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Series 1

1 :01x01 - Mark of the Devil

A man robs and murders a tattooist but before the tattooist dies he plunges a needle into his killer's skin. A few days later, an image of the crime begins forming on the body of the murderer.
Guest Stars: Dirk Benedict as Frank Rowlett | George Sewell as Det. Inspector Grant | Hugh Morton as Butler | Tony Sibbald as Wilson | James Ellis as Father Dowd | Tom Adams as Westcott | Burt Kwouk as Lee | Alibe Parsons as Momma Rose | Roger Milner as Registrar
Director: Val Guest

2 :01x02 - Last Video and Testament

A computer expert fakes his own death and arranges for a grisly revenge upon his unfaithful wife and her lover.
Guest Stars: Oliver Tobias as Derek Tucker | Clifford Rose as Bennet | Shane Rimmer as Hersh | Robert Rietty as Marcello | Deborah Raffin as Selena Franklin | Christopher Scoular as Truscott | Barbara Keogh as Mrs. Villers | Geraldine Gardner as Secretary | Shevaun Briars as Nurse | Hugh Dickson as Superintendant | Michael Fleming as Receptionist | David Langton as Victor Franklin
Director: Peter Sasdy

3 :01x03 - Czech Mate

A woman discovers that her ex-husband is attempting to smuggle his Czech galpal into Britain and is using her stolen passport as a means of doing so.
Guest Stars: Susan George as Vicky Duncan | Patrick Mower as John Duncan | Peter Vaughan (1) as Bullneck | Robert Russell (3) as Security Guard | Pam St. Clement as Doctor | Christopher Robbie as General Nerunda | Roy Boyd as Stefan Iriackz | Hana Maria Pravda as Mrs. Pircek | Steve Plytas as Head Waiter | Sandor Eles as Desk Clerk | Richard Heffer as Brown | Stefan Gryff as Inspector | Catherine Neilson as Maria
Director: John Hough

4 :01x04 - A Distant Scream

An old man who's dying in prison, wrongfully convicted of murder, wills himself back in time to find the real killer and appears to a woman having an illicit love affair in Cornwall.
Guest Stars: Stephen Greif as Clifford | David Carradine as Michael / Harris | Stephanie Beacham as Rosemary Richardson | Stephan Chase as Gary | Lesley Dunlop as Sarah | Bernard Horsfall as Doctor | Edward Peel as Prison Officer | Fanny Carby as Mrs. Kemble | Ewan Stewart as Robin
Director: John Hough
Writer: Martin Worth

5 :01x05 - The Late Nancy Irving

Pro golfer Nancy Irving is abducted by a millionaire who suffers from the same extremely rare blood disorder--and needs to share her blood supply in order to stay alive.
Guest Stars: Cristina Raines as Nancy Irving | Marius Goring as Angus | Simon Williams as Bob Appleyard | Tony Anholt as Dr. Marquis | Zienia Merton as Norma Lee | Tom Chadbon as Young Doctor | Michael Elwyn as Peter Norton | Derek Benfield as Undertaker | Lewis Fiander as Hoffman | Mick Ford as Tony Graham
Director: Peter Sasdy

6 :01x06 - In Possession

In the process of moving to Africa, a couple has visions of a man killing his wife and making it look like suicide. Then they discover that the man in the vision is their new renter.
Guest Stars: David Healy (1) as Jack Mervyn | Bernard Kay (1) as Mr. Prentice | Brendan Price (2) as Research Scientist | John D. Collins as Estate Agent | Carl Rigg as Hotel Manager | Christopher Cazenove as Frank Daly | Judy Loe as Betty Mervyn | Vivienne Burgess as Mrs. Prentice | Carol Lynley as Sylvia Daly
Director: Val Guest

7 :01x07 - Black Carrion

A journalist discovers new information on the strange disappearance of two pop singers back in 1963.
Guest Stars: Norman Bird as Henry Bircher | Forbes Collins as Landlord | Christopher Ellison as Drury | Season Hubley as Cora Berlaine | Diana King (1) as Madge Bircher | William Hootkins as Lou Delmart | Leigh Lawson (1) as Paul Chater | Allan Love as Ray Verne | Julian Littman as Don Verne
Director: John Hough
Writer: Don Houghton

8 :01x08 - The Sweet Scent of Death

A U. S. diplomat and his wife suspect that their gardener might be responsible for the murder of a young girl in Central Park ten years before.
Guest Stars: Carmen Du Sautoy as Suzy | Dean Stockwell as Greg Denver | Michael Gothard as Marvin | Alan Gifford as John Fairfax | Geoffrey Colville as Estate Agent | Robert Lang (1) as Detective Sgt. Wells | Shirley Knight as Ann Denver | Toria Fuller as Paula
Director: Peter Sasdy

9 :01x09 - Paint Me a Murder

An artist fakes his death to increase the value of his work but when his wife falls for his art dealer, the artist might be in danger of dying for real.
Guest Stars: James Laurenson as Luke Lorenz | W. Morgan Sheppard as Mahally | David Robb as Vincent Rhodes | Alan Lake as Davey | Tony Steedman as Chief Inspector | Michelle Phillips as Sandra Lorenz | Mark Heath (1) as Inspector Robinson
Director: Alan Cooke (2)

10 :01x10 - The Corvini Inheritance

A piece of jewelry, reputedly used to strangle an unfaithful lover years ago, is auctioned off. Then a woman is found strangled to death. Was the necklace the murder weapon?
Guest Stars: David McCallum as Frank Lane | Jan Francis as Eva Bailey | Terence Alexander as Hammond | Stephen Yardley as Knowles | Leonard Trolley as Viner | Kirstie Pooley as Model | Paul Bacon as Roulier | Timothy Morand (1) as Collier | Mollie Maureen as Elderly Lady | Martin Weedon as Business Man

11 :01x11 - And the Wall Came Tumbling Down

After being demolished, a 17th century church is discovered to have been the site of satanic rites. Needless to say, strange events begin happening.
Guest Stars: Gareth Hunt as Peter Whiteway | Richard Hampton as Pinder / David Pritchard | Ray Armstrong (1) as Sgt. Mills | Christopher Farries as Military Aide | Robert James (2) as Father Ambrey / Pritchard | Peter Wyngarde as Daniel / General Haswell | Barbi Benton as Caroline Trent | Patricia Hayes as Gran Waters | Ralph Michael as Father Harris | Brian Deacon as Alan/Martin Yardley | Simon Sutton as Male Nurse
Director: Paul Annett

12 :01x12 - Child's Play

A couple awake one night to find their house surrounded by an impregnable wall along with stopped clocks and rising temperatures. Then the scene cuts to a child complaining to her mother that her brother has placed her doll's house in a heating duct.
Guest Stars: Mary Crosby as Ann Preston | Debbie Chasan as Sarah Preston | Joanna Joseph as Child | Suzanne Church as Mother | Nicholas Clay as Mike Preston
Director: Val Guest

13 :01x13 - Tennis Court

Strange forces begin wreaking havoc in a sinister covered tennis court on the grounds of a Victorian estate purchased by a wealthy couple and it appears as though the forces are aimed at wifey.
Guest Stars: Peter Graves (1) as John Bray | Hannah Gordon as Maggie Dowl | Jonathan Newth as Harry Dowl | Ralph Arliss as Redmond Maryott | Isla Blair as Eileen | Marcus Gilbert (1) as Young Bray | George Little as Eldridge | Cyril Shaps as Magnusson | Peggy Sinclair as Matron | David Chessman as Bobby | Annis Joslin as Innes
Director: Cyril Frankel
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Premiere: September 05, 1984
Ended: May 09, 1986
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