Hope and Gloria

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 09/Mar/1995 Are We Having Fun Yet?
02 01x02 15/Mar/1995 No Degrees of Separation
03 01x03 23/Mar/1995 Salon, It's Been Good to Know You
05 01x05 06/Apr/1995 Falling in Bed Again
06 01x06 13/Apr/1995 I Never Sang for Our Father
07 01x07 20/Apr/1995 My Mamma Done Told Me (1)
08 01x08 20/Apr/1995 Who's Poppa? (2)
09 01x09 27/Apr/1995 Love With an Improper Stranger
10 01x10 04/May/1995 The Face with Two Men
11 01x11 11/May/1995 Sisyphus, Prometheus and Me
12 01x12 10/Aug/1995 Don't Take Any Wooden Elephants
13 01x13 07/Sep/1995 A Midsummer Night's Trim

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
14 02x01 24/Sep/1995 An Embarassment of Teapots
16 02x03 08/Oct/1995 A Star is Reborn
17 02x04 29/Oct/1995 Love in the Afternoon
18 02x05 05/Nov/1995 Manager and Woman
19 02x06 12/Nov/1995 How to Get an Ed in Business
20 02x07 19/Nov/1995 Listen, Sister
21 02x08 03/Dec/1995 Money You Should Mention
22 02x09 10/Dec/1995 Consenting Adults
23 02x10 17/Dec/1995 The Dupree Family Christmas
24 02x11 06/Jan/1996 Enemies: A Love Story
25 02x12 13/Jan/1996 The Man Upstairs
26 02x13 20/Jan/1996 Danny, Oh Boy
27 02x14 03/Feb/1995 A New York Story
28 02x15 10/Feb/1996 Tainted Love
29 02x16 16/Mar/1996 One Sorry Mother
30 02x17 23/Mar/1996 A Sentimental Education
31 02x18 30/Mar/1996 The Art of the Deal
32 02x19 06/Apr/1996 Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Funicular
33 02x20 13/Apr/1996 Note to Self
34 02x21 20/Apr/1996 Baby Love
35 02x22 22/Jun/1996 Come Back Lil' Tina

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