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Season 11

Happy Days: The Reunion

In this 90-minute reunion special, hostedy by Henry Winkler, cast members remember their times on the series, and various show clips are shown.
Guest Stars: Scott Baio as Himself | Ron Howard as Himself | Marion Ross as Herself | Al Molinaro as Himself | Pat Morita as Himself | Don Most as Himself | Anson Williams as Himself | Tom Bosley as Himself | Henry Winkler as Himself (Host) | Garry Marshall as Himself
Director: Malcolm Leo

Happy Days 30th Anniversary Reunion

In this 2-hour reunion special, cast members remember their times being on the show, and various clips are shown. Also, the cast recall their time on the Happy Days softball team, and they all reunite at a replica of the original Arnold's Drive-In.
Guest Stars: Scott Baio as Himself | Marion Ross as Herself | Erin Moran as Herself | Randolph Roberts as Himself | Don Most as Himself | Gavan O'Herlihy as Himself | Pat Morita as Himself | Anson Williams as Himself | Tom Bosley as Himself | Henry Winkler as Himself | Ron Howard as Himself | Garry Marshall as Himself

234 :11x01 - Because It's There

As a kid, Fonzie had written a list of things to accomplish within the following twenty years. Well, now, Fonzie has found that list, and finds one thing that he hasn't accomplished: climb Suicide Hill on a motorcycle. The problem? He's already tried, and failed.
Guest Stars: Kevin Rodney Sullivan as Tommy | Pat Morita as Arnold | Harris Kal as Bobby
Director: Jerry Paris

235 :11x02 - The Ballad of Joanie and Chachi

Joanie is dealing with too many new events in her life, causing Chachi to resent her for not spending enough of their time together. Each comes up with a solution: Joanie wants to break up with him while Chachi wants to get married.
Guest Stars: Kevin Rodney Sullivan as Tommy
Director: Jerry Paris
Songs: The Angels -- "My Boyfriend's Back" (1963), Lenny Welch -- "Since I Fell For You" (1963)

236 :11x03 - Where the Guys Are

Roger, Potsie, and Chachi take Fonzie to a singles resort to help get his mind off his breakup with Ashley. However, they lie to him and tell him they're going to a sporting camp. When they finally arrive, an enraged Fonzie says he's leaving, but he ends up staying, an unexpected roadblock for the other guys.
Guest Stars: Janine Turner as Debbie | Shawn Weatherly as Sissy | Robin Klein as Lisa | Rita Wilson as Barbara McManus
Director: Jerry Paris

237 :11x04 - Welcome Home (1)

Richie and Ralph return to Milwaukee from the Army, with Lori Beth and Richie Jr. in tow. Howard finds Richie an interview down at the Milwaukee Journal, but Richie, mysteriously, isn't interested.
Guest Stars: Ron Howard as Richie | Don Most as Ralph | Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth | Bo Sharon as Richie, Jr. | Walter Von as Dean | Blaire Bohlig as Monica
Director: Jerry Paris
Songs: Fats Domino -- "Blueberry Hill" (sung by the gang) (1956), The Beach Boys -- "I Get Around" (1964), Tommy Roe -- "Sheila" (instrumental) (1962)

238 :11x05 - Welcome Home (2)

Richie, frustrated by giving up his dreams of being a screenwriter, takes his anger out on everyone -- even the Fonz, whom he gives a good sock in the jaw.
Guest Stars: Ron Howard as Richie | Don Most as Ralph | Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth | Bo Sharon as Richie, Jr.
Director: Jerry Paris

239 :11x06 - Glove Story

To earn Fonzie's respect, Chachi enters the city championship boxing tournament, and Fonzie is elated when he wins his first fight. However, while training, Chachi seriously injures his best punching hand.
Guest Stars: Arthur Batanides as referee | Joe Nipote as Leo Epps | Andrew Steinfeld as Reginald Bandini | Pete Steinfeld as Elijah Bandini | Sean O'Grady as Tiger Thompson
Director: Jerry Paris
Songs: Tommy Roe -- "Sheila" (1962)

