Guinness World Records Unleashed

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 07/Feb/2013 Leaps and Bounds (Pilot)
02 01x02 14/Feb/2013 A Big Splash
03 01x03 21/Feb/2013 It's A Smash
04 01x04 28/Feb/2013 Viva!
05 01x05 07/Mar/2013 Taking the Plunge
06 01x06 14/Mar/2013 Shattered!
07 01x07 07/Nov/2013 Bungee Breakfast
08 01x08 14/Nov/2013 Fighting a Jet
09 01x09 21/Nov/2013 Ramped Up
10 01x10 05/Dec/2013 Bouncing Back
11 01x11 12/Dec/2013 Blast Off!
12 01x12 19/Dec/2013 One Giant Leap
13 01x13 02/Jan/2014 The BLOB
14 01x14 09/Jan/2014 Hanging Tough
15 01x15 16/Jan/2014 Flipper
16 01x16 23/Jan/2014 Thrown for a Loop
17 01x17 30/Jan/2014 Fire Exit
19 01x19 13/Feb/2014 Leavin' on a Jet Pack