Season 2

14 :02x01 - The King of Thieves

Iolaus saves a man from five attackers in the woods. After he is saved, the man thanks Iolaus and leaves him with a box. Soon a group of guards show up and find Iolaus with a box of stolen jewels. Iolaus is sentenced to death for stealing from the king and Hercules has to track down Autolycus, the king of thieves, and bring him to justice before Iolaus can be killed.
Guest Stars: Bruce Campbell as Autolycus | Lisa Chappell as Dirce | Martyn Sanderson as King Menelaus | Peter Rowley (1) as Guard
Director: Doug Lefler
Writer: Doug Lefler

15 :02x02 - All that Glitters

King Midas has started a new casino. Hercules and Salmoneus visit and Hercules does not like what is going on. He soon finds out that Midas got in with some bad people and is no longer in charge of his own kingdom. When Midas realizes what a mistake he has made and tries to fix it, he is arrested and it is up to Hercules to fix everything.
Guest Stars: Robert Trebor as Salmoneus | Noel Trevarthen as King Midas | Terry Batchelor as Segallus | David Scott (2) as Pawnickles | Peter Rowley (1) as Comic | Dale Corlett as Thaddeus | Jennifer Ward-Lealand as Volupta | Tracy Melchior as Flaxen | Margaret-Mary Hollins as Hispides | Max Cryer as Barker | Alexander Gandar as Zacharias | Joseph Greer (1) as Romanus | James O'Farrell as Ironhead | Katherine Beasley as Harpis | Greg Morman as Cretus | Ray Sefo as Alee
Director: Garth Maxwell
Writer: Craig Volk

16 :02x03 - What's in a Name?

While walking along a path, Hercules finds a woman in need of help. After he helps her she tells him that Hercules had helped her earlier today too. Hercules soon finds out that an imposter is pretending to be him. He finds out that this man is his brother, who is walking around pretending to be him, and that he joined the warlord Gorgus so that he could marry his daughter. While trying to fix everything Iolaus is thrown in a labyrinth and Hercules has to save him and stop his brother from destroying his name.
Guest Stars: Kevin Smith (2) as Iphicles | Liddy Holloway as Alcemene | Simone Kessell as Rena | Kenneth McGregor as Gorgus | Simon Prast as first soldier | John Watson as Hawker | Paul Glover as Josephus | Ross Duncan as Pallaeus | John McKee (2) as Second Soldier | Bernard Moody as Old Man | Jason Garner as Young Soldier | Lewis Martin (2) as Priest
Director: Bruce Campbell

17 :02x04 - Siege at Naxos

Hercules and Iolaus are in a tavern talking to an old friend when a warlord named Goth comes. After Goth kills their friend, Hercules captures him and decides to bring him to stand trial for all the crimes he has committed. When Goth's brother starts following them, they are forced to hide out in an abandoned fortress and fight off his brother.
Guest Stars: Brian Thompson as Goth | Rebecca Hobbs as Elora | Robert Harte (1) as Dax | Ray Woolf as Bledar | Patrick Smyth as Charidon | Richard Adams (1) as Argeas | Zo Hartley as Patron

18 :02x05 - Outcast

Lyla and her centaur husband Deric are attacked at their home by citizens of their town opposed to their marriage. Lyla is killed and Deric is being hunted. Hercules has to protect him and fix his problem with the villagers.
Guest Stars: Robert Trebor as Salmoneus | Jon Brazier as Jakar | Lucy Lawless as Lyla | Peter Muller as Deric | Andrew Kovacevich as Sepsus | Norman Forsey as Tersius | Irene Drake as Karros | Kelson Henderson as Democles | James Croft (1) as Kefor | Rose Dube as Leuriphone | Neil Holt as Merkus | Chris Bailey (2) as Cletis

19 :02x06 - Under the Broken Sky

Lucina is a beautiful woman who ran away from her life after her children died from a fever. Her husband wants to get her back from the "pleasure palace" where she is working and enlists the help of Hercules.
Guest Stars: Robert Trebor as Salmoneus | Bruce Phillips as Atticus | Carl Bland as pilot | Maria Rangel as Lucina | Julie Collis as Heliotrope | Katherine Ransom as Mica

20 :02x07 - The Mother of All Monsters

Hercules has already killed all the children of Echidna, the mother of all monsters. Echidna gets Demetrius to bring Alcemene to her so that she can force her to watch her kill Hercules, forcing her to suffer through the death of her children like she did. Hercules finds out and tries to save his mother and has to fight the mother of all monsters to save her.
Guest Stars: Liddy Holloway as Alcemene | Bridget Hoffman as Echidna | Martin Kove as Demetrius

