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If Walls Could Talk ... Episode Guide

1 :01x01 - Palm Reader

First aired: Unknown

Host Phillip Palmer visits three houses with interesting historic discoveries. The first home is the former house of a famous palm reader. The next house was a former female academy. The third house is the former home of a U.S. president. Finally, find out how a tornado in 1974 actually helped the restoration of a home.

2 :01x02 - Haunted Mansion

First aired: Unknown

First up is a story about an 1880s mansion that is now owned by Chris Bellamy, who discovered that this house was built by a 19-year-old son of the family who lived there. The second story tells the history of the Caito family. Mr. Caito was known as the Banana King back in the early part of the century. The third house sits near the railroad tracks in Milmine, Illinois, and the current owners have discovered that it was once used as a boarding house.

3 :01x03 - Cannonball Relic, Gym Memories, Inscribed Mantel

First aired: Unknown

The first home featured has a cannonball embedded within its walls, and the second home is a transformed gymnasium. The third house features a story about the discoveries a man finds in his home.

4 :01x04 - 1880 Time Capsule, Hidden Poetry, Pioneer's Place

First aired: Unknown

This episode features the discovery of a time capsule in a Napa Valley historic home, which is now a bed and breakfast. Then, an owner discovers writing on the wall--literally. The last home featured is a relic of the pioneer days.

5 :01x05 - Lost-Half Search, Musician, Estate Sale House

First aired: Unknown

The interesting histories of three homes are revealed in this episode. The owners of the first home discover that their house had been divided, and that the other half of their house is actually the neighbor's house! Kate Butler, owner of the second house and retired musician, learns that her house once belonged to a traveling musician from the late 1800s. In the third segment, Rosalind Grenfell links her house to Mamie Eisenhower.

6 :01x06 - Mysterious Victorian Attics, Forgotten Cemetery

First aired: Unknown

We feature three stories. First, John McKenna believes the original part of his 17,000-square-foot mansion was built with stolen money, then added on to by the second owners, who loved to display their wealth. Next, Rose Brinks is restoring a forgotten cemetery near her home. She has done research to find out about the people buried here--she even wrote a book about the Bingham Hill Cemetery. Then, the home of Emily and Raymond Hoche-Mong has had many uses in its past. They have discovered that it was once a post office, a country store and a veteran's club.

7 :01x07 - Victorian, Uncovered Features, Adopted Cabin

First aired: Unknown

The first story takes place on the street in San Francisco known as Postcard Row. Michael Shannon had a visitor from the past that taught him many things about his house, including how it had survived the earthquake of 1906. Next, the Wallers uncovered beautiful stenciling on the ceilings of their South Carolina home. Then, Ann McGonigle combined an old log cabin with her contemporary adobe style home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The two structures combine to make a beautiful home filled with Southwestern history.

8 :01x08 - Southern Author's Discoveries, Informative Visitor

First aired: Unknown

James Kibler discovers many family belongings that tell the story of the Hardy family who lived on this plantation during and after the Civil War. Next, a house in Santa Clara, California, gives clues to its new owners about how it once looked. The owners have restored the house the best they could, based on these clues. Finally, we go to James Kibler's garden to prove that history goes beyond the walls of a house. James has uncovered flowers that he believes were some of the first to be introduced to this continent.

9 :01x09 - Oscar Wilde Stencils, Vermont Artifacts, Cabin

First aired: Unknown

First, Marcy Miller has recreated the beautiful stencils she found in her home. She also discovered that the interior design of her home was influenced by Oscar Wilde. Next, Lynn Feiger and John Woodruff have been able to piece together who lived in their home by all the personal possessions that were left behind in the attic. Then, while remodeling his home, John Midyette uncovered evidence that his house consists of two separate dwellings that have been joined together. Finally, we return to Marcy Miller's home, and we learn that she had to choose between restoring the stenciling or re-creating it. She chose to re-create the stenciling, but the original work still exists under the plaster.

10 :01x10 - Learning Family History

First aired: Unknown

First, Elaine and Allen Jeter discover a great deal about the history of the Jeter family and what life was like in this big 1800s house. Next, Vicente Martinez learns that he has a connection to Padre Martinez, a 19th-century priest, not only because he lives in what used to be his house, but also because he is a distant relative. Then, Reed and Steve Robbins' house was shipped by Captain Walsh to where it stands now. Some odd discoveries have taught them there is more to this house than they ever anticipated.

11 :01x11 - Fabulous Ceilings

First aired: Unknown

First, Esther and Jerry Priddy live in the Richtofen Castle. The original builder of this 15,000-square-foot mansion was the uncle of the famous World War I flying ace, the Red Baron.

Next, the Talbert family has found many things that belonged to the Council family that once lived in this 1902 Queen Anne-style house. Through their restoration, they keep discovering more clues about how to restore the house to its original design.

Then, Diane Jaynes and Fred Kinat wanted to move to Colorado, and they found the perfect location on which to build a new house. However, the city of Breckenridge refused when they wanted to demolish the old cabin on their plot of land. The house, they were told, was historic and could not be torn down.

In the final segment, we revisit the Talbert family, and they show how they discovered where the china cabinet originally stood and which room served as the original dining room.

12 :01x12 - Jewish History, Cattle Baron Home, Restorers Support Group

First aired: Unknown

First, Connie and Phil LaLena's house was built by a Jewish pioneer. The LaLenas have learned that the Jewish settlers play a big part in the history of Trinidad, Colorado.

Next, Barbara and Bruce Carson often wonder what life was like for the Whitford family when they lived on this plot of land. The Carsons are quite certain that the Whitfords were farmers from all the old equipment they have found buried and from photos they have received from neighbors and family members.

Then, the Rogue Mansion sits in the middle of nowhere in northern New Mexico, which is why Sandy and Roger decided to buy it. They soon began to discover that they now live in a place that is rich in history. This was the home of Stephen Dorsey, a U.S. senator and cattle baron.

Next, Connie and Phil LaLena are revisited. They started a group called Picketwire, which is a group of Trinidad residents who own old houses and get together to share advice and stories about restoring an old home.

13 :01x13 - Dr. Frisbie's House, Native-American History House

First aired: Unknown

First, the Emeny family discovers their old house was once known as Dr. Frisbie's house, where tuberculosis patients were treated. The family continues to find out more about the house.

Next, the Penegars have found so many things around their 1812 farmhouse that they have dedicated one room to display all the discoveries. Archeologists have even dug up evidence of Native Americans who must have lived in the house some 600 years ago.

14 :02x01 - Charm, Amen, Teacher

First aired: Dec/11/2003

First, a Pennsylvania couple restore an 18th-century house and find a Revolutionary-era cannonball from its old iron-forge days and glass bottles from dairy days. Next, a Chicago woman discovers that her house was once the office of Thomas A. Dorsey, the man some consider to be the father of gospel music. Then, a Florida couple restores a dilapidated 1907 Victorian, which was once the home of a popular teacher. Several items that once belonged to the teacher were found in the attic.

15 :02x02 - Sculpt, Scotch, Staircase

First aired: Dec/12/2003

First, an Iowa woman with a lifelong interest in sculpture restores her home and discovers its link to a pioneering female sculptor. Next, a Washington woman restores a small 1880s Victorian house and discovers hidden treasure under the stairs and buried in the backyard. She uses the hundreds of old newspapers found under the stairs to open and stock a local reading room, and the 10 bottles of scotch found in the backyard have an interesting story of their own. Then, a Chicago family's restoration uncovers a forgotten staircase in their home. The family guesses at what the stairs were used for and why they were later hidden.

16 :02x03 - Dawson House

First aired: Dec/15/2003

First, a Philadelphia woman discovers the history of the Quaker family who once lived in her home and their link to the Underground Railroad. Next, a Port Townsend couple uncovers the history of their 1890s Victorian by finding several ceiling murals. Then, built in the same decade as the covered bridges that made Madison County famous, a couple are now restoring the beautiful former home of one of the county's pioneer families.

17 :02x04 - A Bell Connection

First aired: Dec/16/2003

First, a couple in Chicago's Mormon Park neighborhood restores their home and finds a secret storage area full of artifacts from the first owner, who was a well-known area doctor. They also discover his connection to Alexander Graham Bell. Next, an attic gives a Mississippi man many clues to the history of his house and the Hampton family, who lived there for nearly a century. Then, a couple digs up the heritage of their home, when a bottle collector asks to mine their backyard. The buttons, bottles and buildings uncovered tell quite a story about the house and its earlier owners.

18 :02x05 - Cadillac Fanatics

First aired: Dec/17/2003

First, a Los Angeles man does an exhaustive home-history study and discovers that a previous owner shared the current owner's passion for Cadillacs. Suddenly, many little items found in the house start to make sense. Then, an Austin, Texas, woman is drawn to an unusual stone house built on a hill. She discovers that the previous owner was a flamboyant opera singer. Next, in small-town Iowa, two women help each other restore their respective homes and learn their homes' histories in the process.

