How Do I Look?


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This particular episode has very little to do with fashion and more to do with witnessing an anti-social personality in action.

The guest, Plum is an unusually angry, self-absorbed woman in her 30's who dresses like a goth teen horror because she's stuck in a time warp.

Plum thinks her appearance, the jackboots, pigtails, and teeny skirts are "who I am". She resists with fury her friends good intentions to help her get a more professional appearance so she can get a job outside of a bar.

She pouts, cries and generally acts like a spoiled brat and it's rather shocking to see someone her age be so hostile over such a minor issue as being asked to change the length of one's skirt or don a pair of heels.


Plum gets so angry with her friends over their clothes choices she dumps them both during the show via angry letters.

Finola is gracious throughout the tantrums but finally loses her cool and tells Plum off. At the end, Finola asks her to leave the set.

Before she leaves, Plum declares she will give away the clothes to charity and has "nothing" to say to her poor friends, who were kind to her.

The mystery is how Plum ever had got such good friends to begin with.

Review posted on Tuesday, June 24th 2008 at 6:33 pm