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The Barking Ghost - Recap

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After arguing with Mickey, Cooper heads into the woods, still on the hunt for pawprints. As he continues to explore, he hears barking, and strange sounds. He follows the path to a stream, and upon picking up a strange rock in the water, he is startled to find the reflection of a black dog. Cooper runs for his life, and bumps into a girl named Margaret Ferguson, and she tells him to call her Fergie. After introducing herself, Fergie soon hears something, and urgently tells Cooper that they have to get out of the woods, and fast. She runs, but Cooper chases after her, asking why they have to leave. She tells him of an old urban myth, and how the woods are now haunted. She runs away, telling Cooper to tell his parents to move away. Cooper then finds the dogs that he heard last night, and they chase him through the woods until he reaches their house. However, when he tells his Dad, they search for the dogs, but there is absolutely no trace of them. Cooper's dad tries to make up an explanation, but a doubtul Cooper merely heads inside for lunch.

That night, while trying to sleep, Cooper hears noises downstairs in the kitchen. He heads down there, armed with a baseball bat, to find the kitchen a mess. At the scene of the crime, he finds the black dogs, and they back him up against the wall, cornering him.

As Cooper calls for his family, he is astounded as the dogs jump straight through the walls. Mickey laughs at him as he arrives downstairs.

Fergie arrives at their house the next day. Mickey tells her she was great, and Cooper finds that Fergie and Mickey had played a practical joke on him. Cooper forgives her and tells her all about the dogs. To Cooper's surprise, Fergie belives him. He tells her that he has to find a way to prove that the dogs exist, and Fergie tells him that tonight, they'll go back into the woods to find the dogs.

That night, the duo heads deep into the woods, and quickly run into the two black dogs. As the dogs start to pull on their clothes, Cooper realizes that the dogs want to take them somewhere. Fergie is reluctant, but Cooper tells her that they really have no choice. When they reach their destination, the dogs push them into an underground cave. They find the dogs, and the dogs tell them the story that is shown at the opening of the episode. They then tell Cooper and Fergie that they will be condemned to roam the woods forever, as dogs. Before anyone realizes it, the change is made.

Cooper and Fergie, the next day, realize that they are dogs.