19 :02x06 - Flowershop House

First aired: Dec/18/2003

First, a Philadelphia couple knows that their early 20th-century house was built by a once-famous architect, but when they discover a box full of the architect's mementos in the attic, they learn more than they ever planned about their house and local history. Next, a young Chicago family restores an 1890s two-flat and discovers its link to several generations of Chicago's immigrant culture, including a local doctor. Then, an unusual story develops when a Seattle couple is featured. They have built a very modern house on the history and actual foundation of a popular former flower shop. They uncover relics from the flower shop and learn what its role in their neighborhood was.

20 :02x07 - Three Threes House

First aired: Dec/19/2003

First, a newspaper reporter who covers the state capitol discovers that many old artifacts from the capitol are now in his home. Next, The Three Threes used to be a popular Italian restaurant in Philadelphia, but now it's home to Bill McMullin. We meet the man restoring the old eatery, who finds old bills and records, and we learn about the restaurant's place in history. Then, a couple restores their home and gets to know far more about the home builders than they ever thought they would.

21 :02x08 - Holliday Haven

First aired: Dec/22/2003

First, we learn about the house in which George Pullman, the man who invented the sleeper train car, lived. Next, in northeast Mississippi, a woman finds an 1880s wedding dress and through this, she uncovers the history of the family who used to live in the house. Then, the owner of a suburban Philadelphia home wondered why her home was filled with marble accents, but she didn't think much of it until she started investigating.

22 :02x09 - Plantation No. 9

First aired: Dec/23/2003

First, the owners of a house in Long Beach, Calif., find many things left behind by Minnie, the previous owner. Next, a woman in Iowa restores a Victorian home and discovers several items left behind by the previous owners. Then, before they were married, this Florida couple remembers dreaming about one day owning a big house on a hill. They got their wish, and we find out what they have learned about the eccentric man who built this house.

23 :02x10 - Hunt-Phelan House

First aired: Dec/24/2003

First, the Hunt-Phelan House on Beale Street is featured. It's well-known in Memphis for its amazing history. Bill Day inherited the home, and he shows off boxes and boxes of family memorabilia that has been stored in the house for more than 100 years. Next, a Texas man takes seven years to restore his Victorian home and learns that the property was once owned by a family of furniture makers. Then, in Newnan, Ga., a woman learns that her house was once owned by distant relatives. A visit to the house reveals clues that the relatives left behind.

24 :02x11 - Bomb Shelter House

First aired: Dec/25/2003

First, suspicions about an older house prove correct when a Texas couple find the original log-cabin structure under the more modern facade. Artifacts found in and around the home date back to the Republic of Texas Army. Next, a Louisiana couple is proud to say that they have the only bomb shelter on the block. They find out who built it and why. Then, four beautiful frescoes adorn the ceiling above the spiral staircase in this Port Townsend home. The current owners discover the seasonal mystery behind those frescoes.

25 :02x12 - African-American University House

First aired: Dec/29/2003

First, we visit an Orlando man, who learns that his home was built by a wealthy citrus farm owner when a box full of bank records falls from the ceiling. Next, a rundown home in Washington, D.C. reveals its connection with an African-American university. Then, a Southern woman returns to the South and buys the house of her dreams. She later learns that the house played a role in the Civil War.

26 :02x13 - Elvis House

First aired: Dec/30/2003

First, a Memphis couple is restoring the house in which Elvis lived before he moved to Graceland. Next, a woman in Missouri learns the history of her home and town from a vast collection of items that were left behind by her father-in-law. Then, a man in Georgia learns that his old home has ties to his own ancestors.

27 :03x01 - The Degas House

First aired: Nov/21/2003

First, a man in New Orleans is preserving his home, which was once lived in by the famous French impressionist, Edgar Degas. Next, a couple in Pasadena, Calif., learns about their home's architectural link to a pair of the state's well-known architects. Then, an Iowa couple finds tremendous reward in restoring their Victorian home and learning about its previous owners.

28 :03x02 - Sam Houston House

First aired: Nov/24/2003

First, a Texas family learns that their home was built by Nettie Houston Bringhurst, daughter of Texas historic figure, Sam Houston. Next, we visit Covington, Georgia, where a homeowner steeped in Civil War history tells about the links her antebellum home has to the war. Then, in Annapolis, Maryland, a couple traces their 1760s home to four generations of Howards. Now the home stands in the midst of a modern condominium complex.

29 :03x03 - Clauser's Bed & Breakfast

First aired: Nov/25/2003

First, we visit Lake Helen, Florida, where a woman learns that her property and home have ties to a spiritualist community that was once known as Cassadaga. Next, a Los Angeles homeowner finds a humidor and a few other connections to a famous past owner--Groucho Marx. Then, a woman in Ottawa, Kansas, finds a guest register in the ceiling from an 1895 wedding. She proceeds to go on a search to unravel the mystery of the wedding.

30 :03x04 - Protection, Chapel, Family

First aired: Nov/26/2003

First up is a story about a woman in New Orleans, who rescues an 1850s building from severe decay and restores it as a beautiful residence. Next, a man outside Atlanta works to save a modest home that was originally built as a chapel. Then, a couple in Rhode Island go on a huge genealogy search of their 1730s home and discover that they both have connections to past owners.

31 :03x05 - Sausage Factory House

First aired: Unknown

First, we visit a Colorado couple that found items ranging from a roll of toilet paper to a wall full of murals while restoring their Victorian home. Next, a woman in New York City transforms an old sausage factory into a comfortable, modern home. Then, a Mississippi couple dismantles a relative's general store from the early part of the century and builds their dream home with the lumber.

32 :03x06 - Nola Guest House

First aired: Dec/01/2003

First, an Alabama man takes on the daunting task of restoring his early 1900s home and gets a big help when he discovers the original blueprints. Next, a man in Kansas gets a huge surprise when he learns his house was a Bible school for more than 20 years. Then, in New Orleans, the Kittos restore a family home and learn of an amazing love story that unfolded inside their walls.

33 :03x07 - Castle Marne

First aired: Dec/02/2003

First, a couple gets guidance in the restoration of their 1853 plantation house from the popular captain who built it. Next, a family in Michigan discovers some colorful secrets to go along with their home's colorful past. Then, a stone castle in Denver brings joy to the couple who is restoring it down to the smallest detail.

34 :03x08 - Jonas Green House

First aired: Dec/03/2003

First, a couple in Annapolis, Maryland, restores a home that has been in the family since 1738. They find clues dating back to the original owner. Next, a Minneapolis man reluctantly restores a rundown Victorian to its original splendor. Then, an Alabama woman finds her dream home in a log cabin and learns that there is more to the house than she originally thought.

35 :03x09 - The Lanaux Mansion

First aired: Dec/04/2003

First, a woman in New Orleans pays tribute to the man who built her house when she brings a painting of him back home. Next, a Kansas City couple finds proof that a previous owner knew Washington's finest when they discover a calling card signed by John F. Kennedy. Then, a couple from Texas gets a huge payback from their Colorado home when they discover stashes of silver coins.

36 :03x10 - Civil War Reunion House

First aired: Dec/05/2003

First, a couple in Culpeper finds relics from the Civil War era and learns that their home was once a school for kindergartners. Next, a couple in Michigan discovers a variety of things in their home that help piece together the home's history. Then, Susan and Paul Campbell get curious about their home's past and find out it was originally built as a rectory.

37 :03x11 - Bonaventure Bed & Breakfast

First aired: Dec/08/2003

First, Atlanta homeowners discover a photograph and learn that in the early part of the century their house was a well-known music school for girls. Next, a New Jersey couple finds clues that married life must not have been perfect for an Italian couple who lived there. Then, a family in Denver finds a big connection between their 1890s home and Denver's Wild West days.

38 :03x12 - G.W. Nesom House B & B

First aired: Dec/09/2003

First, a New Jersey couple sails back in time when they discover a piece of a sail in their wall that once belonged to a sea captain. Next, a couple in Tickfaw, La., disagrees on the potential of their old house. When the restoration is finished, the husband realizes his wife was right all along. Then, a Minnesota couple gets a big history lesson when they make discoveries on each level of their Victorian home.

39 :03x13 - Town & Country House

First aired: Dec/10/2003

First, two descendants of the Sands family sort through more than 230 years worth of family history that was left in their Annapolis, Maryland home. Next, a couple in Marshall, Michigan, discovers that the third story of their building was a popular opera house in the late 19th century. Then, a New York state couple re-creates a tower that originally stood on their home. They also learn that the builder of the house was the town supervisor as well as the owner of a cheese factory.

40 :03x14 - Kirkwood Mansion

First aired: Unknown

First, a New Jersey couple uncovers a skinny beam in their living room that leads them to learn that their home was once a tavern. Next, a family in Minnesota discovers a box of old documents that reveal secrets about the home's original owner. Then, a woman in Eutaw, Alabama, gets a lesson on what daily life was like for a family who lived in her home when she discovers trunks full of personal belongings.

