Season 2

11 :02x01 - Guns and Glory

The Sumners are busy with expansions at the range. While Kenny tends to business negotiations and tricky construction problems, Steven works with the wife of an injured military veteran to surprise him with a custom rig that will allow him to shoot the big guns he trained on. The ladies' man at the range, Gran-pa Biff, volunteers to help a mom overcome her fear of guns as she looks to purchase one for home protection, while shop employees wager a shooting competition to decide who gets to purchase the highly-anticipated Ruger Commander that just arrived.

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12 :02x02 - Office Space Invaders

In order to try and attract more customers Payton tries to create a first-person video game experience. Biff finds a antique box gun dating back to the 1800s.

14 :02x04 - Shotgun Wedding

Cornbread -- an unusual customer -- has an unusual request. Wanting to blow off steam, he looks to see about doing a fantasy where he has to escape from behind enemy lines. Chad's been hustling some of the younger kids on the range, so one of the older guys challenges him to an assault rifle challenge. Chad and Biff have to test the new sight on a 300 rifle that is being used as a hog gun and also see an outdated Japanese Nambu.

15 :02x05 - Lords of War

The range is always willing to go the extra mile to help their customers. They take some friends on an epic competition, shooting weapons from every major American conflict. Steven sets up targets for grenades while Payton goes rogue and purchases a canon.

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16 :02x06 - Tanks for the Memories

Steven, along with the help of a local re-enactor named Tackleberry, attempt to make the dream of a father and son come true with a live fire re-enactment. Kenny has to turn down his friend's gun because they can't see eye to eye on the price. Biff and Chad get to see two beautiful examples of early firearms. And Steven, despite his best efforts, can't separate work from pleasure.

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