H.G. Wells' Invisible Man

H.G. Wells' Invisible Man

British scientist Peter Brady is turned invisible when a lab experiment goes awry. Unable to transform back, Peter puts his powers to use by assisting the British government on intelligence missions where invisibility proves useful. Originally a government secret, Peter's powers are soon revealed to the public and he continues to go on government missions, but also fights crime and help others.

Episode Info

Final: 2x13 -- The Big Plot (Jul/05/1959)

Enemy agents smuggle an atomic bomb into England with the intent of blackmailing the government. Peter learns of the plot when a nuclear core turns up in a wrecked plane, and a second one is found in the golf bag of Lady Peversham.
Available Episodes

The Big Plot
Jul 05, 1959
Season 2 episode 13

Shadow Bomb
Jun 28, 1959
Season 2 episode 12

The Rocket
Jun 21, 1959
Season 2 episode 11

Man in Power
Jun 14, 1959
Season 2 episode 10

Man in Disguise
Jun 07, 1959
Season 2 episode 9

The White Rabbit
May 31, 1959
Season 2 episode 8

The Gun Runners
May 24, 1959
Season 2 episode 7

Lee PattersonLee Patterson
As Peter Brady (voice, episode 1 only)
Paul CarpenterPaul Carpenter
As Peter Brady (voice, episodes 2-4)
Tim TurnerTim Turner
As Peter Brady (voice)
Johnny ScrippsJohnny Scripps
As Invisible Man (body)
Lisa DanielyLisa Daniely
As Diane Wilson
Deborah WatlingDeborah Watling
As Sally Wilson


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2x13: The Big Plot recap: A foreign aircraft crashes and workers gather the unclaimed luggage. Two officers go through the luggage and sort it all out. As they leave the room, the fluorescent light flickers and then goes out. The younger officer moves a heavy case to get up on the table, and the light goes out entirely. When he moves the case back, the light comes on again. They open up the case and find a typewriter inside, and the younger officer's radium watch glows... read more.

2x12: Shadow Bomb recap: In the British countryside, Peter and a military team watch and wait. A cloud blows overhead and they confirm that it will obscure the sun. Peter tells everyone to get down just as a bomb goes off a few hundred feet away. Captain Finch congratulates Peter on his success... read more.

2x11: The Rocket recap: Ronald Smith, a transport officer at Castle Hill, is out gambling at a private club and loses. After running out his money, Smith leaves the club and a man, Reitter, follows him. The transport officer prepares to jump off a bridge to his death, but Reitter stops him just in time. He knows that Smith sold information to a friend of his, and promises him better payment to do the same for him. Reitter knows that they're testing a solid-fuel rocket, the Solidor, but Smith warns him that he's only the officer in charge of transport. All Reitter wants to know is the time and route that they are using to take the Solidor to Scotland for testing, and offers 2,000 pounds for the information... read more.

2x10: Man in Power recap: In the Middle Eastern country of Barat, King Rashid summons General Shafari to his chambers. Rashid asks him to explain his recent report and Shafari explains that they are a poor country. Their only resource is their position between the Eastern and Western powers. Shafari suggests that they make money by breaking their treaties with the West and play one side off against the other. Rashid refuses, insisting that every tribesman is loyal to him and the West. The general warns that their loyalty won't matter as long as he controls the army. When Rashid still refuses, Shafari calls in his men and informs Rashid that his death will be reported as a murder by an angry crowd, and then gives the order for his men to open fire... read more.

2x9: Man in Disguise recap: Peter, wearing his bandages and overcoat, arrives at the Paris airport. A man and a woman are watching for him and the woman, Madeleine, approaches him. She has a brief fainting spell and Peter comes to her help. While he does, Madeleine's partner Nick picks up her suitcase and Peter's and walks away. Madeleine asks for a drink of water and when Peter goes to get it, she quickly runs off... read more.
Recurring Guests

Ernest Clark as Sir Charles Anderson (5 eps)
Bruce Seton as Kemp (3 eps)
Robert Raglan as Detective Inspector Heath (3 eps)
Michael Ripper as Porter (2 eps)
Derren Nesbitt as Corporal (2 eps)
Howard Pays as Jack Howard (2 eps)
Lloyd Lamble as Dr. Hanning (2 eps)
Derek Sydney as Surgeon (2 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: June 13, 1959
Ended: December, 1959
• The Invisible Man (Used In USA)
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