41 :03x15 - Samuels, Legends, Parts

First aired: Unknown

First, a woman in Kennebunkport, Maine, discovers her home's ties with the town's seafaring past. Next, a mother and son reveal amazing paintings of a Native American tribe and try to find out the connection with a previous owner. Then, a couple in Denver finds their dream home and discovers it is made from many parts.

42 :03x16 - Victorian, Hammer, Spirits

First aired: Unknown

First, after 19 years, this California couple is still discovering the real identity of their home when they find original rooms, ceilings and walls that had once been concealed. Next, a Rhode Island man finds a trail of clues to his home's history that begins with the discovery of an old hammer. Then, a young woman in Colorado gets acquainted with living descendants of the family who lived in her home and learns valuable information about its past.

43 :03x17 - True, Silent, Calls

First aired: Unknown

First, a couple in Portland, Maine, restores a Victorian house and discovers many clues to the woman who lived there her entire life. Next, an Oregon couple turns an old building into their home and discovers remnants from its past, including pieces from the old silent movie theater. Then, a Wisconsin couple has a passion for history and for restoration, making them the perfect match for their 1860s home.

44 :03x18 - Hunting, Sparrow, Assault

First aired: Unknown

First, Eleanora Rezek discover their 18th-century home was once a playground for the rich known as The Jacob Hill Hunt Club. Next, a couple in Portland beautifully restore a rundown Victorian and discover a history linked to the prominent family who once lived there. Then, a woman in St. Joseph, Michigan, finds her dream home and makes discoveries dating back to the days of the horse-drawn carriage.

45 :03x19 - Yellow, Ancient, Goodkind

First aired: Unknown

First, we visit Eden Prairie, Minnesota, where a couple proudly restores their old home that's stuck in the middle of a modem neighborhood. Next, an upstate New York couple discovers fossils in their basement that date back 400 million years. Then, a couple moves to Helena, Montana, and is pleased when they learn that their 1905 home was built by a well-known senator.

46 :03x20 - Mapping, Secret, Doctor

First aired: Unknown

First, a couple in upstate New York restores an old farmhouse and discovers several old maps that are stuck to the original plaster. Next, a family in Montana discovers a hidden staircase that leads them on a historical journey through their home's past. Then, two friends restores a Federal-style home in Maine and find links to the Civil War and a Harvard botanist.

47 :03x21 - Leasing, Union, Digging

First aired: Unknown

First, a Minnesota woman holds a long-term lease on the house of her dreams and traces its history back to the Klein family. Next, a couple in Montana uncovers historic graffiti that links their home and town to the Civil War. Then, a Wisconsin man digs deep to restore his 1867 stone house and finds clues to its German builders.

48 :03x22 - Hygeia, Detective, Bun

First aired: Unknown

First, a couple moves to Block Island, Rhode Island, to restore a rundown hotel and make it their home and a bed and breakfast. Next, an experienced architect and his wife analyze the structure of their home to trace its history. Then, a Denver family restores an historic fire station and along the way becomes big fans of the fire services.

49 :03x23 - Silk, Pictures, Homework

First aired: Unknown

First, a couple in Vancouver, Washington, restores a 1903 Victorian and finds ties to a prominent Filipino American. Next, a homeowner in Hawaii shows off an amazing 30,000-square-foot home and talks about the family who built it. Then, a Denver couple gets to know a previous owner and his family when they discover old checks, documents and a child's drawings.

50 :03x24 - Politics, Lumber, Gilbert

First aired: Unknown

First, a couple in New York discovers their home's connection to a well-known politician named Theodore Pomeroy. Next, a Denver couple restores a city landmark built by the man known as the Lumber Baron. Then, a Maine woman finds a connection between some strange gadgets in her home and the inventor who once lived there.

51 :03x25 - Dairy, Brew, Music

First aired: Unknown

First, a couple in upstate New York fixes up an old dairy and gets the chance to meet descendants of the family who once owned it. Next, two Montana men discover that their home is the only remaining building from the historic Silver Bow Brewery. Next, an Oregon couple restores an 1890 Victorian and helps revive its musical past.

52 :03x26 - Schilling, Coral, Bluebird

First aired: Unknown

First, a couple in New Hampshire does amazing restoration on their 1700s house and makes incredible historic discoveries in the walls. Next, a woman on the island of Oahu lives in a house made of coral and traces its history to Charles E. King, a famous Hawaiian composer. Then, in a remote Colorado town, a couple learns their home used to be a popular getaway for vacationing single women.

53 :04x01 - Crockett House

First aired: Jul/01/2004

First, a Texas couple restores stone house built in 1870 and discovers a powder horn that connects their property to Texas hero Davy Crockett. Next, a woman in San Diego finds a laboratory in her 1910 craftsman-style house that is full of artifacts from the previous owner, who studied rattlesnakes and other reptiles. Then, a Savannah, Ga., couple, restores an 1860s house and brings back its lavish past.

54 :04x02 - Cape Charles House

First aired: Jul/02/2004

First, a St. Louis couple discovers the blueprints to their opulent 1908 home and traces its history back to the man who invented the gas-stove regulator. Next, a couple on a romantic weekend getaway winds up buying a 1912 Colonial Revival in Cape Charles, Va., and they discover a collection of family secrets stuffed behind the mantel. Finally, a woman buys a rundown 1920s craftsman-style home and discovers hidden clues about its former beauty and history as a lakeside resort.

55 :04x03 - 1920s Savannah House

First aired: Jul/05/2004

First, a pair of Savannah, Ga., homeowners gets quite a surprise when they discover hundreds of items that were left behind by previous owners in a hidden attic room in their 1920s house. Next, a man is able to date his Salt Lake City, Utah, home to 1877, when he discovers that the roof was built from recycled circus billboards. Finally, a Dover, Del., woman inherits her childhood home and continues to uncover pieces of the past inside the 1750s house.

56 :04x04 - Adobe House

First aired: Jul/06/2004

First, an Arizona family restores an 1893 adobe house and digs up amazing clues in the backyard that connect them to the Mexican immigrant who built the house. Next, a Conway, Ark., couple finds out the town's phone company was run out of their house then they uncover the mystery behind a strange black box. Then, a family in Yorktown, Va., restores a 1920s home and finds a connection to the Second World War when they investigate a claw-foot bathtub that was found in the attic.

57 :04x05 - Queen Anne Home

First aired: Jul/07/2004

First, an 1890s Victorian gets a lift when California homeowners discover and restore many of its original details. Next, a Florida couple revives a unique and colorful home in the Chinese-village area of Coral Gables. Then, a Benson, Ariz., couple lovingly restores an old Queen Anne by the tracks and uncovers its connection to the railroad.

58 :04x06 - Portsmouth Victorian

First aired: Unknown

The first of three stories features a Portsmouth, Va., man who rescues a 1901 Victorian house and discovers a coin that connects his home to the area's nautical past. Then a St. Louis, Mo., couple restores an 1876 house and finds an elaborate cave system in the backyard. Finally, a Savannah, Ga., artist puts the color back in her 1890s duplex when she uncovers bits of history--from metal objects to 1920s light fixtures.

59 :04x07 - Wildwood 1884

First aired: Jul/09/2004

A Hot Springs, Ark., couple buys an 1884 Queen Anne and walks in on a well-preserved past. Then a Dallas, man fixes up a house with unusual concrete details that have always intrigued him. He traces the eclectic look to the home's builder. Finally, a San Diego, Calif., couple is working to restore their 1905 Craftsman and discovers historic clues about the previous owners and the neighborhood.

60 :04x08 - Second-Empire House

First aired: Jul/12/2004

First, a St. Louis, Mo., family restores a French Second-Empire home to reveal historical carvings in the mantels that provide connections to a prominent jeweler who once lived there. Next, a Petersburg, Va., couple digs up amazing Civil War memorabilia when they explore the primitive corners of the basement in their 18th-century home. Then, a Mississippi couple traces their home's unusual architecture to the well-known inventor who built it.

61 :04x09 - 1878 Victorian Adobe

First aired: Jul/13/2004

An Arizona homeowner restores an 1878 Victorian adobe house and discovers beautiful murals and a hidden room with a tie to the wild-frontier days. Then in Miami, a homeowner gets introduced to his home's history when he uncovers scrapbooks full of one family's memories. Finally, a Dallas couple recreates the past in their 1910 home when they host an anniversary celebration for the family who once lived there.

62 :04x10 - 1923 Hot Springs Home

First aired: Jul/14/2004

A couple in Hot Springs, Ark., brings out the character of their 1923 home and discovers the history of a popular poet who once lived there. Then, an 1880s home in Coronado, Calif., gets an elegant makeover and the owners find clues in the walls that connect to the first and second owners of the home. Finally, a Miami man gets original furnishings and other belongings with the purchase of his 1926 home and sorts out a connection between the original owner and his Miami Shores neighborhood.

