Huntik-Secrets and Seekers

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Episode # Air Date Title
27 2x01 17/Mar/2012 Doorway to Huntik
28 2x02 18/Mar/2012 The Tower of Nostradamus
29 2x03 24/Mar/2012 Cave of the Casterwills
30 2x04 25/Mar/2012 Knight of the Willblade
31 2x05 31/Mar/2012 Chasing Void
32 2x06 01/Apr/2012 The Blood Spiral
33 2x07 07/Apr/2012 Den Vs Harrison
34 2x08 08/Apr/2012 The Legendary Titan of Fate
35 2x09 14/Apr/2012 Zhalia's Mission
36 2x10 15/Apr/2012 Boys Will Be Seekers
37 2x11 21/Apr/2012 The Casterwill Connection
38 2x12 22/Apr/2012 The Titan in the Temple of the Sun
39 2x13 23/Apr/2012 Sophie on Trial
40 2x14 09/May/2012 The Spiral War
41 2x15 10/May/2012 Gremlow Infestation!
42 2x16 11/May/2012 The Power of Umbra
43 2x17 15/May/2012 Lok's Leadership
44 2x18 16/May/2012 The Dead Magic Island
45 2x19 17/May/2012 The Phoenix's Ashes
46 2x20 18/May/2012 An Ally From the Organization
47 2x21 22/May/2012 Rassimov's Secret
48 2x22 23/May/2012 Back Home
49 2x23 24/May/2012 Words From Eathon (1)
50 2x24 25/May/2012 The Spiral Mark (2)
51 2x25 29/May/2012 Lok and the Betrayer (3)
52 2x26 30/May/2012 Dante's Return (4)

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