240 :11x07 - Vocational Education

Roger is made principal of the extremely tough George S. Patton Vocational High School. He believes he can handle the students, but it's not that long until he starts to rethink his beliefs.
Guest Stars: Ken Osmond as Freddie Bascomb | Crispin Glover as Roach | Kathryn Fuller as Mrs. Shellenback | Steven Baio as Joey
Director: Jerry Paris
Writer: Brian Levant

241 :11x08 - Arthur, Arthur

Fonzie's long-lost brother drops by for a visit. Fonzie, initially shocked on account of his not knowing he even existed, eventually grows to hate him.
Guest Stars: Randi Brough as Darlene | Candi Brough as Marlene | Michael Holden (1) as Artie | Jay Lomack as attendant
Director: Jerry Paris
Songs: Martha & The Vandellas -- "Heat Wave" (instrumental) (1963), The Temptations -- "My Girl" (1965), Ray Charles -- "What'd I Say" (instrumental) (1959)

242 :11x09 - You Get What You Pay For

Howard decides to build a second bathroom after being forced to shave at the dining room table. Fonzie has what he calls the perfect solution: have his students build the room. Coincidentally, Howard has also invented a new whisper-quiet toilet that he calls "The Whisper-Flush."
Guest Stars: Wayne Morton as Dwight Mesmer | Steven Baio as Joey | Andrew Paris as Shorty
Director: Jerry Paris

243 :11x10 - Kiss Me, Teach

Joanie becomes an assistant teacher at Patton High, and one of her students develops a crush on her.
Guest Stars: Kathryn Fuller as Mrs. Shellenback | Steven Baio as Joey | Anthony Thompkins as Dexter | Edward Hartes as Frankie
Director: Jerry Paris

244 :11x11 - The People vs. The Fonz

The Fonz has been accused of assaulting a trouble-making student, but refuses to testify at a school board hearing, running the risk of getting ruled against and fired.
Guest Stars: Nancy Steen as Mrs. Friedman | Ben Slack as Alex Johnson | Jeffrey Kramer as Martin Smith | Grant Heslov as Dennis | Joe Mays as Mr. Mackenzie | Michael Leon as Mickey | Doug Widtfeldt as Stretch
Director: Jerry Paris

245 :11x12 - Like Mother, Like Daughter

Marion's high school boyfriend Frederick comes to visit. Guess how Howard reacts. He's even more enraged when Frederick takes Joanie out on a date.
Guest Stars: Lyle Waggoner as Frederick | Ellen Gerken as Monique
Director: Jerry Paris
Songs: The Beach Boys -- "I Get Around" (1964)

246 :11x13 - Social Studies

For fear of rejection, Chachi is reluctant at asking girls out, but when Fonzie tells him that they will ask him out because of the "Fonzarelli Power," he changes his mind.
Guest Stars: Katherine Kelly Lang as Kim | Harris Kal as Bobby | Denise Halma as Karen
Director: Jerry Paris
Songs: Martha & The Vandellas -- "Heat Wave" (instrumental) (1963), The Beach Boys -- "I Get Around" (1964), The Chiffons -- "One Fine Day" (instrumental) (1963)

247 :11x14 - The Spirit Is Willing

Fonzie meets a beautiful lady, by the name of Nancy Haley, in his garage while sitting in a 1955 Chevy that's worse for the wear. After he takes the woman home, he goes back to return her purse, but is told that the Haleys moved out of the house 10 years ago, when their daughter, Nancy, died in an auto accident.
Guest Stars: Kevin Rodney Sullivan as Tommy | Alexa Hamilton as Nancy Haley | Patti Karr as woman
Director: Jerry Paris
Songs: The Five Satins -- "In The Still of the Night" (1955)

