Happy Tree Friends

Happy Tree Friends

The Happy Tree Friends are cute and cuddly little critters who just want to live a happy life, though things never seem to go their way. At every turn, death and destruction seem to loom ever larger, though they’ll keep waking up the next morning with a smile on their face and hope in their heart.

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Final: 1x39 -- Autopsy Turvy (2) (Dec/25/2006)

Available Episodes

Every Litter Bit Hur..
Oct 23, 2006
Season 1 episode 13

Who's To Flame?
Oct 16, 2006
Season 1 episode 12

Wishy Washy
Oct 16, 2006
Season 1 episode 11

Easy For You To Slei..
Oct 16, 2006
Season 1 episode 10

Sea What I Found
Oct 09, 2006
Season 1 episode 9

Concrete Solution
Oct 09, 2006
Season 1 episode 8

Doggone It
Oct 09, 2006
Season 1 episode 7

Kenn NavarroKenn Navarro
voiced Cuddles, Lifty, Shifty
Warren GraffWarren Graff
voiced Handy, Toothy
Aubrey AnkrumAubrey Ankrum
voiced Flippy, Pop
Ellen ConnellEllen Connell
voiced Cub, Giggles, Petunia
Nica LorberNica Lorber
voiced Flaky
David WinnDavid Winn
voiced Lumpy, Splendid
Peter Herrmann (2)Peter Herrmann (2)
voiced Disco Bear
Michael LipmanMichael Lipman
voiced Nutty
Francis CarrFrancis Carr
voiced Russell
Liz StuartLiz Stuart
voiced Sniffles

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1x1: The Wrong Side Of The Tracks recap: The episode begins with an overview of Lumpy Land, with roller coasters seen flying by in the distance. The scene zooms in to show Giggles and Nutty entering the amusement park, with Sniffles walking in from the left side, holding a metal detector. The scene continues to follow Sniffles as he enters the amusement park, though when his metal detector acts up, he bends over and picks up a screw, which causes him to sigh and he tosses it over his shoulder. He walks away to the left and the scene shows Cuddles and Flaky walking towards one of the roller coaster rides; Cuddles attempts to persuade Flaky to get onto the ride, but when she refuses, he grabs a hold of her arm and forces her into the ride. On the roller coaster, Cuddles, Flaky, Disco Bear and Russell are seen as it slowly ascends to the peak, in which it then proceeds to go along the course in a very fast manner, only to suddenly stop. Lumpy comes walking by on the bottom of the roller coaster’s track, which causes the four friends to become confused; the scene then shows Flaky, who vomits, in which her vomit goes over her head and flies upwards. However, the camera then rotates to reveal that the roller coaster has actually stalled upside down, and when Lumpy attempts to free the friends through prying the roller coaster off its track, they all begin to scream in panic. Lumpy then realizes what he’s doing and the scene changes to show the four friends leaving the roller coaster in one piece, in which they walk by Flaky’s puke, causing her to smile and shrug about what happened. Lumpy then approaches the ride and places a sign to warn others that its down for maintenance, but when he attempts to walk away, he slips on Flaky’s puke and lands on his back... read more.