Season 1

1 :01x01 - Part 1

Maxie Amberville returns home following the death of her father. When she discovers tjhat her mother has remarried her late father's brother she is determined to gain contol of her father's publishing empire. Through a series of flashbacks it shows how how her father started his company and her Maxie was brought up.
Guest Stars: Georgia Slowe as Young Lilly | Georgia Slowe as Young Lilly
Director: Douglas Hickox

3 :01x03 - Part 3

The flashbacks continue and Maxie discovers that she is pregnant with Rocco's child. They get married but end up splitting up after the baby is born when they are unable to deal with each others differing lifestyles. Maxie travels around Europe where she marries twice more but both marriages are short lived. It is revealed that Zachary's death wasn't an accident and that Cutter pushed him off the cliff.
Guest Stars: Keram Malicki-Sanchez as Young Justin | Hillary Wolf as Young Angelica | Brett Cullen as Dennis Brady | Hillary Wolf as Young Angelica

4 :01x04 - Part 4

Maxie is determined to make Buttons and Bows her father's first magazine a success again. Lilly discovers the truth that Cutter pushed Zachary off the cliff. After Cutter attacks her son Justin, Lilly calls the police and tells them that Cutter murdered Zachary. Lilly puts Maxie in charge of Amberville publishing and Maxie and Rocco are reunited.
Guest Stars: Staci Keanan as Angelica Cipriani | Doug Davidson as Model | Staci Keanan as Angelica Cipriani