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Hospital Central

Hospital Central

Hospital Central

“Hospital Central” began airing on Tuesday evening, 30 May 2000 on Spain’s “Telecinco 5” Network. 2006 is the 7th year of this series but some years they had 2 seasons in the same year which explains why the show is currently in its’ 11th season. The series is currently airing on Wednesday nights this season at 10 PM (Spain time). The show is like most other Medical shows that revolve around a Hospital its’ Doctors, Nurses and other staff that has ever aired on any network over the past 50 years. We see not only the professional lives of these people working in the Hospital but we also see into their home and personal lives as well. The one possible difference in Spain’s version is that 2 of the Hospital staff are Lesbians. “Dr. Macarena ‘Maca’ Wilson Fernandez” who is an E.R. pediatrician played by “Patricia Vico” is in Love with “Head Nurse Esther Garcia” played by “Fatima Baeza”. This season Macarena asked Esther to marry her but the answer has yet to be given.

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Jordi RebellónJordi Rebellón
As Dr. Rodolfo Vilches
Alicia BorracheroAlicia Borrachero
As Dra. Cruz Gándara ((2003 - ))
Nacho FresnedaNacho Fresneda
As Dr. Manuel Aimé ((2002 - ))
Antonio ZabálburuAntonio Zabálburu
As Dr. Javier Sotomayor
Diana PalazónDiana Palazón
As Dra. Laura Llanos ((2002 - ))
Alicia BogoAlicia Bogo
As Eva Méndez ((2002 - ))
Fátima BaezaFátima Baeza
As Esther Garcia
Patricia VicoPatricia Vico
As Macarena 'Maca' Fernández/Wilson ((2004-))
Roberto DragoRoberto Drago
As Dr. Héctor Martínez ((2003 - ))
Ángel PardoÁngel Pardo
As Isidro 'Rust' Galvez

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I think it's a great show to watch. I reminds me of the American t.v series E.R. I have been watching the the episodes on Youtube. Mostly episodes 8 and on with Maca and Esther, great storyline from what I can see. Unfortunately, I'm unable to understand what is being said as I do not know or speak Spanish. I do enjoy it watching it though. I do wish that I could see it in an English version or at least with English Subtitles. I also wish that they would air it in the U.S. I think it would be big hit here in the states. "PLEASE CONSIDER". The last episode I saw on Youtube is when Esther was ready to give birth. I can't wait to see what happens next even though I don't understand the language. Read more

Review posted on Sunday, July 22nd 2007 at 12:33 pm

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