Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

Polly leaves her irresponsible husband, Julian, and taking her young daughter, Natalie, moves back in with her unpredictable parents, Elaine and stepfather Max. Apprehensive but determined to get her life back on track, Polly jumps into the dating scene and reluctantly leaves Natalie home for a night with her parents.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Rick Federman as Luke | Joe Wengert as Gregg |
Co-Guest Stars: Abigail Eschete as Young Polly | Perry Anzilotti as Customer | Greg Eagles as Long Haired Dude | Melissa Kay Anderson as Dog Shelter Worker

2 :01x02 - How to Get off the Couch

When Polly hurts her back training for a 5K and becomes confined to the couch, her parents step in to take care of Natalie. Elaine finds herself in an awkward situation with Natalie's classmates when they ask her to explain heaven and religion. Meanwhile, Max and Elaine encourage Julian to give Polly some space.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Carla Renata as Mrs. Fogleman | Tangie Ambrose as Carole |
Co-Guest Stars: Amol Shah as Mr. Gupta | Dianna Catterton as Protester | Aryan Simhadri as Boy | Taylor Matusiak as Girl
Director: Alex Hardcastle

3 :01x03 - How to Live with the Academy Awards Party

The family celebrate their favorite holiday - the Oscars. Polly invites an old classmate over for the event and tries to impress him. Meanwhile, Max thinks that Elaine has too close a relationship with her brother, and tensions explode at the party.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Joe Wengert as Gregg | Reid Scott as Scott | Willie Garson as Harry |
Co-Guest Stars: Abigail Eschete as Young Polly
Director: Rodman Flender

4 :01x04 - How to Not Screw Up Your Kid

When Polly and Julian tell Natalie they won't be going camping as a family this year, Natalie invents an imaginary bully in an effort to deal with her parents' divorce. Meanwhile, Elaine forces Max into planning to see an old Aunt who is at death's door.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Joe Wengert as Gregg | Carla Renata as Mrs. Fogleman |
Co-Guest Stars: Jill Benjamin as Nurse | Abigail Eschete as Young Polly
Director: Bryan Gordon
Songs: Barbra Streisand -- The Way We Were

5 :01x05 - How to Run the Show

Elaine and Max encourage Polly to put her needs first, as they did when Polly was growing up, and offer to babysit Natalie so Polly can spend time out with Scott. But they get a quick lesson in parenting the middle ground between letting kids run the show and ending up on a milk carton.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Joe Wengert as Gregg | Reid Scott as Scott |
Co-Guest Stars: Tyler Nunes as Jackson | Carter Sand as Tyler | Abigail Eschete as Young Polly | Annie Korzen as Woman at Subway | Anne Nevison as Blonde Lady | Tristan Evans as Boy
Director: Reginald Hudlin

6 :01x06 - How to Fix Up Your Ex

With Polly now happily dating, Natalie wants her dad to also have someone, and guilts Polly into helping Julian find a girl. Meanwhile, Elaine and Max, who have always been unapologetic about who they are, realize they have to make some changes for the sake of Natalie

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Joe Wengert as Gregg | Reid Scott as Scott | Pooch Hall as Ryan | Daneel Ackles as Olivia

7 :01x07 - How to Stand on Your Own Two Feet

Polly is determined to start paying her own way, so when her attempt at a second job fails, she decides to go back to school and make something of herself. Meanwhile, Elaine inspires Julian to follow his dream of opening a zombie survivor fantasy camp.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Joe Wengert as Gregg | Lauriane Gilleron as Francette | Clint Culp as customer no.1 | Maria Russell as customer no.2 | Emily Kosloski as Wendy | David Neher as Eli
Director: Peter Lauer

8 :01x08 - For The Rest Of Your Life

With Max stressing out over the opening of his second comedy club, and a lawsuit that comes with it, Max and Polly are butting heads - with Max eating anything in sight to calm his nerves. Meanwhile, Polly helps Julian figure out his feelings for his new girlfriend.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Joe Wengert as Gregg | Daneel Ackles as Olivia | Gary Shapiro as Barry | Tom Beyer as Gavin Snook | Jennifer R. Blake as Nirvana
Director: Richie Keen

9 :01x09 - How to Get Involved

When Polly is apprehensive about putting herself up for a promotion (wine and cheese manager) and Natalie announces that she's playing a "hillside" in the school play, Elaine and Max decide to get involved in order to make sure that Natalie and Polly are living up to their full potential

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Joe Wengert as Gregg | Abigail Eschete as Young Polly | Jocelyn Ayanna as Greta | Dat Pham as Ethan | Carter Hastings as Eddie
Director: Phil Traill
Writer: Emily Cutler

10 :01x10 - How to Have a Playdate

Polly's desire for Natalie to fit in with the kids and moms at her new school causes tension when she arranges a playdate and Elaine tries to steal the show

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Joe Wengert as Gregg | Merrin Dungey as Morgan

11 :01x11 - How to Not Waste Money

Max and Polly bond when he helps her learn to follow through on doing things -- like Groupons that she amassed while coping with her separation from Julian

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Joe Wengert as Gregg | Hayley Marie Norman as Dashwanda

12 :01x12 - How to Help the Needy

When Polly is a hit at Elaine's birthday lunch, Elaine is left feeling uninteresting, so Polly gets her an audition for a movie to boost her ego. But Polly soon realizes she's fallen into an old pattern of putting her mother's dream before her own

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Joe Wengert as Gregg | Twink Caplan as Flora | Laraine Newman as Deirdre | Michele Lee as Caroline
Writer: Emily Cutler

13 :01x13 - How to Be Gifted

Having always felt ordinary, Polly gets her family to go the extra mile to get Natalie into the gifted Magnet program, only to discover she's gifted in her own way. Also, when Elaine takes on a part in Max's play reading, their sex life is affected.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Merrin Dungey as Morgan | Michael O'Keefe as Dr. Skrutz
Director: Lev L. Spiro