The Heart Smashers - Recap

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The Trio: Brendon is fed up with Fenton trying to take control of their current home movie and "correcting" all of Brendon's work. Brendon is especially worried that they are falling behind and will not get the movie finished anytime soon. Conversely, Melissa and Jason are rather unaffected by Fenton's controlling behavior and agree that Brendon just needs to calm down. However, Brendon can formulate only one solution: he must break up with Fenton and recast his role in the film.

Coach McGuirk: Coach begins working his pecs very heavily at the gym. He develops seriously enormous breasts, which he proves are quite handy for eating off of. However, he pushes himself too far, more than those giant man boobs can handle, and disaster strikes.

Other Characters: By their third date, Paula is determined to break up with her annoying boyfriend, Simon. When she tries, though, he throws a fit and causes even more of scene than he had caused before. In an effort to calm him down, Paula "unbreaks" up with him. A vicious cycle develops.

Home Movie


Voyagers set out to find and capture the "magical, gigantical" Septopus, a beast with seven tentacles (not testicles, Jason). Though Melissa's character warns them that the Septopus will ensnare their souls and those who search for it will be possessed, they ignore her and continue the search.

Featured Song(s)

Septopus (Fenton's song)
Septopus II (plays during the photo montage)