Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans

Leon Fromkess     Executive Producer 
Sigmund Neufeld     Producer 
Irving Cummings, Jr. (1)     Producer 
Jill Campbell     Music 
Olga Mundick     Make-up 
Irene Kent     Make-up 
Lee Greenway     Make-up 
Walter Sutton     Camera Operator 
Frank Watts     Camera Operator 
Herman N. Schoenbrun     Set Decorator 
George Bahr     Property Master 
Frank Follette     Director of Photography 
Kenneth Peach     Director of Photography 
Eugene Shuftan     Director of Photography 
Gene Shuftan     Director of Photography 
Ben Hersh     Production Supervisor 
Arthur Lonergan     Art Director 
Stanley Neufeld     Production Manager 
James Fenimore Cooper (1)     Based On The Works Of 
George C. Mulholland     Sound Recordist 
Dwight Caldwell     Film Editor 
Malabar     Wardrobe 
Phil Hersch (1)     Assistant Director