Gundam Wing

Gundam Wing

Nearly two hundred years had passed since humanity departed from the Earth to start new lives in space colonies. The United Earth Sphere Alliance, who had abolished all the nations of the world and had taken control of the planet is now threatening to extend that control over the independent space colonies. Within the Alliance, a special group known as the Organization of the Zodiac(OZ) which is responsible for the Alliance's actions, aims to take center stage. Unwilling to yield to the Alliance, the colonies send 5 young men in Mobile Suits known as Gundams to destroy OZ and preserve the colonies' independence.

Episode Info

Final: 1x49 -- Final Victor (Mar/29/1996)

Ai OrikasaAi Orikasa
voiced Quatre Winner (Japanese Version)
Campbell LaneCampbell Lane
voiced Narrator
Dave WardDave Ward
voiced Master Long
Don BrownDon Brown
voiced Adbul, Marquise Weridge, Dr. J
Hikaru MidorikawaHikaru Midorikawa
voiced Heero Yuy (Japanese Version)
Lisa Ann BeleyLisa Ann Beley
voiced Relena Darlain
Mark HildrethMark Hildreth
voiced Heero Yuy
Samantha FerrisSamantha Ferris
voiced Sally Po (After Ep. 13)
Scott McNeilScott McNeil
voiced Duo Maxwell
Tony AlcantarTony Alcantar
voiced Additional Voices

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