Season 4

40 :04x01 - Everyone's Entitled to My Opinion

Brendon makes being a movie critic for a popular website top priority. Coach McGuirk becomes the new principal while Mr. Lynch is fired.
Guest Stars: Ron Lynch as Mr. Lynch
Director: Loren Bouchard

41 :04x02 - Camp

Brendon, Melissa, and Jason are sent to a performing arts camp. Their excitement, however, is short-lived. Coach McGuirk has his own problems when what he thought was a free camping trip turns out to be more of a weird cult.
Guest Stars: They Might Be Giants as Crywalker, Gary, Feathernest (Flansburgh); and Mike, Crywalker (Linnell)
Director: Loren Bouchard

42 :04x03 - The Heart Smashers

Brendon sees Fenton's input about the new film to be out of control and far too demanding. As a result, he tries to break up with Fenton. Coach McGuirk works out and gets grossly huge breasts as a result. Paula wants to dump her boyfriend, a total drama queen.
Guest Stars: Sam Seder as Fenton Mulley | Paul Kozlowski as Simon
Director: Loren Bouchard

43 :04x04 - Bye Bye Greasy

Brendon has some difficulties getting the school's play to run smoothly. Coach McGuirk is just excited that he gets to be in the musical and drive his car on stage.
Guest Stars: Ron Lynch as Mr. Lynch | Emo Philips as Shannon | Sam Seder as Fenton Mulley
Director: Loren Bouchard

44 :04x05 - Psycho-Delicate

The gang tries to choose one of its videos to submit to an upcoming film festival. They narrow it down to three choices, but have some problems choosing between them. Coach McGuirk tries to bribe a waitress for her love using money and flattery. Paula gets a new haircut that becomes progressively less appealing to the eye.
Guest Stars: Todd Barry as The Clerk | Laura Silverman as Fred
Director: Loren Bouchard

45 :04x06 - Curses

Brendon's newest film gets a lot of flak from parents for its excessive use of cussing. His mom also gives Brendon a curse jar as punishment if he utters anymore curse words. Coach McGuirk attends a journal writing class with Melissa's dad.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Katz as Erik Robbins | Maria Bamford as Erik's Girlfriend
Director: Loren Bouchard

46 :04x07 - The Wizard's Baker

Although Melissa and Jason think their new film is rather great, Brendon hates it. He neglects to tell this to his two friends and instead simply ignores them. Coach McGuirk buys some swords from a late-night infomercial purely on impulse.
Guest Stars: Andy Kindler as Arnold Lindenson | Eugene Mirman as Eugene
Director: Loren Bouchard

47 :04x08 - Honkey Magoo

Brendon, Melissa, and Jason find a puppy without a home and upon falling in love with it decide to take turns taking care of him. They soon find, though, that puppy (named Honkey Magoo) isn't trained, isn't friendly, and isn't wanted.
Guest Stars: Ron Lynch as Mr. Lynch
Director: Loren Bouchard

48 :04x09 - Those Bitches Tried to Cheat Me

While walking to class, Brendon sees Mr. Lynch drop a piece of paper. He calls out to give it back to him until he realizes that it's the answers to an upcoming test. Jason has found a new love interest, Penny. However, he does more stalking than he does talking.
Guest Stars: Mary Lynn Rajskub as Penny | Ron Lynch as Mr. Lynch
Director: Loren Bouchard

49 :04x10 - Cho and the Adventures of Amy Lee

Cho has an excellent reputation as a goalie for an opposing team of Brendon's. But when Brendon makes a lucky goal, Cho is determined to get revenge. Also, Coach has a strange childhood secret involving Scottish music and kilts.
Guest Stars: Sam Seder as Fenton Mulley, Cho, Paula's Dad
Director: Loren Bouchard

50 :04x11 - Definite Possible Murder

Brendon thinks he is witness to some shifty, murderous behavior from their new neighbor and is consequently fearful when his mother invites the neighbor over for dinner. Meanwhile, Coach takes a class on bartending.
Director: Loren Bouchard

51 :04x12 - Temporary Blindness

Coach discovers that his recent laser eye surgery has rendered him blind. Brendon, Melissa, and Jason are busy researching their family histories for their family tree assignment.
Guest Stars: Bill Braudis as Unknown
Director: Loren Bouchard

52 :04x13 - Focus Grill

In the series finale, Brendon, Melissa, and Jason present their home movie to a focus group made up of their classmates. Paula recruits Coach to help her set up a new grill.
Guest Stars: Sam Seder as Fenton Mulley
Director: Loren Bouchard