Hollywood Snappers

A glance at the cover pages on any supermarket magazine rack will tell you, the American public has an insatiable appetite for celebrity gossip and photos - the more candid the better. It's a 50 million dollar a year industry and a single photo of the right A-lister at the right time could fetch close to a million dollars. One dedicated crew of Hollywood photo hounds is determined to get the public what they want. and maybe even get rich doing it.

VH1 presents "Hollywood Snappers," a fast-paced, hard-driving docu-soap series about the secret world of paparazzi photographers.

Reality drama and celebrity gossip collide as "Hollywood Snappers" takes you inside the covert lives of some of Hollywood's most tenacious and successful photographers. It's the series that gives you the scoop BEHIND the scoop. We'll explore life at the renowned, albeit controversial celebrity photo agency, Bauer-Griffin, where a "take no prisoners" approach to getting the shot sometimes sends their celebrity quarry ducking for cover. Even if these paparazzi find themselves on the receiving end of more flipped birds than friendly smiles, it's obvious that these two worlds need each other.and both celebrity and shutterbug often seem to enjoy the sport involved. Now, viewers will see what really motivates someone to spend their life staking out the daily affairs, weddings, breakups and shake-ups in Hollywood.

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Prev: 1x06 -- Episode 6 (Dec/12/2005)

In this episode of VH1 Hollywood Snappers, celebrities' most private moments are documented in the crosshairs of the Paparazzi's lens. Bauer-Griffin photographers hop on a private speedboat to catch Michael Jackson spilling Barry White's ashes into the Pacific Ocean. Ge and Rachid camp out in front of Britney Spears' beachfront pad to snap an exclusive shot of the pop starlet. Ben and Ge catch famous "sticky fingers" Winona Ryder as she hits a Beverly Hills boutique. Ashton Kutcher uses a decoy getaway car to fool `Randy' so he misses the coveted star's snapshot. Later, Ben leads a multi-camera undercover shoot that captures Bruce Willis exiting a Beverly Hills restaurant with a new love interest.


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