Series 2

14 :02x01 - Point of Destruction

A professor attempts to perfect his fuel diffuser, but four planes crashes during the test flights. Peter decides to help his friend and determine if someone may be sabotaging the flights.
Guest Stars: John Rudling as Dr. Court (Dr. James Court) | Patricia Jessel as Katrina | Derren Nesbitt as Stephan | Jane Barrett as Jenny | Barry Letts as Control Officer (Richards) | Duncan Lamont as Scott (D.J. Scott) |
Uncredited: Alfred Burke as Bob
Story: Ian Stuart Black | Screenplay: Ian Stuart Black

15 :02x02 - Death Cell

A woman escapes a sanitarium and come to Peter, asking his help to clear her boyfriend of a murder. When she disappears, Peter goes to see her doctor and isn't convinced by the man's claims that the woman is delusional.
Guest Stars: Lana Morris as Ellen Summers | Ian Wallace as Dr. Trevors | William Lucas as George Wilson | Bruce Seton as Sir Charles Anderson | Jack Lambert (2) as Prison Governor | Bettina Dickson as Miss Beck | Patricia Burke as Mrs. Willis
Teleplay: Michael Connor

16 :02x03 - The Vanishing Evidence

Peter goes to Amsterdam to verify that a dead colleague's stolen file is authentic, and becomes mixed up with a British agent's attempts to recover the file from the spy who stole it.
Guest Stars: James Raglan as Prof. Harper | Charles Gray (1) as Thal (Peter Thal) | Ernest Clark as Col. Ward | Sarah Lawson as Jenny Reyden | Michael Ripper as Porter | Peter Illing as Inspector Strang | Ewen Solon as Superintendent (F.G. Van Reyneveld)

17 :02x04 - The Prize

Peter must cross a minefield and penetrate a military HQ to rescue a writer who has been imprisoned for speaking out against her oppressive government.
Guest Stars: Tony Church as Professor Kenig | Desmond Roberts (2) as General | Clive Baxter as Sentry | Richard Clarke (1) as Capt. Bera | Ruth Lodge as Agasha | Mai Zetterling as Tania (Tania Roskov) | Anton Diffring as Gunzi

18 :02x05 - Flight into Darkness

Peter's friend Stephens develops a revolutionary new anti-gravity device. An enemy agent posing as a member of a world peace organization tries to convince him to turn his secret research to the world, but does his job too well and Stephens panics and goes into hiding. Now Peter, Stephens' daughter Pat, and the enemy agent are all looking for the professor.
Guest Stars: John Harvey as Wade | Michael Shepley as Sir Jasper | Joanna Dunham as Pat Stephens | Colin Douglas (1) as Sewell | Alex Scott (1) as Fisher | Geoffrey Keen as Dr. Stephens | Esmond Knight as Wilson
Story: William Altman | Screenplay: Ian Stuart Black

19 :02x06 - The Decoy

A USO singer inadvertently witnesses a murder at a hotel and the enemy agents responsible abduct her. However, her twin sister arrives and Peter ends up helping her track down her sibling.
Guest Stars: Robert Gallico as Capt. Rubens | Philip Leaver as Starvos | Wolfe Morris as Andreas | Barry Shawzin as Giorgio | Lionel Murton as General (General Stockfort) | Bruno Barnabe as First Secretary | Betta St. John as Toni and Terry Trent
Screenplay: Brenda Blackmore

20 :02x07 - The Gun Runners

Peter accompanies an attractive international weapons inspector to the Mediterranean country of Bahakim to find the source of guns being distributed to fanatics across Europe.
Guest Stars: Bruce Seton as Col. Grahame | Joseph Attard as Hotel Manager (as Josef Attard) | Paul Stassino as Sardi | Charles Hill as Arosa | Larry Taylor as Malia (Hasan Malia, as Laurence Taylor) | James Booth as Ali | Morris Sweden as Airport Clerk | Louise Allbritton as Zena Fleming
Story: Ian Stuart Black | Screenplay: Ian Stuart Black