248 :11x15 - Fonzie Moves Out

Howard is offered a job as the vice president of a large hardware store chain, but to take it, he and his family must move to New York City. He actually considers, and Fonzie, feeling as if the Cunninghams are pushing him to leave, immediately makes plans to move out of his apartment and live somewhere else in Milwaukee.
Guest Stars: Maggie Roswell as Joyce James | Ann Gillespie as Sharon | Stanley Brock as Maki Maki | Julie Paris as Ann
Director: Jerry Paris

249 :11x16 - Passages (1)

Joanie and Chachi, after dating people who look almost exactly like them, decide to get back together. Meanwhile, Fonzie tries to adopt a little boy, to whom he's a "Big Brother."
Guest Stars: Cathy Silvers as Jenny Piccalo | Pamela Dunlap as Doris | Danny Ponce as Danny | Tom Silardi as Tony | Meredith Baer as Judy
Director: Jerry Paris
Songs: The Angels -- "My Boyfriend's Back" (1963)

250 :11x17 - Passages (2)

Fonzie's adoption request is initially turned down, but after a stern talk to the administrator by Howard, the request is reconsidered. Meanwhile, Joanie and Chachi continue with their plans to head to the altar.
Guest Stars: Ron Howard as Richie | Kevin Rodney Sullivan as Tommy | Ellen Travolta as Louisa | Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth | Harris Kal as Bobby | Bruce Gray (1) as Mr. Hillary | Al Molinaro as Al/Father Delvecchio | Cathy Silvers as Jenny | Frances Bay as Grandma Nussbaum | Danny Ponce as Danny | Pamela Dunlap as Doris | Tom Silardi as Tony
Director: Jerry Paris
Songs: Elvis Presley -- "Memories" (1968)

251 :11x18 - So How Was Your Weekend?

Marion and Joanie go to Mother Kelp's place to help her move, and from the moment they set foot in the door, Mother Kelp does nothing but verbally bash Marion. Meanwhile, Fonzie, Howard, Chachi, and Roger play a game of poker.
Guest Stars: Billie Bird as Mother Kelp | Rhonda Aldrich as pizza person
Director: Jerry Paris

252 :11x19 - Low Notes

Constant hassling from Fonzie and continuous borrowing of money from Marion convinces Chachi to look for a job, and he eventually finds one -- as a dance instructor. However, he lies to the others, saying he's got a recording deal with the Four Seasons. Meanwhile, Howard takes away Potsie's salary after he sells power drills for nearly $14 less than the original price.
Guest Stars: Linda Henning as Jean Kelly | Eve Smith as Mrs. Wilson | Dolores Albin as Sylvia
Director: Jerry Paris
Writer: Al Aidekman
Songs: Ernie Mills -- "In The Mood" (heard twice) (1959), The Chiffons -- "One Fine Day" (instrumental) (1963)

253 :11x20 - School Dazed

In an attempt to help a student out with her drug problem, Joanie invites her over, even with everyone's initial reaction. The student, Jesse, promises Joanie that she'll lay off the drugs, but after everyone's gone to bed, she takes several pills and is out cold the next morning.
Guest Stars: Elinor Donahue as Mrs. Broderick | Marta Kober as Jesse | Lee Anthony as Mr. Broderick | Rick Lantz as Attendant
Director: Jerry Paris

254 :11x21 - Good News, Bad News

Chachi's new single finally makes it onto the recording charts, and he's invited to tour with the Beach Boys as an opener. One problem: He just learned he has diabetes.
Guest Stars: Martin Ferrero as Omar | Neil Thompson as The D.J.
Director: Jerry Paris

255 :11x22 - Fonzie's Spots

The recent passing of a Leopard Lodge member brings about fears in Howard that because of his not attracting any new member in the last five years (other than Potsie) he'll be booted out as Grand Poobah. He persuades Fonzie, Chachi, and Roger to join as pledges, and the boys must follow Potsie's orders.
Guest Stars: David Ketchum as Donald | Penina Segall as little girl
Director: Jerry Paris
Songs: The Chiffons -- "One Fine Day" (1963)
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 15, 1974
Ended: September 24, 1984
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