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In May 2007, Greensburg, Kansas was leveled by one of the largest tornados in U.S. history. Very few structures remained in the aftermath of the deadly EF5 tornado, and the town lost everything. Inspired by the desire of the townspeople to rebuild ‘green,’ Planet Green, along with executive producer Leonardo DiCaprio, is chronicling the rebuilding of Greensburg into an environment-conscious town. The epic docu-series is a mixture of compelling human stories and amazing feats of green building and engineering that will give the people of Greensburg a new home and a new town built for the future. "GREENSBURG" will premiere on Planet Green on Sunday, June 15 at 9:00 PM ET/PT and will air every Sunday for 12 additional weeks.

With more than 1,500 people displaced by a tornado and scores waiting to return to their homes, Pilgrim Films is on the ground in Greensburg, KS creating a documentary of the destruction and green rebirth of the town. Executive Producers of "Greensburg" the New series from Planet Green are Kathryn Takis and Leonardo DiCaprio.
(Source: http://planetgreen.discovery.com/tv/greensburg/greensburg-sh)

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Final: 3x04 -- A Final Look: This is Home (May/03/2010)

City Hall is complete, the new hospital is open, a wind farm is producing 100% renewable power to Greensburg and surrounding communities, churches are open for worship, and the new school will be open soon. Greensburg is home, again.

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2x3: One Step Forward recap: The residents of Greensburg, Kansas celebrate the next big step in their road to completion—a new grocery store. A basic need for any town, this is one 'luxury' that Greensburg families have done without since the town was destroyed by a tornado on May 7, 2007. Committed to rebuilding green, and anxious for the town to be whole again, the residents cherish these basic but important milestones. There is still much more to do to rebuild the town. But, in the meantime, Greensburg citizens and builders come up with creative ways to reuse what they already have to rebuild green.
When you have a small town, one of the most important things is obviously a grocery store," City Administrator Steve Hewitt explains. "You have to have a grocery store to have a community.
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