21 :02x08 - The White Rabbit

In France, a country doctor finds an invisible rabbit that becomes visible before her eyes, and reports it to the authorities. They in turn call in Peter to see what he knows, and the Invisible Man soon discovers a fascist plan to create an army of invisible soldiers.
Guest Stars: Marla Landi as Suzanne Dumasse | Austin Trevor as Hugo (Antoine Hugo) | Paul Daneman as Rocher | Arnold Marle as Valois | Arnold Diamond as Professor Blaire | Reed De Rouen as Max | Myrtle Reed as Louise | Keith Pyott as Dr. Dumasse
Story: Ian Stuart Black | Screenplay: Ian Stuart Black

22 :02x09 - Man in Disguise

A clever smuggler disguises himself as a bandaged Peter Brady to get cocaine through customs. When Peter finds out, he joins forces with Scotland Yard to smash the smuggling ring for good.
Guest Stars: Leigh Madison as Madeleine | Tim Turner as Nick | Lee Montague as Matt | Robert Raglan as Det. Inspector (Inspector Heath) | Howard Pays as Sgt. Day | Jeanette Sterke as Sgt. Winter | Robert Rietty as Victor | Denis Shaw as Club Manager (Harry) | Felix Felton as Aylmer
Story: Leslie Arliss | Screenplay: Brenda Blackmore

23 :02x10 - Man in Power

Prince Jonetta is studying at Oxford where Peter is giving a lecture. When the prince's father the king is killed, Jonetta rushes back to his homeland to be crowned, only to discover that an ambitious general killed his father when he refused to turn against the West... and the general plans to force Jonetta to either play along or die.
Guest Stars: Vivian Matalon as King Rashid | Nadia Regin as Princess Taima | Gary Raymond as Prince Jonetta | Andrew Keir as Hassan | Derek Sydney as Col. Fayid | Ivan Craig as Ambassador | Andre Morell as General Shafari
Story: Ian Stuart Black | Screenplay: Ian Stuart Black

24 :02x11 - The Rocket

Enemy agents pay off a transport officer with gambling debts to them the route the Army will use to transport an experimental heat-resistant rocket. Unfortunately for them, Peter is one of the scientists involved with testing the rocket.
Guest Stars: Glyn Owen as Smith (Ronald Smith) | Russell Waters as Reitter | Robert Brown (2) as Prof. Howard | Robert Raglan as Det. Inspector (Inspector Heath) | Jennifer Wright as Mrs. Smith (Betty Smith) | Harold Goodwin (1) as Driver Evans | Maurice Durant as Sergeant | Colin Croft as Bill (Bill Johnson)
Story: Michael Pertwee | Screenplay: Michael Pertwee

25 :02x12 - Shadow Bomb

Captain Barry Finch is caught in a cave-in when the trench that he's planting an experimental light-sensitive mine collapses. Peter, the scientist who invented the detonator, is the only one who can get close enough to rescue Finch without his shadow setting off the mine... but sunset is fast approaching and Peter knows nothing about mine defusal.
Guest Stars: Conrad Phillips as Captain Finch (Barry Finch) | Jennifer Jayne as Betty (Betty Clark) | Walter Gotell as Lloyd | Ian Hendry as Lieutenant Daniels | Anthony Bushell as General Martin

26 :02x13 - The Big Plot

Enemy agents smuggle an atomic bomb into England with the intent of blackmailing the government. Peter learns of the plot when a nuclear core turns up in a wrecked plane, and a second one is found in the golf bag of Lady Peversham.
Guest Stars: Barbara Shelley as Helen (Helen Peversham) | John Arnatt as Lord Peversham (Larry Peversham) | Richard Warner as 1st Officer | Derrick Sherwin as 2nd Officer | Edward Hardwicke as MacBane | Basil Dignam as Minister | Ewan MacDuff as Sir Charles (as Ewen McDuff) | Terence Cooper as Hanstra | William Squire (2) as Waring
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: June 13, 1959
Ended: December, 1959
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