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Series 1

1 :01x01 - Witching Time

A lightning strike brings David Winter out to his barn where he sees a woman dressed in black, claiming to be a witch. Relating the encounter to his doctor, he believes that David is suffering from hallucinations due to stress and overwork. When his wife Mary comes to stay, she comes to the conclusion that he is telling the truth after three really bizarre incidents occur. Mary takes the decision to ask the local vicar for help.
Starring Roles: Jon Finch as David | Patricia Quinn as Lucinda |
Special Guest Stars: Prunella Gee as Mary |
Guest Stars: Ian McCulloch as Charles | Margaret Anderson as Sister | Lennard Pearce as Rector
Director: Don Leaver
Screenplay: Anthony Read

2 :01x02 - The Thirteenth Reunion

Ruth, a young female journalist, is sent to investigate a weight loss clinic after some of its members have died in mysterious circumstances. Further digging into the strange dealings of the clinic with the help of a man who works in the funeral parlour, lead her to believe that the owners of the establishment are stealing the corpses of the dead, for what reason Ruth is determined to discover.
Starring Roles: Julia Foster as Ruth | Dinah Sheridan as Gwen | Richard Pearson (1) as Sir Humphrey Chesteron |
Guest Stars: Norman Bird as Basil | George Innes as Cedric | James Cosmo as Willis | Warren Clarke as Ben | Gerard Kelly as Andrew | Michael Latimer as Dr Bradley | Barbara Keogh as Joan | Paula Jacobs as Joyce | Roger Ostime as The Butler | Peter Dean (1) as Charlie | John Louis Mansi as Rossi (as Louis Mansi) | Kevin Stoney as Rothwell
Director: Peter Sasdy
Screenplay: Jeremy Burnham

3 :01x03 - Rude Awakening

An estate agent's reoccurring nightmare finds him reliving Friday the 13th and the apparent murder of his wife, to the point where fact and fiction intertwine.
Starring Roles: Denholm Elliott as Norman Shenley | James Laurenson as Mr Rayburn | Pat Heywood as Emily Shenley |
Guest Stars: Lucy Gutteridge as Lolly | Eleanor Summerfield as Lady Strudwick | Gareth Armstrong as Dr. Melbury | Patricia Mort as Maid
Director: Peter Sasdy
Screenplay: Gerald Savory

4 :01x04 - Growing Pains

A young boy enters a laboratory where he takes a taste of the contents from a beaker, believing it was rabbit food. Gagging, the youngster falls through a window to his death. His parents adopt a boy in later years who resembles their departed son and is obsessed with a toy rabbit.
Starring Roles: Barbara Kellerman as Laurie Morton | Gary Bond as Terence Morton |
Guest Stars: Matthew Blakstad as James | Norman Beaton as Mr. Ngenko | Tariq Yunus as Charles Austin | Christopher Reilly as William | Daphne Anderson as Matron | Michael Hughes (2) as Mechanic | Anna Simone Scott as Nurse (as Karin Scott) | Geoffrey Beevers as Gravedigger
Director: Francis Megahy
Screenplay: Nicholas Palmer

5 :01x05 - The House That Bled to Death

A family moves into a home in which a murder has occured and now a ghost haunts their young daughter.
Starring Roles: Nicholas Ball as William | Rachel Davies (1) as Emma |
Guest Stars: Brian Croucher as George | Patricia Maynard as Jean | Milton Johns as A.J. Powers | Emma Ridley as Sophie | Joanne White as Sophie (Older) | George Tovey as Old Man | Una Brandon-Jones as Old Woman | Sarah Keller as 2nd Mother | Jo Warne as 1st Mother | Marilyn Finlay as Sister |
Uncredited: Anne Perry as Journalist | Max Mason as Journalist
Director: Tom Clegg
Screenplay: David Lloyd (4)

6 :01x06 - Charlie Boy

A young man inherits his late uncle's art collection and soon finds out that an African mask, nicknamed "Charlie Boy," holds a voodoo curse.
Starring Roles: Leigh Lawson (1) as Graham | Angela Bruce as Sarah |
Guest Stars: Marius Goring as Heinz | Frances Cuka as Gwen | David Healy (1) as Peter | Michael Culver as Mark | Michael Deeks as Phil | Jeff Rawle as Franks | Janet Fielding as Secretary (as Janet Clare Fielding) | Michael Stock as Armourer | Lee Richards as Actress | Andrew Pariss as Boy | Charles Pemberton as Policeman

7 :01x07 - The Silent Scream

An ex-con, just released from prison, finds himself indebted to a former Nazi officer who conducts secret experiments on wild animals at his country home. His thieving ways gets him more than he bargained for after trying to steal from his boss' safe.
Starring Roles: Peter Cushing as Martin Blueck | Brian Cox as Chuck | Elaine Donnelly as Annie |
Guest Stars: Antony Carrick as Aldridge (as Anthony Carrick) | Robin Browne as Police Officer | Terry Kinsella as Lionel
Director: Alan Gibson
Screenplay: Francis Essex

