The Wrong Side Of The Tracks - Recap

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The episode begins with an overview of Lumpy Land, with roller coasters seen flying by in the distance. The scene zooms in to show Giggles and Nutty entering the amusement park, with Sniffles walking in from the left side, holding a metal detector. The scene continues to follow Sniffles as he enters the amusement park, though when his metal detector acts up, he bends over and picks up a screw, which causes him to sigh and he tosses it over his shoulder. He walks away to the left and the scene shows Cuddles and Flaky walking towards one of the roller coaster rides; Cuddles attempts to persuade Flaky to get onto the ride, but when she refuses, he grabs a hold of her arm and forces her into the ride. On the roller coaster, Cuddles, Flaky, Disco Bear and Russell are seen as it slowly ascends to the peak, in which it then proceeds to go along the course in a very fast manner, only to suddenly stop. Lumpy comes walking by on the bottom of the roller coaster’s track, which causes the four friends to become confused; the scene then shows Flaky, who vomits, in which her vomit goes over her head and flies upwards. However, the camera then rotates to reveal that the roller coaster has actually stalled upside down, and when Lumpy attempts to free the friends through prying the roller coaster off its track, they all begin to scream in panic. Lumpy then realizes what he’s doing and the scene changes to show the four friends leaving the roller coaster in one piece, in which they walk by Flaky’s puke, causing her to smile and shrug about what happened. Lumpy then approaches the ride and places a sign to warn others that its down for maintenance, but when he attempts to walk away, he slips on Flaky’s puke and lands on his back.

The scene then changes to show Sniffles, who is still trying to find treasure with his metal detector. He thinks that he finds something of importance, but upon further inspection, tosses it behind his back, as it wasn’t anything valuable. The scene then changes to show Lumpy, who is looking over a blueprint in an attempt to prepare to perform maintenance on his roller coaster. He gazes over it for a while, though the scene then changes to show him walking on the roller coaster track, in which he tosses a piece of the track into an area of the track that was missing. He then gazes over the blueprint again and he notices that he needs a cotter pin, but when he goes to retrieve it, he realizes that he dropped it to the ground. When he looks downward to locate it, he sees Sniffles, who picks up the cotter pin and tosses it over his shoulder, since he still hasn’t found anything valuable. The scene changes back to Lumpy, who begins to panic, though he decides to use the pencil on his head as a makeshift cotter pin, to keep the roller coaster secure. Lumpy, proud of his work, decides to move on to the next area in need of maintenance, in which the scene changes to show Nutty, who is eating some cotton candy, with Lumpy hammering the foundations next to him. With each strike of Lumpy’s hammer, the roller coaster’s track appears to shake more and more, until a part of the track comes lose, causing a cart to fly down, which knocks Nutty off of the barrel he was sitting on, and his cotton candy falls down where he once was. The scene changes to show Nutty hitting a ring-toss attraction, in which the wooden target impales him, causing his heart to be forced out of his chest, as Nutty slowly dies. A ring is then tossed around the wooden target that impaled him, in which Handy is then seen celebrating, because he managed to win the game, even though his lack of hands implied he had no chance.

The scene changes back to Lumpy, who notices that the cotton candy was apparently left behind, so he grabs it and proceeds to eat it, though the scene then changes to one of Lumpy Land’s fences. Mime approaches Lumpy while holding a balloon, though Lumpy is too busy trying to put a piece of fence on the wall, though he notices that there are many nails sticking out of one of its sides. The scene moves to the left, to show Sniffles picking up a rusty nail, though when he realizes that it isn’t anything valuable, he tosses it behind him, which causes the nail to pop Mime’s balloon. In shock, Lumpy turns around quickly to see what made the noise, but upon doing such, the nails on the side of the board Lumpy was holding impales Mime’s skull, killing him instantly. Lumpy doesn’t notice what happened, so he shrugs and he walks off, dragging Mime’s carcass behind him. The scene changes to show Lumpy looking at the blueprint again, in which the blueprint is taken off the screen to reveal that Lumpy Land is a complete mess and looks nothing like the blueprint, but Lumpy admires his work and thinks that everything is perfect. The scene changes again to show Lumpy removing the maintenance sign, in which Cuddles, Handy, Giggles, Petunia, Lifty and Shift are then seen on the roller coaster, as Lumpy watches happily as the move by. Mime’s carcass is seen in the background, as part of the foundation that holds up the roller coaster. The roller coaster cart moves successfully through several portions of the track, but when the pencil Lumpy used for a makeshift cotter pin snaps, the cart Cuddles and Handy is on makes it to the other side, though Giggles, Petunia, Lifty and Shifty fall down to the lower portion of the track. They land safely, though since they land on top of a hill, Giggles and Petunia’s cart is sent to the left side of the track while Lifty and Shifty’s cart is sent to the right side of the track.

The scene changes back to Handy and Cuddles, who are blissfully unaware of what has just happened, though when they enter a tunnel, Cuddles’ hands are ripped off. He proceeds to scream in pain and panic, while Handy is seen somewhat happy, since his lack of hands prevented any injury towards him. Cuddles then falls off the side of the track, apparently having passed out from the ordeal, though Handy then becomes concerned, since he notices something ahead of him. The scene changes to show the cart heading towards a large glass structure, in which it proceeds to smash through it, causing Handy to scream in pain. He emerges from the structure with a large plane of glass dividing him in half, in which his front half falls off first, then his second half flies off behind the cart; the scene then changes to show Lumpy, who wakes up to discover that an empty, broken cart has just zoomed by behind him, which causes him to realize that there has been a problem. However, Lifty and Shifty then zoom by right behind the empty cart, so jumps into action by getting an old mining cart that requires the individual to pump the lever, in which he heads out to save the two brothers. The scene changes to show Lifty and Shifty’s cart going around the poorly designed track, in which Lumpy is chasing after them, though the two brothers soon realize that the worse part is still ahead of them. It continues to show Lumpy chasing the brothers on his cart, until they safely emerge on the other side, though Lumpy has found himself somehow ahead of Lifty and Shifty. Realizing that he’s in danger, Lumpy begins to pump as hard as he can, until he realizes that he can escape his predicament by grabbing onto a line that holds some decorative flags, in which he successfully manages to spin over the top of the line, only to land inside of Lifty and Shifty’s cart.

In an attempt to stop the cart, Lumpy holds onto the wire and attempts to use it as a makeshift brake, in which the cart slowly stops and Lumpy steps outside of it. However, when he does such, he falls off of the edge, which causes him to let go of the wire, which causes Lifty and Shifty’s cart to sling-shot into the air. The scene changes to show Lifty and Shifty flying through the air, in which Shifty lands inside the revolving security door at the entrance of the amusement park, which tears him to shreds. Lifty lands safely on the ground, in amazement that he’s survived, though when the roller coaster cart lands right behind him, it knocks him into the revolving door as well, to suffer the same fate as his brother. The scene changes back to Lumpy, who has landed on a different section of the track; he gets up, only to discover that Giggles and Petunia are heading his way at high speed, so he braces himself and attempts to stop their cart. Giggles and Petunia’s cart ultimately stops, teetering off the edge, though the scene then changes to Sniffles, who finally finds a valuable coin. He lifts his metal detector up in the air, in order to look at the coin, though when it starts to beep, he looks up, only to be squished by Giggles and Petunia’s roller coaster cart, killing all three of them in the process. The episode ends with the top of Lumpy’s head landing on the side of Giggles’ head, in which a camera takes a photo as the screen fades to black.