63 :04x11 - 1900s Mission Revival

First aired: Jul/15/2004

A couple who are also Dallas police officers restore a 1914 home and discover that they aren't the first law-and-order residents of the home. Then, a St. Louis couple's restoration of a Federal-style mansion brings it back to a single-family dwelling after nearly 100 years and reveals several Victorian-era connections. Finally, a Tucson, Ariz.,, homeowner finds a friend in her 1900s Mission Revival and makes a personal connection when she discovers a book featuring the Gibson Girl.

64 :04x12 - San Diego Hacienda

First aired: Jul/16/2004

A Key West, Fla., homeowner rescues a 1860s classical Revival house and finds evidence of the wealthy man who built the home when he uncovers beautiful stenciling and a black walnut staircase. Then, a San Diego couple discovers that their 1930s hacienda was built by noted architect Cliff May. Finally, an 1869 firehouse in Mobile, Ala., gets a face-lift, and the homeowners rekindle a history of the Creole community that built it.

65 :04x13 - 1910 Greek Revival

First aired: Jul/19/2004

A couple in Denton, Texas, discovers why their 1926 home is built like a commercial building and tracks down a descendant of the doctor who lived there. Then, a Biloxi, Miss., home built in 1910 features unique and rare wooden details. The homeowners trace the woodwork to the lumber businessman who built the home. Finally, homeowners in Miami Shores, Fla., bring back the 1920s charm of their home when they discover and restore much of its original hardware.

66 :05x01 - 1888 Queen Anne

First aired: Dec/30/2004

A couple in Utah rescues a rundown home from the 1870s and discovers the original owners were some of the area's first settlers. Then, an Arkansas couple pieces together the past lives of their 1888 Queen Anne home. Finally, a Nebraska couple restores a home from the 1880s and finds lavish clues left behind by the home's prosperous past owners.

67 :05x02 - Old Castle

First aired: Dec/31/2004

A Virginia couple restores an early 19th-century home and uncovers a ledger that details life on the Chesapeake Bay in the 1830s. Next, a couple in St. Louis finds their dream home in a 1920s high-rise apartment building when they expose beautiful 17-foot vaulted ceilings and 12-foot windows. Finally, an Arizona homeowner brings back an 1880s home and enjoys learning about the history surrounding the three prominent families who have lived there.

68 :05x03 - 1807 House

First aired: Oct/04/2004

First, a couple in Camden, Del., restores their 1807 house and discovers it was once home and laboratory to an inventive dentist who created some of the first dental compounds. Next, some homeowners in Pittsburgh are intrigued by the mysterious diary they find in their basement. With a little detective work, they finally discover something about the author, a previous owner. Finally, Alaskan homeowners work to complete the restoration of their 1906 house and along the way uncover a history connected to a once-prominent citizen.

69 :05x04 - The Factory

First aired: Oct/05/2004

First, a Nebraska homeowner unlocks the rich architectural heritage of his beautiful 1905 home, when he learns it was built by a successful Midwest architect. Then, a Tennessee couple carves out a comfortable niche in the historic stove and bedding factory they are working to preserve. Finally, homeowners in Utah trace a strange pipe running through their basement and discover a walled-up whiskey still that helps document their home's history.

70 :05x05 - Odessa House

First aired: Oct/06/2004

First, a Delaware couple restores a 1770s house and revives its roots when they discover the original cooking fireplace and items left by the family who lived here nearly two centuries ago. Then, a couple learns their 1880s South Carolina house is steeped in history when they uncover historical evidence from the days when their property was a successful tea farm. Finally, a Tennessee homeowner unearths a key connection to the couple who built his 1909 Nashville house when he goes digging in a nearby lot.

71 :05x06 - At the White House

First aired: Oct/07/2004

First, a couple in Alaska rescues a charred 1902 home and uncovers ties to previous owners and the important role this house filled during World War II. Next, a Pittsburgh couple restores their 1880s home and reveals amazing stenciling throughout the house and learns valuable history from the woman who lived in the home for nearly 70 years. Finally, a Massachusetts woman inherits the 1891 home that's been in her family since the 1920s and discovers pieces of a family history she never knew.

72 :05x07 - McMemories

First aired: Oct/08/2004

A New Hampshire couple traces the roots of their pristine 1779 Georgian home to a Revolutionary War colonel and discovers an important piece of American history preserved in their home's attic. Then, four generations of a family shape the history of an 1840s house in Pittsburgh. Finally, a Queen Anne cottage in Nashville, Tennessee, escapes two major disasters and owner Tim Walker saves it from demolition.

73 :05x08 - 1875 Judge House

First aired: Oct/11/2004

First, a Delaware couple lovingly restores an 1820s house located in the center of a modern neighborhood. To their delight, they discover that the home has a link to one of the state's earliest politicians. Then it's on to Tennessee, where the owners of a 1907 Nashville home restore their house after they find missing pieces stashed away in the backyard barn. They also pave a historical path that leads them to the man who built their rock-solid house. Finally, a restoration architect who chose to save an 1875 house in Utah discovers the story of a judge who once lived there.

74 :05x09 - 19th-century Juneau Cabin

First aired: Oct/12/2004

A homeowner in Juneau, Alaska, restores an 1890s cabin and gains an appreciation of the once-thriving Filipino community of the city when he finds an old suitcase in the attic. Next, a Pennsylvania woman buys an 1890s home for its wonderful yard, but the house reveals a sense of history with its unique style. Finally, a Massachusetts couple works to restore a grand mansion's glory and along the way discovers that the home served as a nursing home for decades.

75 :05x10 - CARGO Portside Grill

First aired: Oct/13/2004

Nashville homeowners set their sights on the perfect Victorian home and work to preserve the memory of an eye doctor who lived in the house for his entire life. Next, a cabin in Colorado that was built as a getaway for a wealthy businessman is restored with re-creations of the fixtures that were originally fitted by a famous artist. Finally, a Georgia woman falls for a 19th-century building and gradually realizes her dream of transforming it into a business and a home.

76 :05x11 - Balcony House Bed & Breakfast

First aired: Oct/14/2004

A Nebraska couple gives up the city life to move to a small town, where they restore an "eyesore" from the 19th century, discovering along the way the home's long history of hospitality. A woman in Framingham, Massachusetts, is off to the races when she finds artifacts on her property that suggest it was once a popular horse-racing compound. Finally, an Alaska homeowner digs into the history of her 1930s home and makes a surprising connection to the Russians, who settled in the area in the early 1880s.

77 :05x12 - Former Holmes Hall for Boys

First aired: Oct/15/2004

A Pittsburgh homeowner makes great progress restoring grandeur to his 1868 mansion when missing features manage to make their way back to the house. Next, a Delaware homeowner has enjoyed living in his 18th-century home since the 1950s. During that time, clues to previous residents have been exposed and broken hinges in the basement could provide evidence that George Washington's troops once paid a visit. Finally, an 1893 Nebraska farmhouse has been in the same family since the 1930s, but descendants are now getting connected to the home's earlier roots.

78 :05x13 - Willa Cather House

First aired: Oct/18/2004

A Nebraska couple restores an 1888 house with an association to author Willa Cather. Next, homeowners in Massachusetts restore their 1787 house and discover a romantic tale carved into their home's past. Finally, an Alaska house that was built in 1882 as part of a class project is once again an educational resource when the current owners diligently reconstruct its history with artifacts they find.

79 :06x01 - Cajun Country Boarding House

First aired: Dec/13/2004

Homeowners in Louisiana's Cajun country restore a 1890s house and discover it was a boarding house for nearly 70 years. Then, Idaho homeowners discover that their home may hold clues to the disappearance of a wealthy previous owner. Finally, a Los Angeles homeowner discovers bits of Hollywood's past stashed in his 1912 bungalow.

80 :06x02 - West Virginia Bed-and-Breakfast

First aired: Dec/14/2004

Vermont homeowner John Dumville restores a house in Royalton that he has loved since his boyhood days and discovers a link to a 120-year-old legacy of a prestigious family. Then, mystery writer and homeowner Bill Flemm keeps an eye out for clues to the past in his 1883 Akron, Ohio, home. He finds hidden features and a 19th-century coin. Finally, homeowners Jane and Cleon Vosler uncover stylish 19th-century French wallpaper and an old checkbook in their West Virginia home when they restore and renovate the 1906 Fayetteville mansion into a bed-and-breakfast.

81 :06x03 - Galveston Hurricane House

First aired: Dec/15/2004

First, a couple in Texas restores an elegant 1859 Greek Revival and discover it was one of a few to survive some of Galveston's disastrous storms. Then, a Massachusetts homeowner finds a souvenir from the War of 1812 in the wall of her home. Finally, a California couple builds a house around the mosaic wall from a 1920s cottage.

