Heroes of the North

Heroes of the North

In this award winning web series, Canada creates superheroes during World War II. They continue fighting crime to the present day where they battle the likes of the terrorist group Medusa and Dr. Joseph Mengelee.

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Prev: 1x19 -- Falling Masks (Sep/04/2012)

Colonel Easton of the CDO convinces Masquerade to tell the organization where they can find Medusa HQ and the captive Fleur-de-Lys. However, the mercenary discovers that there is a price to be paid when she returns to her hotel room and finds Medusa killers waiting for her.

Larry VinetteLarry Vinette
As The Canadian
Edith LabelleEdith Labelle
As Fleur-de-Lys
Vanessa BlouinVanessa Blouin
As Nordik
John FallonJohn Fallon
As Black Terror


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1x5: Black Terror: Origins recap: Robert J. Benton is seated in an electric chair in Dallas, Texas, awaiting his execution for the murder of two co-workers. When asked if he has any final words, Benton spits on the floor and the executioner pulls the switch... read more.

1x19: Falling Masks recap: At CDO headquarters in Montreal, Colonel Donovan Easton meets with Masquerade. She informs him that she's leaving Montreal for good because things have become too dangerous for him. Donovan tells her that Major Pearson is indisposed and hands her a file, and Masquerade warns that it will be her last mission for him... read more.

1x18: Brave New World recap: The Anglo Nation Defense Force terrorist Brown films a tape vowing to strike the first blow against the French. He has Fleur-de-Lys as a prisoner and promises the world that they will see the fate of the foreign conspirator. As he continues ranting on, Fleur-de-Lys watches from a computer put in her cell and says that she can see the New Felquists terrorist just off-screen... read more.

1x17: Past and Present recap: Vlissingen Complex - Germany, October 1944.. read more.

1x16: Operation Rock & Roll recap: At the New Felquists compound in Griffintown, Montreal, the terrorist leader lays out his plan for the stage at the location of their newest target. After stopping to consider a beer break, they go over the drawing but spend most of their time arguing over the scale and what to eat. Two of them will go in disguised as sound technicians while the other two will come in as spectators. Their leader names the mission Operation Rock and Roll, and they argue about whether it should be in English or French. They finally agree that it will be Operation Roche et Role... read more.

Producer: Christian Viel
Co-Producer: Yann Brouilette
Costume Designer: Anderson Bradshaw
Camera Operator: Sergio Rico
Stunt Coordinator: Anderson Bradshaw
Sound Engineer: Dimitri Medard

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Recurring Guests

Pia Metni as Masquerade (5 eps)
Constantine Kourtidis as Medusa Commander (4 eps)
Anne-Marie Losique as Madame Doom (3 eps)
Michel Brouilette as Canadian Shield (3 eps)
Yann Brouilette as Alpha Q (2 eps)
Ross Neil as Baxter (2 eps)
Anoutlith Sintaraphone as Steel Tiger (2 eps)
Bianca Beauchamp as Crimson (2 eps)

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