ann Poovie | Ronnie Schell as Corporal.Gilbert "Duke" Slater | Ned Glass as Tattoo Artist
Director: John Erman

136 :05x16 - Win-A-Date

Carter gets a chance to be on "Win A Date", at the last moment the third contestant can't make it, so Gomer takes his place.
Guest Stars: John Considine as Sergeant Cramer
Director: Gary Nelson

137 :05x17 - Marriage, Sgt. Carter Style

Enlistment time again, and Carter tries to get Gomer to leave the marines and marry Lou Ann.
Guest Stars: Don Diamond as Travel Agent
Director: John Erman

138 :05x18 - To Save a Life

Carter saves Gomer's life, and now regrets it when Gomer, does everything for him.
Guest Stars: Renny Roker as Eddie Peters
Director: John Rich (1)

139 :05x19 - Dynamite Diner

Gomer and Lou Ann walks into a diner, where in the basement two crooks are trying to break into the bank next door. Gomer and Lou Ann thinks they are running the diner!
Guest Stars: Renny Roker as Marine #1
Director: John Rich (1)

140 :05x20 - Freddy's Friendly Computer

Lou Ann gets Gomer to fill out a form for a computer dating service, ran by Friendly Freddy.
Guest Stars: Sid Melton as Friendly Freddy | Maureen Arthur as Ellie
Director: John Rich (1)

141 :05x21 - Gomer Maneuvers

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Guest Stars: Mabel Albertson as Miss Beasterfeldt
Director: John Rich (1)

142 :05x22 - Gomer Tends A Sick Kat

Gomer overhears Duke talking to Miss Bunny about her sick cat, thinking they are talking about Carter.
Director: John Rich (1)

143 :05x23 - I'm Always Chasing Gomers

When Carter leaves the base for a weekend furlough. He returns home.
But Gomer manages to stay on the plane, and spends the night at Carter Mother's house.
Almost at every turn Carter thinks that he sees Gomer.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Freeman as Mrs. Carter
Director: John Rich (1)

144 :05x24 - The Short Voyage Home

Gomer needs to go home to help Goober out with the purchase a gas station back in Mayberry.
Taking all his savings out,Carter rides the bus with Gomer to make sure he gets there with all his money.
Guest Stars: Olan Soule as Man #2 | Ellen Corby as Mother | Jim Begg as Chester | Ray Kellogg as Bus Driver
Director: George Tyne

145 :05x25 - Proxy Poppa

After expecting father Tony gets hurt, Gomer and Carter goes and help his wife to get ready for the hospital.
Guest Stars: Jackie Joseph as Roemary | Warren Berlinger as Tony | Ronnie Schell as Corporal.Gilbert "Duke" Slater
Director: John Rich (1)

147 :05x27 - Flower Power

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Guest Stars: Christopher Ross as Geordie | Leigh French as Michelle | Rob Reiner as Moondog
Director: John Rich (1)
Songs: Jim Nabors,Rob Reiner,Leigh French and Christopher Ross -- Blowing In The Wind

148 :05x28 - Show Time With Sgt. Carol

Carol Barnes return to Camp Henderson to do a show, and needs Gomer to sing.
Carter refuses, and gives Gomer a ditch digging detail.
It's a fight between the Sargents to get Gomer.
Guest Stars: Carol Burnett as Sgt. Carol Barnes
Director: John Rich (1)
Writer: Aaron Ruben
Songs: Jim Nabors and Caro Burnett (as Gomer Pyle and Carol Barnes) -- The Row Row Your Boat Melody

149 :05x29 - My Fair Sister

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Guest Stars: Jane Dulo as Madame Claudette | Reva Rose as Muriel | Ronnie Schell as Corporal.Gilbert "Duke" Slater
Director: John Rich (1)

150 :05x30 - Goodbye Camp Handerson, Hello Sergeant Carter

Gomer decides to get a transfer after Carter's last getting onto him.
Carter and Duke talks things out, after every time Gomer messes up,Gomer comes along and save the day.
In the end, the transfer is canceled by Carter,himself.
Director: John Rich (1)
Writer: Aaron Ruben
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Military/War
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 25, 1964
Ended: September 19, 1969
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