Shocker on Shock Street - Recap

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Erin Wright and her best friend, Marty, enter a room filled with a variety of gruesome and daunting models of creatures. As they explore, they realize that the props are all from Shocker on Shock Street films, their favorite movie franchise. Further dialouge between the two lets us know that the room is actually the office of Erin's father. Supposedly, he creates the monsters for the Shocker on Shock Street films. They stumble upon a new creature that they've never seen before, and comment on its realism. When Marty describes how he gets a morbid type of vibe from being the room, Erin assures him that they're fake. As the two move to another part of the room, the creature that they just stopped and noticed begins to move. A mechanical wolf's hand on the counter below them shifts a finger. The creature moves, and Erin hears it. She calls out, asking who's there, but gets no response. Marty, meanwhile, is studying the wolf's head that the mechanical hand belongs to. The hand begins to move closer to their position. They now become aware of the hand, as it latches on to Erin's wrist, causing her to begin to scream. They try to pull it off, but its grip is too strong.

A man in the shadows flicks a switch on the remote control, and the mechanical wolf's hand suddenly goes limp. A short, balding man in his late forties or early fifties steps out, laughing, and is revealed to be Erin's father. Marty and Mr. Wright are then introduced, with Mr. Wright proving to be a bit too eccentric for Marty's tastes. After a small bit of conversation, Mr. Wright reveals to the two that the ride based on the Shocker on Shock Street films is ready to open, and then tells an ecstatic Marty and Erin that they will be the first two riders. in a rather odd moment, Erin asks if her mother can go with them, and Mr. Wright, confused at Erin's proposal, angrily tells her that she and Marty will be the only ones on the ride. At the ride, a tram car pulls up, uttering the show's trademark catchphrase: "Beware, you're in for a scare!". As Erin and Marty sit down in the tram, Mr. Wright hands them what appears to be two toy guns, and warns them that if they ever happen to get into trouble, to use the guns. However, he says it with an air of seriousness, not one as if he was joking. A nervous Erin finds enough energy to call back asking what kind of trouble they could run into, though Mr. Wright doesn't answer, and merely watches the tram move down the line.