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Season 3

41 :03x01 - Don't Say Nothin' Bad About My Baby

Georgie Anne goes into labor and friends and family descend on the hospital. Afterward, John gets paranoid that the hospital switched babies on him.
Guest Stars: Bobbie Ferguson as Nurse #2 | Gloria LeRoy as Mildred | Maxine Stuart as Velma Davis |
Co-Guest Stars: William Duffy as Doctor | Jennifer Williams as Nurse #1 | Dennis Redfield as Patient | Muriel Minot as Woman #1 | Jean Ford as Woman #2 | Terrence Beasor as Man
Director: Harry Thomason
Songs: The Cookies -- Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby), Stevie Wonder -- Isn't She Lovely?

42 :03x02 - The Virgin Lonnie

Lonnie is anxious to be intimate with his girlfriend since he is still a virgin. Meanwhile, Georgie Anne is ready to resume being intimate with John but he thinks she isn't ready so soon after giving birth and is just trying to humor him.
Guest Stars: Debra Jo Rupp as Brenda Swain
Director: Harry Thomason
Songs: Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels -- Sock It To Me, Baby!

43 :03x03 - It's My Party

John's birthday is coming up and Georgie Anne is planning an elaborate surprise party despite John's wishes.
Guest Stars: Ellen Albertini Dow as Miss Abbington | S.A. Griffin as Larry |
Co-Guest Stars: Irmsie Brown as Ruth Ann Cobb
Director: Harry Thomason

44 :03x04 - The Sock-Her Boys

John, Georgie Anne and Billy Bob must decide whether to remain friends with a fellow soccer coach that reportedly abuses his wife, but is also a good customer of the paper. The dilemma hits home when the kids get involved.
Guest Stars: Tim Dunigan as Dan Nichols | Javier Grajeda as Ricardo (as Victor Gardell) |
Co-Guest Stars: Angela Duke as Susan Nichols | Paige Tamada as Little Girl | Jordan Benedict as Russell | Brian Davila as Jason | Jeffrey Licon as Donnie
Director: James Hampton

45 :03x05 - Birth of a Donation

A friend of Billy Bob's comes to visit and Billy Bob is in denial when Georgie Anne tells him the man in gay. Madeline announces that she too wants a baby and talks the gang into helping her find a donor.
Guest Stars: Charles Frank as Jeff |
Co-Guest Stars: Brian Degan Scott as Applicant #4
Director: Harry Thomason
Songs: Sonny & Cher -- I Got You Babe

46 :03x06 - Fat Like Me

Georgie Anne takes a writing assignment where she goes undercover as a fat person.
Guest Stars: Andrew Bloch as Waiter | Sandy Simpson as Guy #1 |
Co-Guest Stars: Jordan Benedict as Russell | Dennis Redfield as Raymond | Lisa Engelman as Girl #1 | Rachel Maria Naples as Girl #2 | Chris Hager as Guy #2 | Steven John Evans as Guy #3
Director: James Hampton

47 :03x07 - Born to Dance

Elliot starts taking ballet classes and must deal with the small minds in the community. John and Billy Bob decide to support him in addition to a secret mission to rescue a sheep from the slaughterhouse that Carson Lee raised from a lamb.
Guest Stars: Mickey Jones (1) as Driver | Randy Oglesby as Ed (as Randy Ogelsby) | Fabiana Udenio as Natasha Francis |
Co-Guest Stars: Danny Chambers as Hank | Michael Strasser as Richard
Director: James Hampton
Writer: Paul Clay

48 :03x08 - Pros and Condoms

The local high school is thinking of dispensing condoms to the students. John and Georgie Anne disagree on the subject and decide to write opposing editorials.
Guest Stars: Bobbie Ferguson as Christina Hoberman | James Karen as Norman Lynch | Ben Stein as Mr. Starnes |
Co-Guest Stars: Kirk Thornton as School Board President
Director: Dennis Redfield
Songs: Paul Anka -- Put Your Head on My Shoulder

49 :03x09 - The Perfect Christmas

It's Christmas at the Hartman house and Georgie Anne is going overboard, making everybody tense, and eventually putting John in the hospital.
Guest Stars: Maxine Stuart as Velma Davis |
Co-Guest Stars: Alvin Greenman as Santa
Director: Dennis Redfield

50 :03x10 - Help Wanted

The paper is looking for an assistant and the staff is split over the candidates. The candidate eventually chosen makes Billy Bob nervous, with good reason.
Guest Stars: Maureen O'Boyle as Herself | Lorna Scott as Lu |
Co-Guest Stars: Bill Grafton as Mr. Casey | Pat Crawford Brown as Landlady
Director: James Hampton

51 :03x11 - Mrs. Hartman, Mrs. Hartman

John's first wife pays them a visit to John's consternation. Georgie Anne is adamant that John gets along with her but soon changes her tune.
Guest Stars: Julie Cobb as Diandra |
Co-Guest Stars: Lee Kessler as Margaret |
Uncredited: Jenny Jones (1) as Herself
Director: James Hampton

52 :03x12 - Group Therapy

Georgie Anne and Madeline propose to the guys that they all should try group therapy to blow off steam and prevent personal issues from festering. The session doesn't work out as they had hoped.
Director: Steve Gerbson
Writer: Dara Monahan

53 :03x13 - John and Georgie's Not So Excellent Adventure

Billy Bob gives John and Georgie Anne a present consisting of a romantic weekend trip to New York. The romance is interrupted by Georgie Anne's obnoxious society friends from when she worked in New York. At home, Lonnie's mother starts selling new subscriptions to the paper, but her methods are less than ideal.
Guest Stars: Richard Dimitri as Nico | Kristen Johnston as Margot | Clayton Landey as Carl | Taylor Young as Janice |
Co-Guest Stars: Anne Wyndham as Woman
Director: Harry Thomason

54 :03x14 - The Outsider

John declares his home television free for two weeks, to the distress of his boys. Georgie Anne gets involved in a save-the-library cause as a way to change her image as an outsider.
Guest Stars: Steven Gilborn as Stratton |
Co-Guest Stars: Stacy Sullivan as Chrissy | Robina Suwol as Ellen
Director: Harry Thomason
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Romance/Dating
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 14, 1992
Ended: February 01, 1995
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