82 :06x04 - Macon Family Reunion

First aired: Dec/16/2004

First, a California couple restores an 1887 house and discovers a trail of artifacts that help them get to know their home's original owners. Then, homeowners in Oklahoma find signatures from various eras that help them piece together the happy times that were spent in their 1916 house. Finally, a Georgia couple contacts a descendant of their 1873 home's original owner, who fills them in on the rich history of the family.

83 :06x05 - Abolitionist House

First aired: Dec/17/2004

First, an Ohio couple restores an 1818 house and learns that the home was built by famous abolitionist John Brown. Then, a couple in Washington state rescues an 1889 painted lady and discovers original moldings and beautifully painted ceilings. Finally, a homeowner in Connecticut discovers that his childhood home was a roaring party house during Prohibition.

84 :06x06 - Stained-Glass Connection

First aired: Dec/20/2004

First, when Gordon Barnes inherits his grandfather's 1670s Massachusetts house, he and his sister, Cynthia Herrick, get the chance to tell their amazing family history when they discover memorabilia that has been stashed away for decades. Then, a couple in Louisville, Ky., restore a 1906 house and discover a treasure trove of historic connections to the previous owners behind a mantel. Finally, in Galveston, Texas, homeowners Gina and Bob Spagnola make a connection between a beautiful stained-glass window, old wine bottles found in the yard and their home's original owner.

85 :06x07 - Prominent Past

First aired: Dec/21/2004

First, Carole and Bob Lovett make connections to their 1908 mansion's prominent past. Then, a weekend visit to Galveston, Texas, results in Karl Lewis purchasing a 1914 house that was once owned by a popular local pharmacist. Finally, long-forgotten treasures from Virginia City's mining days are discovered by Deb and Trevor Thomas when they search through piles of boxes, trunks and personal items left behind in an abandoned building that came with the purchase of their 1880s house.

86 :06x08 - Duluth Mansion

First aired: Dec/22/2004

First, a Minnesota couple discovers that their Duluth mansion once belonged to an employee of John D. Rockefeller and later served as a music school. Next, a couple in West Virginia restores their dream house and learns it was once home to a distant relative. Finally, a Cleveland couple is able to restore their home's original floor plan, thanks to some architectural discoveries.

87 :06x09 - 1880s Victorian

First aired: Dec/23/2004

First, homeowners Jackie and John Frank come up with a clever way to preserve "slices" from the past that they discover while restoring their 1880s house. Next, Genene and Richard Colbert restore a rundown house and find a Valentine card and Charles Dickens novel that help them get in touch with their home's historic roots. Finally, Barbara Lambert preserves a 17th-century log home that belonged to the Riggs family for more than 300 years.

88 :06x10 - Louisiana Farmhouse

First aired: Dec/24/2004

First, Jeanne and Louis Cornay discover signs that their 1830s farmhouse in the Louisiana countryside was once the site of a Civil War battle. Then, a Nevada homeowner shares loving memories of his late wife and the historical connections they discovered while restoring their 1860s Victorian. Finally, Terry and Howard McDaniel discuss their attraction to the unique features of their 1911 Oklahoma house.

89 :06x11 - West Virginia Mansion

First aired: Dec/27/2004

First, a couple in West Virginia restore a 1904 stone mansion and discover that a successful businessman built it as his retirement home. Then, a woman goes looking for the library cases and fire surround that were missing from her 1888 Connecticut house and finds the items in the house next door. Finally, a couple in Vermont finds a trail of clues that lead back to the original owner of their home.

90 :06x12 - California Cottage

First aired: Dec/28/2004

First, a Winchester rifle and other odd clues help a California couple make a connection to the previous owners of their 1928 cottage. Then, a Texas homeowner discovers the relationship of his Queen Anne to Houston's first planned community. Finally, a couple discovers they made the right decision in preserving their 19th-century farmhouse when visitors reveal that the old house has strong religious ties to the area.

91 :06x13 - Creole Family Heritage

First aired: Dec/29/2004

First, a Louisiana man hopes to revive a Creole family heritage when he inherits his aunt's 19th-century house. Then, a Georgia couple finds they are up to the huge task of restoring their 1879 mansion. Finally, a Nevada homeowner discovers that her home was once owned by one of the previous governors of the state.

92 :07x01 - Connecticut Captain's Inn

First aired: Nov/24/2004

First, a couple in Minnesota restores a 1908 mansion that was built by a famed attorney. Then, Connecticut homeowners discover the seafaring history of their 246-year-old house. Finally, after they restore their 1908 house, a couple in Spokane, Wash., is visited by previous owners.

93 :07x02 - New Hampshire Stagecoach

First aired: Nov/25/2004

First, homeowners are delighted when they discover that a restored stagecoach in a local museum was once owned by the same man who lived in their 19th-century New Hampshire home. Next, a Kentucky homeowner finds out his 1866 home was once headquarters for a tobacco company. Finally, a homeowner finds several clues left behind by three girls who lived in his San Francisco home in the early 1900s.

94 :07x03 - Pony Express Trail

First aired: Aug/10/2004

First, a couple discovers something of their Beverly Hills home's history when the daughter of the original owner returns some items. Then, a Georgia homeowner gets to know the history of her 1886 Victorian. Finally, the owner of a California home discovers that a trail winding through his property might once have been used by the Pony Express.

95 :07x04 - Austrian Murals

First aired: Nov/29/2004

First, Bea and Roland Almgren discover the name of the man who built their 1905 house when they research Austrian murals painted throughout the home. Then, Ruth Keyes saves a 1740s structure from destruction, reviving an important piece of Colonial history and rekindling a 200-year-old family legacy. Finally, homeowners Sheryl Martinson and Jim Lammers take on the daunting task of restoring a 1909 farmhouse and trace its roots back to a hardworking mother and daughter who once operated the farm.

96 :07x05 - High-Society Attic

First aired: Nov/30/2004

First, a South Dakota homeowner spends most of her time in the basement of her 1883 home, making friends with the past. Then, an Oakland, Calif., homeowner gets help from a family photograph and Victorian-era artifacts to paint a picture of his 1887 Queen Anne home. Finally, a Frankfort, Ken., couple sifts through trunks full of memorabilia that was left behind in the attic of their 1908 house by the high society family who once lived there.

97 :07x06 - Bad Book

First aired: Dec/01/2004

First, an Oakland, Calif., homeowner restores an elegant 1907 mansion that was built by Charles Bates Jr., a famous past resident. Then, an Oklahoma couple brings back a 1910 Craftsman that has ties to a prominent landmark. Finally, a Nevada couple builds a modern house on land that has historic ties to an original railroad and a popular Nevada getaway.

98 :07x07 - Alhambra

First aired: Dec/02/2004

First, homeowners Becky Zuti and Tony Decello restore an eclectic 1910 house in Cleveland, Ohio, and discover unique features throughout the house that were likely invented by the home's original builder. Then, California couple Joan and Dick De Brine fulfill a longtime dream when they retire to Charlestown, N.H., and restore an 18th-century house full of historical finds that date back to the regions early settlers. Finally, in Stillwater, Minn., the home of Judi and Marty Nora is best described as Middle East meets Midwest. The extravagant home was built as an expensive playhouse and appears to be modeled after the Alhambra in Spain.

99 :07x08 - South Dakota Queen Anne

First aired: Dec/03/2004

First, evidence of a high school romance surfaces when Marty Kohler brings back an 1811 house in Lebanon, Ohio. Then, in Houston, Texas, a retired teacher named Jerry Harper gets to know his 1890s house inside and out. Brick walkways and treasures in the attic bring him closer to the Falk family who once lived here. Finally, Lorah and Rich Jankord put the elegance back in their South Dakota Queen Anne with the help of original blueprints and building contracts.

100 :07x09 - 1865 Georgia Farmhouse

First aired: Dec/06/2004

First, Georgia homeowners Delise and Paul Knight form a long-lasting friendship with descendants of the former owners. Then, Lydia and Joe Cash buy into a long-term restoration project. When they learn about the well-to-do family who built the house, they decide that the hard work was well worth it. Finally, Scott Winter moves to Ponca City, Okla., and buys his grandfather's house in order to find out more about the man he never knew.

101 :07x10 - Dairy Farm House

First aired: Dec/07/2004

First, Susan and Peter Palmer expose historic connections in their 1786 Vermont house when they find a stash of old shoes and a rare stoneware jug. Next, the story of a strong pioneer woman unfolds when Jeannie Kant and Keith Relyea find a stash of papers and receipts in the attic of their 1885 Wisconsin house. Then, in Couer d'Alene, Idaho, Connie and Robert Singletary hit pay dirt when they dig up an early 1900s trash pit and discover their 1903 home's original staircase in the carriage house.

102 :07x11 - Easton Castle

First aired: Dec/08/2004

First, a Massachusetts homeowner picks up where his parents left off when he inherits their 1815 house and discovers additional information about its past. Next, a Kentucky couple restore opulent features to their 1878 Italianate home. Finally, a South Dakota family of discovers who bricked over their 1888 Victorian to give it a castle-like appearance.

