Season 2

8 :02x01 - Episode 201

The contestants don Velcro rabbit suits for one game, which involves boxes, a narrow beam and being shot at with a cannon using Velcro balls as ammunition. Then they change into spider suits for the second game where they carry bug parts to the top of the playing field and must make a match in patterns before being yanked away. Also, in Human Torpedo, the players take turns being launched from a spinning platform and try to knock as many metal cans as possible off the playing field while sliding through slippery lotion.

9 :02x02 - Episode 202

The 11 remaining contestants face the following challenges, catching tennis balls fired at them inside the large pants they wear; and finding clothing hid in a pile of flour and then dressing a mannequin which they are told is Judge Bob. Also, they will go through an obstacle course while covered in lotion.

10 :02x03 - Episode 203

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11 :02x04 - Episode 204

Games played this week include Snap Attack, Paint Splash Madness and An Alien Took My Teddy Bear in hopes of being the last player standing.

12 :02x05 - Episode 205

The eight remaining contestants will face off against the following games: kicking a soccer ball into a goal while wearing goggles that alter depth perception; and try to get golf balls stuck on a sticky surface while their opponents try removing them using a golf club.

13 :02x06 - Episode 206

This weeks teams will be faced with catching as many fish as possible within 2 minutes and 30 seconds from a tank of icy water with only their mouths. Next, they will run an obstacle course while dressed as babies. And lastly, each contestant will slide down a wall while attempting to throw balls into one of two holes before reaching the ground. Most balls scored in 2 1/2 minutes wins.

15 :02x08 - Episode 208

The season 2 finale finds the five remaining contestants dressed as clowns, while trying to catch a noxious fish sauce in their mouths. Next they will be asked to make an unusual request from strangers on the streets of Tokyo (such as being tickled), and burst balloons while bouncing on a trampoline and wearing gloves the size of gorilla hands.