Season 1

1 :01x01 - America's Sex Pioneers

From America's earliest days, sex has shaped and defined our country. From the Puritan "mandatory sex" rule for married couples to Ben Franklin's racy newspapers and even car design, these are the stories behind America's sex pioneers.

Source: History Channel

2 :01x02 - Sex for Sale

The world's oldest profession turns up in the places you'd least expect it: as a major source of revenue for the Catholic Church, the driving force behind America's first racially integrated neighborhood, and the launch pad for the most powerful woman in the history of the Roman Empire. Discover the truth behind how selling sex has changed the world.

Source: History Channel

3 :01x03 - Sex Rebels

From Ancient Rome to Washington DC and everywhere in-between, discover how the world changes when powerful people shamelessly shatter boundaries and break rules. In this episode, a Roman empress turns to prostitution for fun, the Marquis de Sade gains a big reputation and President Lyndon Johnson flaunts his manhood.

Source: History Channel

4 :01x04 - Sexpocalypse

Sex is powerful force of nature and for some; it's like the end of world. These are the unbelievably true stories behind what happens when people treat sex like doomsday: from the little known sex cover-up in Pompeii, to J. Edgar Hoover's legendary Obscene Files used to keep politicians in check, to how a favorite breakfast cereal is supposed to help impose more self-control on lonely nights.

Source: History Channel

5 :01x05 - Sex & Power

These are the surprisingly true stories about how the sex lives of the powerful have shaken up history: from Warren G. Harding's days as a playboy, to one women's time in a prince's modern day harem, to Rasputin's legendary status as a ladies man and the potential trigger point for the Russian Revolution.

Source: History Channel

6 :01x06 - Superheroes of Sex

Studiers of sex are taken a look at.

7 :01x07 - Sex & War

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8 :01x08 - Extreme Sex

An emperor's sex party is taken a look at.

9 :01x09 - Sex Gone Wrong

How sex was misrepresented throughout the years.

10 :01x10 - Sexperiment

A look at the history of sexual experimentation.