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What was Sam's fake name in iparty with victorious Medium DeathIsARight• Regina Goodbody
• Regina "Smokin" Hot
In the episode, "iAm Your Biggest Fan", what did Mandy get Carly Medium DeathIsARight• Squirrel Jerky
• Spicy Donuts
• Fladoodles
• Open Faced Ham
In the episode,"iWanna World Record", what was the name of the teacher who got teased by Carly and her classmates Medium DeathIsARight• Ms. Pooty
• Mr. Stanky
• Mr. Butbern
How many times a year did Sam say her mom cooks for her Medium DeathIsARight• 1
• 2
• 4
What was Lewberts old profession Hard DeathIsARight• Singer
• Dancer
• Bouncer
In "iWant More Viewers", what does the losing team have to do Medium DeathIsARight• Touch Lewbert's wart
• Dance in their PJ's
• Steal something
What world record does Spencer break Medium DeathIsARight• Worst Brother
• Largest Christmas Tree
• Sculpture with the most moving parts
What is the name of Carly's school Medium DeathIsARight• Bayside
• Ridgeway
• Waterton
What is the name of Nora's pet chicken Medium DeathIsARight• Maurice
• Herb
What letter does Sam hate Hard DeathIsARight• W
• Q
• S
• A
What did Spencer get to impress a girl in ithink they kissed Medium DeathIsARight• Car
• Ring
In ithink they kissed how much did Sam take out of Carly's purse Medium DeathIsARight• $20
• $15
• $40
• $5
What band did Sam trade a T-Shirt to get tickets for Hard DeathIsARight• Maroon5
• Green Day
What is the first name of Carly's principal Easy DeathIsARight• Ted
• Dan
• Fred
• William
In the episode "iRue the Day", what animal did Nevel's grandma think Freddie was Medium DeathIsARight• Bee
• Cat
• Mouse
• Spider
What character is always sick Medium DeathIsARight• Jermey
• Mason
• Sicko
In the episode "iHatch Chicks", how many chicks were there Easy DeathIsARight• 6
• 7
• 12
What game does Spencer get addicted to in "iStage an Intervention" Medium DeathIsARight• Pak Rat
• Bingo
• Backgammon
In "iPie" what does Freddie do that finally makes his cousin laugh Easy DeathIsARight• Hit himself with a pie
• Farted
• Burped
How old was Carly in season 1 Easy DeathIsARight• 12
• 13
• 14
• 15
How long did it take for Sam to go to a dentist Hard DeathIsARight• 12 Years
• 5 Years
• 2 Years
What did Spencer open to not be called a liar Medium DeathIsARight• A Spa
• A Bookstore
• A Camp
• A Bakery
What is the name of Seddies biggest supporter Hard DeathIsARight• Goopy Gilbert
• Stan The Man
The mental hospital makes what type of food sam likes Medium DeathIsARight• Turkey
• Eggs
• quesadillas
What was the name of the mental hospital Sam is in Medium DeathIsARight• Crazy Pines
• Nutty Lanes
What year were Carly, Freddie and Sam born in Hard DeathIsARight• 2000
• 1992
• 1993
• 1994
Who keeps following Kenan Thompson around Medium DeathIsARight• A Cat
• A Panda
• Sam
• Gibby
Who tells Freddie's mother he is dating Sam Easy DeathIsARight• Spencer
• Carly
• Gibby
• Sam
In "iWill Date Freddie", what is Freddie's girlfriend talking about on her webshow Medium DeathIsARight• Families trip to Idaho
• Her new house
• Why iCarly is terrible
• Her favorite singer
In "iWill Date Freddie", what is Freddie's girlfriend's name Easy DeathIsARight• Sam
• Valerie
In "iWanna Stay with Spencer", what is Spencer's new art creation Medium DeathIsARight• Robot
• Christmas tree with noses
• Fan of Hammers
Where does Carly's dad work Medium DeathIsARight• Army
• Air Force
• Marines
Which recipe did Spencer cook for Freddie's first date Easy DeathIsARight• Sloppy Joe's
• Ham and Cheese
• Rice
• Spaghetti Tacos
Carly's grandfather lives in what city Medium DeathIsARight• Portland
• St. Paul
• Seattle
What is the name of the TV show within "iCarly" that "everyone in Seattle watches" Easy DeathIsARight• Seattle Beat
• American Idol
• Seattle Idol
• Jersey Shore
In "ICarly Awards", How many awards were made for the iCarly Awards Easy DeathIsARight• 14
• 7
In "IMust Have Locker 239", What does Sam know best Medium DeathIsARight• Ribs
• Ham
• Bacon
In "ITwins", What is Chuck's last name Medium DeathIsARight• Chambers
• Wallace
• Martin
• Waynes
In "IGive Away A Car", Which of Sam's relatives listed below is not on parole Medium DeathIsARight• Her Mother
• Aunt Jamie
• Uncle Karmine
In "IMust Have Locker 239", How many fat cakes were in the cylinder to find out who got locker 239 Medium DeathIsARight• 1,321
• 2,718
• 121
In ISaw him 1st , how many stories does shane fall down Medium Anonymous• none
• six
• twelve
• nine
In IPhycho, what word does "the crazy girl" use in this sentence- I put your bags downstairs so no one could _____ them. Easy Anonymous• take
• grab
• grope
In ISaved Your Life, who wins the assassin game Medium Anonymous• Spencer
• Carly
• Sam
• Freddie
In iWant My Website back, what kind of pie does Spencer not care for Hard Anonymous• Blueberry Pie
• Galini's Coconut Cream Pie
• Pumpkin Pie