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Goosebumps is an anthology series based on the mildly scary best-selling children's novels by R.L. Stine. While the series is never really all that scary, the entertainment and the nostalgia that it provides is the reason to watch. Most of the episodes follow the same formula: a teenager usually encounters an supernaturally antagonizing force, and must find a way to defeat it.

Goosebumps was a wildly popular Saturday morning Fox Kids show that premiered around Halloween in 1995 and had a successful 4 season run, producing a total of 74 episodes. During Season 3, the show's title became Ultimate Goosebumps, but it was changed back simply to Goosebumps upon the premiere of Season 4. After it ended, repeats were shown on the Fox Family Channel for five years, but when that network transformed into ABC Family, the reruns were axed. Currently, the show is no longer shown here in the United States, but airs on JETIX in the United Kingdom. Several episodes were released on DVD and can be found on, eBay etc. Check out the Merchandise section of this guide to find which episodes have been released on DVD.

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Final: 4x08 -- Deep Trouble (2) (Nov/16/1998)


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3x10: The Haunted House Game recap: The episode opens with Jonathan and Nadine off to a school pep rally. While on their way, the pass by a young girl standing in front of the local abandoned mansion. Concerned, Nadine turns them around to ask the little girl what's wrong. The little girl sadly replies that her "kitty-cat" ran into the house while the door was open. Nadine replies immediately that she and Jonathan will go into the house and get her cat back for her. Jonathan reluctantly asks Nadine if this is a good idea, but Nadine assures him that it will only take a second. Nadine enters the house first, but Jonathan stands outside for a minute, trying to gain his nerve. When he finally gains enough courage to head inside, he finds himself in the dark foyer, lit up by the gloomy, overcast glow from outside. He heads up the stairs in the front of the house to find Nadine, who brings him over to a board game. Perplexed, the pair decide to open the box up to see what's on the inside. They find the rules on the back of the box, and read the first: "Don't Open the Box!". The two turn to each other, and realize it's too late for that. Before they even realize what is happening, a ghostly force transports them into a life-like version of the game... read more.

3x7: The Barking Ghost recap: After arguing with Mickey, Cooper heads into the woods, still on the hunt for pawprints. As he continues to explore, he hears barking, and strange sounds. He follows the path to a stream, and upon picking up a strange rock in the water, he is startled to find the reflection of a black dog. Cooper runs for his life, and bumps into a girl named Margaret Ferguson, and she tells him to call her Fergie. After introducing herself, Fergie soon hears something, and urgently tells Cooper that they have to get out of the woods, and fast. She runs, but Cooper chases after her, asking why they have to leave. She tells him of an old urban myth, and how the woods are now haunted. She runs away, telling Cooper to tell his parents to move away. Cooper then finds the dogs that he heard last night, and they chase him through the woods until he reaches their house. However, when he tells his Dad, they search for the dogs, but there is absolutely no trace of them. Cooper's dad tries to make up an explanation, but a doubtul Cooper merely heads inside for lunch... read more.

3x1: Shocker on Shock Street recap: Erin Wright and her best friend, Marty, enter a room filled with a variety of gruesome and daunting models of creatures. As they explore, they realize that the props are all from Shocker on Shock Street films, their favorite movie franchise. Further dialouge between the two lets us know that the room is actually the office of Erin's father. Supposedly, he creates the monsters for the Shocker on Shock Street films. They stumble upon a new creature that they've never seen before, and comment on its realism. When Marty describes how he gets a morbid type of vibe from being the room, Erin assures him that they're fake. As the two move to another part of the room, the creature that they just stopped and noticed begins to move. A mechanical wolf's hand on the counter below them shifts a finger. The creature moves, and Erin hears it. She calls out, asking who's there, but gets no response. Marty, meanwhile, is studying the wolf's head that the mechanical hand belongs to. The hand begins to move closer to their position. They now become aware of the hand, as it latches on to Erin's wrist, causing her to begin to scream. They try to pull it off, but its grip is too strong... read more.

Executive Producer: Deborah Forte
Co-Executive Producer: Bill Siegler, Martha Atwater
Producer: Steven Levitan
Co-Producer: Patrick Doyle (2)
Editor: Robert K. Sprogis, Peter Light
Music: Brad MacDonald (2)
Director of Photography: Brian R. R. Hebb
Art Director: Armando Sgrignuoli
Based On The Works Of: R.L. Stine

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Recurring Guests

R.L. Stine as Host (12 eps)
Cody Jones as Noah Caldwell (4 eps)
Alex Fallis as Shadow Figure (4 eps)
Rebecca Henderson as Margaret Brewer (3 eps)
Richard Fitzpatrick as Mr. Kramer (3 eps)
Corey Sevier as Ryan (2 eps)
Kevin Hicks as Dr. McDermid (2 eps)
Paul Miller (1) as Dr. Harold Deep (2 eps)
Colin Fox as Tall Thin Man (2 eps)
Brenda Bazinet as Kate Caldwell (2 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Children | Family | Horror/Supernatural
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Fridays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 27, 1995
Ended: November 16, 1998
• GB (Fan Abbreviation), (Used In USA)
• Ultimate Goosebumps (Third Season Title), (Used In USA)
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