Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
00 01x01 Unknown/Unaired Snow Queen
00 01x02 Unknown/Unaired Aladdin
00 01x03 Unknown/Unaired Little Red Riding Hood
01 01x04 Unknown/Unaired Jack and the Beanstalk
01 01x05 Unknown/Unaired The Emperor's New Clothes
01 01x06 Unknown/Unaired Rumpelstiltskin
01 01x07 Unknown/Unaired Hansel and Gretel
01 01x08 Unknown/Unaired Robinita Hood
01 01x09 Unknown/Unaired The Pied Piper
01 01x11 Unknown/Unaired Puss in Boots
01 01x12 Unknown/Unaired Aesop's Fables
01 01x13 Unknown/Unaired Beauty and the Beast