21 :02x08 - The Other Side

Hades has taken Persephone down to the underworld and Hercules is sent to rescue her. While down there he sees his murdered wife and children and struggles to avoid the temptation to stay. But he realizes he has to get Persephone out of the underworld or her mother will destroy all plant life on earth. But there is a problem; Persephone loves Hades.
Guest Stars: Erik Thomson as Hades | Paul Norell as Falafel | Michael Hurst as Charon | Tawny Kitaen as Deianeira | Rose McIver as Ilea | Jason Hoyte as Carus | David Banter as Tartalus | Ian Harrop as Triptolemus | Simon Lewthwaite as Klonus | Paul McIver as Aeson | Sarah Wilson (3) as Demeter
Director: George Mendeluk

22 :02x09 - The Fire Down Below

Salmoneus decides to get rich by selling some treasure he found in a cave. But it turns out that this treasure is Hera's and she does not appreciate it being sold, prompting her to send Nemesis to kill Salmoneus. Hercules has to protect him from her and Pyro, the fire demon Hera sent to kill his family a long time ago.
Guest Stars: Robert Trebor as Salmoneus | Jon Brazier as Slave Trader | Teresa Hill as Nemesis | Andy Anderson as Zandar | Stephen Hall (1) as Perces | Emma Menzies as Syreeta | Stephanie Wilkin as Ayora | Daniel Batten as Pyro | Geoff Clendon as Vormann
Director: Timothy Bond

23 :02x10 - Cast a Giant Shadow

Hercules meets a giant named Typhon on the side of the road and he is trapped in a rock. Hercules frees him and they become friends. But later he finds out that the giant is married to Echidna, the mother of all monsters, who Hercules has imprisoned in a cave.
Guest Stars: Bruce Hopkins as Pylon | Glenn Shadix as Typhon | Bridget Hoffman as Echidna | Stig Eldred as Maceus | Bruce Allpress as Septus | Fiona Mogridge as Breanna
Director: John Kretchmer

24 :02x11 - Highway to Hades

Hades goes to Hercules and tells him he wants him to bring King Sisyphus of Corinth to the underworld so that he can be punished instead of an innocent man that ended up there. The king wants the man's wife, Daphne, to bear his child, so Hercules and the ghost of her husband have to stop it.
Guest Stars: Erik Thomson as Hades | Michael Hurst as Charon | Ray Henwood as King Sisyphus | Leslie Wing as Queen Karis | Craig Hall as Timuron | Angela Gribben as Daphne | Tony Wood as Eluvious | Ranald Hendriks as Epicurus
Director: T.J. Scott

25 :02x12 - The Sword of Veracity

The Sword of Veracity is a magical sword that will prevent the holder from lying. Hercules and Iolaus have to find the sword so that they can prove their friend is innocent of a crime and that the king is setting him up. The problem is that the sword is in a valley with thousands of caves, and the king does not want them to find the sword.
Guest Stars: Kim Michalis as Lea | Paul Minifie as Trachis | Brad Carpenter as Amphion | Danny Lineham as Lycus | Kelly Greene as Epius
Director: Garth Maxwell
Writer: Steven Baum

26 :02x13 - The Enforcer

Nemisis is punished by Hera for not killing Hercules by turning her into a mortal. Hera then creates the enforcer, a creature made of water that will kill Hercules for her. Iolaus and Nemisis try to help Hercules, but ultimately are no match for the enforcer, leaving Hercules to fight her on his own.
Guest Stars: Teresa Hill as Nemesis | Karen Sheperd as Enforcer | Jed Brophy as Gnatius
Director: T.J. Scott

27 :02x14 - Once a Hero

Hercules and Iolaus go to a reunion with Jason and the Argonauts to find that Jason has become a drunk after his family was murdered. In his time of weakness the golden fleece is stolen and together, Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason go to get it back.
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Thomas as Jason | Paul Norell as Falafel | Peter Feeney as Castor | Edward Campbell as Artemus | Willa O'Neill as Phoebe | John Sumner as Domesticles | Anthony Ray Parker as Valerus | Mark Nua as Otus | Latham Gaines as Marcus | Timothy Raby as Archivus

28 :02x15 - Heedless Hearts

Hercules meets a woman named Rheanna who needs his help. King Melkos had killed her husband and now her village was in trouble. Iolaus gets struck by lightning and gains the ability to predict the future and thinks Rheanna will betray them, but Hercules won't believe him.
Guest Stars: Bruce Hopkins as Jordis | Michael Saccente as Grovelius | Grant Triplow as Clarion | Sara Wiseman as Hephates | Audie England as Rheanna | Nigel Godfrey as Syrus | Robert Horwood as Vericles | Nigel Corbett as Gnossus | Michael Keir-Morrisey as King Melkos
Director: Peter Ellis (1)