8 :01x08 - Children of the Full Moon

After their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, a couple trek through a path in the woods to a home occupied by an old couple and their eight, obviously strange children. While in the bedroom, the woman sees a hideous wolf-like creature at the window. The man is knocked out in the commotion and comes round in the hospital where his wife tells him that they had a bad car accident. Did the man dream everything, or did the home in the woods really exist?
Starring Roles: Christopher Cazenove as Tom | Celia Gregory as Sarah |
Special Guest Stars: Diana Dors as Mrs. Ardoy |
Guest Stars: Robert Urquhart as Harry | Jacob Witkin as Woodcutter | Adrian Mann as Tibor | Victoria Wood as Sophy | Sophie Kind as Eloise | Matthew Dorman as Young Boy | Wilhelmina Green as Young Girl | Corinna Reardon as Small Girl | Daniel Payne as Small Boy | Natalie Payne as Irenya | Daniel Kipling as Andreas
Director: Tom Clegg
Screenplay: Murray Smith

9 :01x09 - Carpathian Eagle

An inspector investigating a rash of murders finds himself searching for an old legend of the Carpathian Countess, a woman who murders her intended lovers.
Starring Roles: Anthony Valentine as Cliff | Suzanne Danielle (1) as Natalie |
Special Guest Stars: Siân Phillips as Mrs. Henska |
Guest Stars: Barry Stanton as Tony | Jonathan Kent as Tader | Matthew Long (1) as Andy | Ellis Dale as Police Doctor | Gary Waldhorn as Bacharach | Jeffry Wickham as Edgar | W. Morgan Sheppard as Hospital Gardener (as Morgan Sheppard) | Barry Stokes as 1st Victim | Pierce Brosnan as Last Victim | Richard Wren as Chauffeur | Diane Adderley as Police Woman
Director: Francis Megahy

10 :01x10 - Guardian of the Abyss

A travelling antiques dealer buys a mirror which an occult society believes is the link to their master Corinson, the guard to the gates of Hell.
Starring Roles: Rosalyn Landor as Allison | Ray Lonnen as Michael Roberts |
Special Guest Stars: John Carson (1) as Charles Randolph | Barbara Ewing as Laura Stephens |
Guest Stars: Caroline Langrishe as Tina | Paul Darrow as Andrews | Sophie Thompson as 1st Girl | Sharon Fussey as 2nd Girl | Barry McDonald as Auctioneer
Director: Don Sharp
Screenplay: David Fisher (2)

11 :01x11 - Visitor from the Grave

A woman is haunted by the man she killed after he broke into her home, demanding to settle a score with her boyfriend. Driven to distraction, the woman decides to seek the help of a psychic who can help quell the restless spirit.
Guest Stars: Kathryn Leigh Scott as Penny | Simon MacCorkindale as Harry | Gareth Thomas as Richard/Gupta | Mia Nadasi as Margaret | Stanley Lebor as Charles
Director: Peter Sasdy
Screenplay: John Edler

12 :01x12 - The Two Faces of Evil

A hitchhiker haunts the family who gave him a ride during a storm. During the ride the hitchhiker attacks the driver and causes an accident. But when the victims awaken in the hospital, they are the people who are questioned in the death of a man described as the hitchhiker.
Guest Stars: Anna Calder-Marshall as Janet | Gary Raymond as Martin | Paul Hawkins as David Lewis | Pauline Delaney (1) as Sister | Philip Latham as Hargreaves | Jenny Laird as Mrs. Roberts | William Moore (2) as Mr. Roberts | Jeremy Longhurst as Dr. Cummings | Brenda Cowling as Nurse Davies | Mike Savage as P.C. Jenkins | Malcolm Hayes as Attendant
Director: Alan Gibson
Screenplay: Ranald Graham (1)

13 :01x13 - The Mark of Satan

A young hospital worker believes he is being haunted by the number 9, which is known to be evil.
Starring Roles: Peter McEnery as Edwyn | Emrys James as Dr. Harris | Georgina Hale as Stella |
Guest Stars: Anthony Brown as Priest | Conrad Phillips as Dr. Manders | Peter Birrel as Markham | James Duggan as Sampson | Andy Bradford as Steve | James Curran (1) as Pritchard | Peter Cartwright as Surgeon | Anne Dyson as Mrs. Rord | Crispin Gillbard as Policeman (as Chrispin Gillbard)
Director: Don Leaver
Screenplay: Don Shaw
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Horror/Supernatural
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Saturdays
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 1980
Ended: December 06, 1980
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