Curses - Recap

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The Trio: In their latest film, Brendon and Jason create the perfect female robot. However, it is just overflowing with obscenities. The three present the movie to a group of peers, who naturally love it. When their parents find out, Brendon's mom is bombarded with angry phone calls. Meanwhile, Melissa is upset that her single father, Eric, is seeing another woman. She refuses to interact with him and instead stays at Brendon's house. For no reason at all, so does Jason.

Coach McGuirk: Coach joins Eric in his journal writing class. He's not very pleased, until he realizes that the class is all women. Let's just say that journal writing is not one of John McGuirk's strengths, though he does give a very moving performance at the end.

Other Characters: Due to the angry calls she receives, Paula forces Brendon to create a cleaned-up version of the movie to show the parents. She also gives him a "curse jar," into which he must deposit various denominations based on the words' degrees of vulgarity.

Home Movie

"Weird Robot"

Jeremy (Brendon) and Aganon (Jason), two nerds, create the perfect female robot (Melissa). Aside from her large breasts and butt, she also makes sexual references and snide, obscene remarks. She rejects her given name of Ruth and opts to be called Sexy O'Sullivan.

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