The Haunted House Game - Recap

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The episode opens with Jonathan and Nadine off to a school pep rally. While on their way, the pass by a young girl standing in front of the local abandoned mansion. Concerned, Nadine turns them around to ask the little girl what's wrong. The little girl sadly replies that her "kitty-cat" ran into the house while the door was open. Nadine replies immediately that she and Jonathan will go into the house and get her cat back for her. Jonathan reluctantly asks Nadine if this is a good idea, but Nadine assures him that it will only take a second. Nadine enters the house first, but Jonathan stands outside for a minute, trying to gain his nerve. When he finally gains enough courage to head inside, he finds himself in the dark foyer, lit up by the gloomy, overcast glow from outside. He heads up the stairs in the front of the house to find Nadine, who brings him over to a board game. Perplexed, the pair decide to open the box up to see what's on the inside. They find the rules on the back of the box, and read the first: "Don't Open the Box!". The two turn to each other, and realize it's too late for that. Before they even realize what is happening, a ghostly force transports them into a life-like version of the game.