Bye Bye Greasy - Recap

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The Trio: Brendon is in charge of the school's play, "Bye Bye Greasy." It seems as though it will be simple enough; however, life is unpredictable. He has to deal with background issues, Shannon stealing Brendon's lead role, Fenton's desire to be in charge, Coach McGuirk's car issues, Melissa's kiwi allergy, and unmemorized lines. Will he crack under pressure when everything goes wrong? Murphy's Law votes yes.

Coach McGuirk: Coach doesn't really have a separate storyline this episode. Brendon comes to Coach to be in the play. At first he refuses, but Brendon hooks him when he says he wants McGuirk to drive his car on stage.

Other Characters: There are no major alternate storylines, but many familiar faces show up to take parts in the play. Fenton is put in charge of the lights. Shannon threatens Brendon until he acquiesces that Shannon gets to play lead. Walter and Perry also try out for the play; Walter gets the role of Mrs. (yes, Mrs.) Maloney and Perry gets the role of Hank.

Home Movie

The entire play, "Bye Bye Greasy," is like one giant home movie.

Featured Song(s)

Angela's Audition for Leena
If You Were a Car (Walter as Mrs. Maloney)
Stay Home Tonight (Melissa as Noodles)
I'll Race (McGuirk as Quick Rick)
Alone in a Leather (Shannon as Maloney)
I'll Race (Reprise) (Coach McGuirk)