103 :07x12 - The Little House

First aired: Dec/09/2004

First, a 1926 home's past is retold when the homeowners learn the family history through colorful murals that were painted in the 1940s. Next, a Louisiana couple finds evidence of pre-Civil War history in their 1800s house. Finally, a California couple calls their 1922 bungalow The Little House and discover that their little house comes with a big history.

104 :07x13 - The Raven

First aired: Dec/10/2004

A New Hampshire couple gets answers about several medicine bottles and a photo they found that reveals a detailed inventory of that family's belongings. Next, an Ohio homeowner gets help restoring her 1892 home from her four sons. Finally, a West Virginia couple owns an 1832 mansion that is rumored to be the place Edgar Allen Poe wrote The Raven. Despite much research, the couple still has not been able to confirm those rumors.

105 :08x01 - Famous Fliers

First aired: Oct/19/2004

First, Sue and Phil Dodds discover the great heights of the historic ties in his family when they move into the Dodds family home. Then, an Iowa couple finds forgotten treasures that are music to their ears. Finally, father and son Fred and Doug Black restore a 1942 caboose and get in touch with the rail car's tie to the town and its history.

106 :08x02 - Wild West

First aired: Oct/20/2004

First, the Wild West comes to life when Ed Ostertag inherits an 1872 adobe in New Mexico. Then, in Raymond, Miss., Shirlee and Earl Lawson find that their 1836 dream home has ties to both the Civil War and a prominent Civil War-era photographer. Finally, Kristin and Rob Grosh restore a 1780s farmhouse in rural Maryland and uncover the home's history, as well as its long-forgotten stenciling.

107 :08x03 - Pathway to History

First aired: Oct/21/2004

First, Grace and Karl Sands discover that their 1855 Victorian in Victoria, British Columbia, was once owned by a prominent local politician turned journalist. Then, in Pennsylvania, Wanda and Mike Negra learn that their 1786 Federal-style home has military roots. Lastly, after finding personal family items in her 1904 Craftsman-style home in Boise, Denise Clark seeks out the descendants of the home's former owner.

108 :08x04 - A Nautical History

First aired: Oct/22/2004

First, Mike Trautman discovers the shipbuilding history of his 1915 Florida house. Then, in Perryville, Ken., June and Ken Harmon find out that their 1830s Colonial Revival once served as a hospital after an important Civil War battle. Lastly, Janet and Andrew Hart learn about the deep history of their 1883 Victorian, with the help of the previous resident and current neighbor, Edith Holmes.

109 :08x05 - Unintended Time Capsule

First aired: Oct/25/2004

First, Beverly and Toby Kissam inherit a 1901 home in Long Island that was owned by Toby's family and get a crash course in Kissam family history. Then, in Norwalk, Ohio, Sandy and Tom Hall buy an 1874 Second Empire house and build up a collection of artifacts by tearing down a kitchen wall. Finally, Lori and Mike Jarvis work hard to restore an 1840s stone house in Franklin, Iowa, and have their hard work pay off with the discovery of beautiful hidden artwork.

110 :08x06 - Florida Fixer-Upper

First aired: Oct/26/2004

First, homeowners Chyrl and Lewis Grubbs discover that a princess once stayed in their 1912 Colonial Revival. Then, Joyce and Jon Karr continue construction on their home that was started 40 years earlier by an eccentric Army Captain. Finally, discoveries during the extensive 15-year renovation of Tammie and Ron Warren's Fernandina, Fla., home allow them to better understand the original owners and the three generations of that family.

111 :08x07 - Railroad Ties

First aired: Oct/27/2004

First, Benita and Alan Giltzow renovate a 1904 Queen Anne and discover that it has a place in the political history books. Then, Donna and Rick Chambers restore an 1820 Federal-style home and make discoveries that rewrite history. Finally, Carol Stone and Fred Hartmann buy an 1883 Victorian in Stony Brook, N.Y., where Hartmann's metal-detecting hobby uncovers keys to the home's history.

112 :08x08 - Former Sugar Plantation

First aired: Oct/28/2004

First, Sandy and Jim Beall have become amateur archaeologists, as they excavate beneath the kitchen in their 1818 Georgian-style house in rural Maryland. Then, a 1908 Prairie-style home connects the owners, Denise and Dwayne Thomas, to the prominent Jacksonville, Fla. architect and original owner, Henry John Klutho. Finally, in Thibodaux, Louisiana, Richard Bourgeois restores an abandoned Greek Revival set on an old sugar plantation, where he learns of the previous owner's recipe for soda pop and the house's Civil War ties.

113 :08x09 - Long Island Farmhouse

First aired: Oct/29/2004

First, Prudence and Dan Heston inherit a 1798 Long Island farmhouse and pick up where Prudence's parents left off in the restoration. Then, Rock Island, Ill., Carla and Dave Deacon decipher the German tale of an immigrant family in their 1880s Queen Anne home. Finally, Lori and Steve Valachovic buy a Spanish Villa and make some breakthrough discoveries about the home's prominent builders.

114 :08x10 - 1869 Baroque Revival

First aired: Nov/01/2004

First, children have a way of uncovering the unexpected, and in Denver, Colorado, the 1908 Beaux Arts-style house of Annette Tillemann-Dick and Timber Dick offer rich hunting grounds for the family, who find everything from "eyeballs" to beautiful rings. Then, Ron Lenz wasn't looking for buried treasure when he bought his 1869 Baroque Revival-style home, but that's just what he found. Finally, Sarah Jane Fusinetti fulfilled a childhood dream by purchasing an 1858 Victorian, where she discovered links to the large family who once called the place home.

115 :08x11 - Railroad Ties

First aired: Nov/02/2004

First, Tucker Cooke discovers the partying past of his 1915 Asheville, N.C. home. Then, when Dan Coots and Jamie Mullen move into their 1891 Victorian in northern Kentucky, they find out about the homes many ties to the railroad. Finally, a brickyard becomes a home to Frankie and Roger McMillin, and the couple finds a trap door leading to a cellar that some speculate hid Confederate soldiers.

116 :08x12 - Historical Influences

First aired: Nov/03/2004

First, Marie and Terry Hegglin learn that their 1790 Pennsylvania home is rich with Colonial history and was once an inn and tavern. Then, Jean Deighan and Glen Porter discover that their 1833 Greek Revival home is really two homes in one. Finally, Barbara and Dennis Hodgson live in a 1917 Colonial Revival with a "sound" secret from the original owner, a three-time presidential candidate.

117 :08x13 - 1893 Queen Anne

First aired: Nov/04/2004

First, Carol and John Ford fulfill a longtime dream by buying and restoring an historic home, only to find that it has many exciting secrets to tell. Then, Jerri Smitko falls in love with a 1906 Eastlake home and finds her that her Southern belle is packed full of national history. Then, always an admirer of the 1893 Queen Anne bungalow she now owns, Pamela Madoff leads us along the 100-year-long history of a family who occupied the house before her.

118 :09x01 - World's Fair Stash

First aired: Nov/05/2004

First, the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair leaves Joy and Ronald Christensen with a stash of mementos in their 1896 Colonial Revival mansion. Then, Chris and Ted Sprague discover that their Manchester Center Vermont house has been home to the close friend of a president's son, a home for underprivileged boys, and even has ties to a Revolutionary War hero. Finally, when Karen Beiser buys a 100-year-old warehouse in Davenport, Iowa, she not only makes her childhood dream of living in a loft come true, but she also makes some fun discoveries along the way.

119 :09x02 - Coffee Mill Connection

First aired: Nov/08/2004

First, Susanne and Henry Capro are surprised to discover evidence that that they are not the first couple to make a home in their 19th-century gristmill. Next, Martha and Jeffrey Dismer discover that their 1898 Rock Island, Ill. home once belonged to a flamboyant starstruck couple. Finally, Kathy and Greg Prince get a jolt from the discovery of ties to an old coffee mill, as they restore their 1902 house in Snohomish, Wash.

120 :09x03 - Romantic Rancher

First aired: Nov/09/2004

First, Jean and Allen Porter find out the history of their 1852 home's ranching past, as they remodel. The house has been in Allen's family for more than a century. Next, in El Paso, Texas, Heather Cawley and Doug Yost bring back to life a 1905 Victorian with help from the previous owners. Finally, Brenda and Charles Davis adopt the bittersweet history of their 1878 Raymond, Miss., home and the orphan daughter of its original owners.

121 :09x04 - Picture-Perfect Farmhouse

First aired: Nov/10/2004

First, in Blue Hill, Maine, Marcia and James Schatz find a picture-perfect 1905 farmhouse with back-to-basics appeal as attractive now as it was a century ago. Next, the 1873 Victorian home of Catherine Lawrence and Eric Papenfuse almost had railroad tracks running through it rather than near it, but the story of its survival is a tribute to a matriarch's strong will. Finally, though it was rumored to be a proverbial money pit, that didn't stop Deborah and Robert Tucker from buying a 1909 Colonial Revival house that ends up providing them a wealth of history.