29 :02x16 - Let the Games Begin

Hercules has to find a way to stop the members of two villages to stop fighting so he comes up with an idea with the help of Atalanta, a series of physical contests. Salmoneous names this the Olympic games after Mount Olympus.
Guest Stars: Chris Bailey (2) as Tarkon | Robert Trebor as Salmoneus | Paul Norell as Falafel | Corinna Everson as Atalanta | Paul Glover as Brontus | John Watson as Taphius | Matthew Humphrey (1) as Damon | Selwyn Sargeson as Wagner
Director: Gus Trikonis

30 :02x17 - The Apple

Aphrodite gives Iolaus a magic apple that will make the woman who eats it fall in love with him. He uses it on a woman named Thera, but it turns out that she is supposed to marry a man named Epius, which would bring peace to two villages.
Guest Stars: Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite | Claire Yarlett as Thera | Jonathan Blick as Epius | Ian Mune as King Sidon | Stephen Tozer as King Diadorus | John Smith (1) as Socrates | Peter Needham as Plato | Amanda Lister as Athena | Rhonda McHardy as Artemis
Director: Kevin Sorbo
Writer: Steven Baum

31 :02x18 - Promises

King Beraeus is about to marry Ramina when she is kidnapped by Tarlus. Hercules knows that Tarlus is a good man and doesn't believe he would do this so he goes to investigate. He finds out that King Beraeus is forcing Ramina to marry him instead of Tarlus who she loves. Hercules has to stop King Beraeus from taking her back.
Guest Stars: Paul Norell as Falafel | Calvin Tuteao as Natros | Joel Tobeck as King Boraeus | Josephine Davison as Rumina | Marton Csokas as Tarlus

32 :02x19 - King for a Day

Iolaus visits his cousin Prince Orestes who looks exactly like him and is asked to pretend to be the king so that he can protect his cousin from losing the throne to his brother Minos.
Guest Stars: Michael Hurst as Orestes | Lisa Ann Hadley as Niobe | Will Kempe as Archeus | Michael Bajko as Harried Man
Director: Anson Williams

33 :02x20 - Protean Challenge

Thanis, a sculptor, who is a friend of Hercules is punished for a crime by having his hands cut off. Hercules finds out that the god Proteus, who can change his appearance did the crime after Thanis' daughter ran away from Proteus after seeing his true ugly form. Hercules has to go get Proteus and take revenge.
Guest Stars: James O'Farrell as Bornus | Stephen Papps as Tritos | Ashley Laurence as Daniela | Paul Gittins as Thanas | Jane Cresswell as Proteus
Director: Oley Sassone

34 :02x21 - The Wedding of Alcmene

King Jason and Alcemene are going to get married. According to the laws, because Jason is going to marry a commoner he has to give up his throne. When Hercules declines the job of king, his brother Iphacles is chosen. This makes chief regent Patronius mad so he gets Hera to send her Blue Priest to attack the wedding.
Guest Stars: Kevin Smith (2) as Iphicles | Liddy Holloway as Alcemene | Jeffrey Thomas as Jason | Lisa Chappell as Dirce | Paul Norell as Falafel | Kim Michalis as Lea | Robert Trebor as Salmoneus | John Sumner as Domesticles | Simon Prast as Patronius | Peter Muller as Deric | Nathaniel Lees as Blue Priest | Brad Carpenter as Amphius | Timothy Raby as Archivus | Willa O'Neill as Phoebe
Director: Timothy Bond

35 :02x22 - The Power

Deon was the son of a mortal and Aphrodite the goddess of love. He had the power to get people to do whatever he wanted. He liked his uncle more than his father, but his uncle was the leader of a gang of criminals. Hercules had to convince Deon to go back to his father, rather than live a life of crime.
Guest Stars: Grant Bridger as Karis | David Drew Gallagher as Deon | Bruce Phillips as Jacobus | Robert Trebor as Salmoneus | Greer Robson as Sirene
Director: Charlie Haskell

36 :02x23 - Centaur Mentor Journey

Ceridian the centaur, who was a mentor to Hercules, was dying. Ceridian's last wish was for Hercules to convince Cassius, a centaur pupil of his to not wage war against the Humans of a town that were mistreating the centaurs. Hercules sets out to stop the possible war.
Guest Stars: Robert Trebor as Salmoneus | Ray Bishop as Centaur #2 | Tony Blackett as Ceridian | Mark Clare as Gnoxious | Edward Newborn as Perdiclis | James Townsend as Theseus

37 :02x24 - The Cave of Echoes

A girl named Melina disappeared in the Cave of Echoes and Hercules and Iolaus have to rescue her. Along the way they meet a writer named Parentheses and they tell him all about their journeys in this clip show episode.
Guest Stars: Owen Black as Parenthesis
Director: Gus Trikonis