122 :09x05 - Time-Capsule Victorian

First aired: Nov/11/2004

First, Susan and Barry Cordell save an 1884 Victorian from the wrecking ball and discover a time capsule left in the walls. Then, in Long Island, N.Y., Marie and Lee Beninati buy a 1860s Victorian and begin to piece together its patented history and boarding house roots. Finally, Betty Fisher waited 29 years to buy her in-laws' 1910 Eagle Idaho farmhouse, then discovered the history attached to it was even more precious than the house she loves.

123 :09x06 - Union Army Connection

First aired: Nov/12/2004

First, a couple of veterans in old-house restoration buy an 1836 Greek Revival home that has surprising discoveries hidden in tons of trash. Next, Staci and Darius Sheik find out that their post-and-beam house is the oldest in the area, thanks to clues carried within the house itself. Finally, even a family home can hold surprises, as Martha and Ken Gebhardt discover when they move into the Victorian cottage where Martha grew up.

124 :09x07 - Trail of a Physician

First aired: Nov/15/2004

First, Lark and Michael McCarley move into a house built in 1882 in Lancaster, Penn., with a reputation for healing properties. Then, Terrie and Samuel Davis discover to have a well-read past when they restore an 1890s Victorian house in Hailey, Idaho. Finally, Peggy and Virgil Tichenor find that their 1905 Victorian house has a history of sheltering large families.

125 :09x08 - Civil War Past

First aired: Nov/16/2004

First, an Asheville, N.C., man rescues an 1890 Queen Anne and finds that the painter who lived there before him left a bevy of art and stories behind. Then, Betty and John Lang find a window to a young girl's life in their 1918 Italian Renaissance Revival home. Finally, Kay and Jerry McWilliams restore an 1834 Greek Revival home and uncover the history of the home and the family who built it.

126 :09x09 - Postmaster Past

First aired: Nov/17/2004

First, Annetta and Bill Ward search an estate sale for trunks and end up buying the 1899 Kenton, Ohio, house instead. Then, Susan L. Bishop inherits her family homestead and finds that the house is a window to the past. Finally, journalists Angela Muhs Sharp and Robert Sharp start an investigation into their 1885 Eastlake home's history.

127 :09x10 - Family Farmstead

First aired: Nov/18/2004

First, moving back onto the family farmstead, Ann and Bob Betteridge discover that there's always more to learn when dealing with history. Next, most people would have given up after their restoration project goes up in smoke, but Pat Monhollon and John Shaw are determined to rescue their early 1900s carriage house after a fire devastates the property. Finally, fresh from restoring one historic house, Hal Austin and David Abernathy take on another when they purchase a 1914 arts-and-crafts home in Asheville, N.C., that was built by a surprising pair of sisters.

128 :09x11 - Wrecking-Ball Save

First aired: Nov/19/2004

First, built in 1909 by a master craftsman, a Rock Island, Ill., home proves that recycling is not a modern innovation. Then, it looks like a shipwreck to their relatives, but Andrea and Douglas Madaio work hard to ensure that their 1820s house sails again in New York's Hamptons. Finally, the wrecking ball is ready to demolish an 1890s Victorian in St. Augustine, Fla., but Courtney Terrell rescues the ugly duckling and transforms it back into a swan

129 :09x12 - Safe Finds

First aired: Nov/22/2004

First, Carol Allen restores an 1891 mansion that initially looks like a haunted house, but the wealth of discoveries awaiting her are anything but horrifying. Then, Mary Ann and Noel Crowson find a cannonball embedded in a wall of their Danville, Mo., home. Finally, Lorraine and Terry Schmidt find a variety of valuable things in the safe of their 1903 Colonial Revival house

130 :09x13 - Love Connection

First aired: Nov/23/2004

First, Becky and Steve Ostrem make their home in a 1918 farmhouse in Snohomish, Wash., where they discover a love story that travels across time. Then, a former funeral home is not most people's ideal home, but Kathleen and Mike Wurth chose exactly that when they bought their 1913 home in Belleville, Ohio. Finally, Beverly and Ray Compton live in an 1880 Victorian house, where they find that the second floor of the home is a time capsule waiting to be opened.

131 :10x01 - From Hardware Store to Home

First aired: Oct/10/2004

First, Charlotte and Robert White are welcomed into a family of motorists with high-gear history when they purchase their 1927 Italianate mansion. Next, it's a work of iron for Laquita and Francis Amos in their 1779 Greek Revival as they learn the legalities behind their ordinary, but revolutionary homestead. Then, a handyman's fantasy comes true for Fay and Jim Cummings, as they convert their 1904 hardware store into their home.

132 :10x02 - Passage Through Time

First aired: Oct/17/2004

First, Jonathan Powers uncovers a mysterious and possible murderous political link in his 1903 Colonial Revival home. Next, Pascale Baillargeon's 18th-century Georgian manor house is a passage through time. Then, Betsy and Al McKee walk in the footsteps of time of their 1801 Federal home's former owner.

133 :10x03 - Tavern Traditions

First aired: Oct/24/2004

First, peeling away the layers of history, Gary Sanderson taps into the core of his Massachusetts home's history and reveals its tavern traditions. Next, love is on the way for Nancy and Tim Arbaugh, as the couple reveals the happy ending to a mysterious romance in a stack of wartime letters. Then, Bonnie Drake and Will Jacobson learn that their Victorian doesn't have a Nutcracker connection--a woman named Clara and her unconventional ways.

134 :10x04 - Home is Where the Art is

First aired: Oct/31/2004

First, Rhonda and Mike Shires find out that home is where the art is in their 1916 Chicago arts-and-crafts home studio. Next, it's a golden match made in heaven for Diane and Pete Cuming and their 1903 Victorian home. Then, swinging from the rafters will never be the same for John Schmuecker after a surprising discovery is made in his 1760 Colonial farmhouse.

135 :10x05 - Landmark Discoveries

First aired: Nov/07/2004

First, Caroline and Bill Hatcher uncover a landmark discovery in their 1810 Federal house that links it to an intellectual Southern past. Next, timeless fashion is brought to Gail and Greg Beil's Queen Anne home in eastern Texas after the couple shops around to find the value of the home's history adding up. Then, the bugs are worked out of the equation for Karen and Robert Bazos in their 1911 home as they collect enough clues to round out the lives of the original owners and the architect's seamless style.

136 :10x06 - 1886 Romanesque Castle

First aired: Nov/14/2004

Intoxicated with the past, homeowners Jon Gerster and Christopher Nixon follow the bottlecap road to the brewery next door to their 1897 Victorian home. Next, Kathleen Schnier and Paul Schumann tune into the inventiveness of their 1926 Chicago bungalow home's former owner. Then, a 1886 Romanesque castle fit for a cattle king reins again after Paula and Terry Lowry rediscover its brilliant past.

137 :10x07 - Tennessee Farmhouse History

First aired: Nov/21/2004

Trash becomes treasure for Becky and Rob Wangner in their 1898 Craftsman-style house when heaps of debris is recycled into an epic past. Next, Dick Fahey branches out to unearth the roots of history of his Tennessee farmhouse. Then, Patricia Webb learns that her mansion in Geneseo, N.Y., is named after its rosy surroundings and is remembered for entertaining members of high society.

138 :10x08 - Toast of the Town

First aired: Nov/28/2004

Karan and Ed Osberg belly up to the bar while restoring their 19th-century Ashford, Conn., farmhouse. Next, Trish and Larry Yung find that their 1897 Victorian home is no lump of coal. Then, the curtain rises and the spotlight shines again in Donald Wiley's 1927 Spanish Colonial.

139 :10x09 - The History is in the Homes

First aired: Dec/05/2004

Marty and David Black milk the history from their 1790s Tennessee home churning up a butter-flavored past that turns out to be the cream of the crop. Next, a wealth of discoveries in their 1865 Alabama Queen Anne cottage help Ramona and Garry Martin peer into a 1930s lifestyle full of friends in historic places. Then, Chér Brining keeps her 1895 New York Colonial home afloat after a few documents steer her in the right direction in tracking down her home's history.

140 :10x10 - Flashback

First aired: Dec/12/2004

It's a flashback and fashion forward for Stephanie and Brian DeBoer in their 1937 Modern Mediterranean house when they discover that their home was quite en vogue in its time. Next, Delores and Ed Truett uncover their 1797 Federal-style home's history one letter at a time. Then, nursing the wounds of time in their 1875 Italianate home, Gretchen and Bob Cochran are the healing hands of love, giving their house a second chance to live.

141 :10x11 - Large Family Ties

First aired: Dec/19/2004

Ginger and Darrell Pennington are flush with royal treatment in their 1895 Queen Anne Victorian. Next, Lola and Henry Zwart share the love of having a large family with the legacy of its former owners in their 1902 Victorian home. Then, vintage tools seem to drop from shed heaven for Chrissie and John D'Esopo in their Avon, Conn., home.

142 :10x12 - Album of Memories

First aired: Dec/26/2004

It's back to the books for Ilene and Norm Tyler, as the couple opens the door to wisdom in their classic 1835 Greek Revival home. Next, a roll of historic stories is developed and fastened to an album of memories for Lucy Woodall-Harris in her 1885 Victorian home in Lynchburg, Va. Then, Mennonite methods in an 1893 Gothic Revival farmhouse calls to Kate Dimon to experience a simplified lifestyle.

143 :10x13 - Portrait of English Life

First aired: Dec/19/2004

Stacking up the facts, Cynthia and George Wakeman log into a portrait of English life in their Sioux City 1894 Colonial Revival home. Next, Chris Smith discovers that the restoration of his 1854 home becomes a sandstorm of clues waiting to be unearthed. Then, as memories from the past come out of the woodwork of a 1904 Four Square home, Cathy and Larry Mong recollect days gone by with the Rucker family.

144 :11x01 - Turning Down Pages of the Past

First aired: Jul/20/2004

First, pages of America's past are turned, as Barbara Stone roots up heritage heirlooms in her Alabama 1840s Greek Revival cottage. Next, as Mary and Tom Krebsbach nurse their 1891 Italianate mansion back to health, a paper trail to the past fills their prescription of missing history. Then, a hotel marks the town in Lavina, Mont., as Raymond Berry permanently checks into his 1908 accommodation.

145 :11x02 - Metallic Mystery

First aired: Jul/21/2004

First, typing into an invention of business propels Vicki and Dale Churchman to solve the metallic mystery behind their 1887 Queen Anne Victorian. Next, royalty lines the red carpet for Edie and Larry and Jones, as they reign over their 1867 Italianate home. Then, tending to a garden full of family and traditions in a 1906 Greek Revival home becomes the favorite pastime of Barbara and Bill Sullivan.

146 :11x03 - Kennedy Connection

First aired: Jul/22/2004

First, Don Wright discovers his 1795 Federal-style home has battled more than just the elements of time over the past 200 years. Next, a rumor mill produces a Kennedy ballroom and pool for Dave Amundson in his 1917 Colonial Revival home. Then, sweet dreams of five generations retell tales of the past for George Ewins after inheriting an 1865 Victorian family home.

147 :11x04 - Stormy Past

First aired: Sep/04/2007

First, Gail Ayers takes her 1907 mansion by storm as one survival story surfaces through an overflow of discovered documents. Next, the writing on the wall is exposed, as Beth and Art Cusick discover inscribed history on their 1774 Colonial home. Then, hitching a historic ride on the pony express to the past, Shawna and Greg Hopla unmask the walls of their 1840s log cabin.

148 :11x05 - Finding Clues to the Past

First aired: Jul/26/2004

First, Sharon and Gary Groves march to the beat of a military drum when they find themselves in charge of restoring their 1790 waterfront mansion. Next, an 1849 Greek Revival spins a thread of silken excitement and looming history for Marianne and Bruce Hamstra of Manchester, Conn. Then, it's a wild train ride west when Audrey Wenger and her family discover a turn-of-the-century diary exploring the life of a Montana railroad man in their 1901 Victorian home.

149 :11x06 - Divine Discoveries

First aired: Jul/27/2004

First, life from long ago becomes evident as Mark Reynolds discovers many household gadgets in his 1900 Victorian home, leaving a legacy of several prominent Detroit families. Next, it's a match made in heaven for Ellen and Bill Lilja after they make divine discoveries in their 1890s Eastlake Stick-style home. Then, built in1935, Sheila and Brett Bacon learn that their Pueblo Revival home was once part of a government-planned make-work project, producing housing for folks in Phoenix, Arizona, during the Depression era.

150 :11x07 - Past Preservation

First aired: Jul/28/2004

First, a chapter to America's history is written in Gale Garrett's Columbia, S.C., cottage describing a firsthand account of life during the Civil War. Next, an 1891 Victorian home lifts its glass once again as the toast of the town for homeowner Gary Smith of Penn Yan, N.Y. Then, Karen and Jim Weir learn where there's a Weir, there's a way to preserve the past after they inherit their 1890s Queen Anne farmhouse in Gastonburg, Ala.

151 :11x08 - Excavating Escapade

First aired: Jul/29/2004

First, Kathy Liston and Earl Strain investigate an 1847 inventory list as they go on an excavating escapade of their 1832 Federal-style home. Next, a pioneer making her way through her own property, Myra Plant cuts a swath through the jungle of history in her 1892 home. Then, the past buzzes to life with sweet memories for Jeanette and Larry Irwin after they purchase their 1920s farmhouse.

152 :11x09 - Building Connections

First aired: Jul/30/2004

First, Amanda and Bruce Thompson's restoration of their 1863 Victorian home leads them to a basement chock-full of historical goodies. Next, constructing a connection with the past becomes a labor of love for Siobhan and Peter Cottone in their 1922 Prairie-style home. Then, Kate and Eric Mackensen find that they have made an appointment with history when they purchase their 1907 American Foursquare house.

153 :11x10 - Photographic Patchwork

First aired: Aug/02/2004

First, while sorting through their 1911 Craftsmen-style home, Katherine and Brandon Templeton discover information about the original owner and his well-educated daughter. Next, Ashley Allen sews up the past to his 1876 cottage with pieces of photographic patchwork. Then, Ramona and Walter Saubers heat up history and chase down memories in their 1889 Greek Revival.

154 :11x11 - Melting Down Clues

First aired: Aug/03/2004

First, a 1911 Craftsman Foursquare turns out to be a crown jewel when Alyce Cornyn-Selby finds a pot of Reingold family trinkets. Next, Anne and Jim Zaccaro break the ice of history in their 1935 Mediterranean Revival home, as they melt down crystallized clues to the past. Then, it's coins for cows as Kathy Alward and Joe Beyrle churn out milk mania in their 1895 Italianate mansion.

155 :11x12 - Getting a Handle on History

First aired: Aug/04/2004

First, Deb and John Husar get a handle on history with their 1907 Victorian mansion. Next, Harvey Garrett climbs a little farther into the past with each stair step he takes in his Victorian home in Buffalo. Then, in Ontario, Canada, plans to save and restore a 1912 English Tudor Revival drop onto Sandy Smallwood's head.

156 :11x13 - Unlocking Corners of the Past

First aired: Aug/05/2004

First, deep in the heart of Texas, Jaime and Ed George are compassionate for their 1912 Greek Revival mansion, as they learn about the generous beginnings of the Wahrenberger family. Next, unlocking corners to the past, Terri Meckley uncaps a vibrant transformation of an 1891 farmhouse into a fashionable Victorian mansion. Then, history measures up, as a legendary hideout becomes truth for Amy Keltner in her 1831 South Carolina farmhouse.

157 :12x01 - Hidden Home Treasures

First aired: Sep/28/2007

First, Cathy Calhoun and Patrick Young of Spring City, Penn., have turned an old bank into a home, finding old items along the way. Hidden treasures include more than 700 safety security boxes. Next, Alma and Max Gabaldon of Fillmore, Calif., have restored an old barn into a home and have since learned about the barn's past as an artist's colony. Then, Jason Haxton of Greentop, Mo., used his love of treasure hunting and photography to help him find antiques around his house with the aid of old photographs.

158 :12x02 - Mayoral Roots and More

First aired: Oct/30/2007

First, Shannon Rhodes and Louie Flores loved their Victorian home in Spokane, Wash., so much they bought it after only seeing part of the place. The house once belonged to the beloved mayor of Spokane, who brought stability and baseball to the town. Next up is a look at house with a name steeped in American history: Riker. The Manhattan home of Marion Duckworth Smith and her husband, Michael Smith is older than the United States itself. Then, for Milt Hanson, it's all A's when it comes to grading his new pad's redo--he’s taken the local high school and converted it into a new home. Along the way, he has stumbled over Arnegard history that's a real winner. Finally, for Merriann Bidgood and Thomas McWhorter, their 1800s farmhouse in Houston, brought the Wild West to life. With links to the harrowing past, this home is a survivor, just like its original owners.

159 :12x03 - Presidential History

First aired: Nov/06/2007

First, when Sherry and Stephen "Schaf" Schafer renovated their old farmhouse in Ventura, Calif., they found out about the outrageous woman, Betty Hamilton, who lived in the house prior to them. Next, homeowners Dawn and Chuck Corely from Lexington, SC, reveal that their home was once a Lutheran seminary. Then, we get the inside story of one of America's most beloved presidents, John F. Kennedy's summer home in Palm Beach, Fla. It is now the newly renovated mansion of Charles Castle. Finally, we travel to Richmond, Texas, where Frank Briscoe Jr. uncovers the history of the Texas flood of 1899 and personal struggles of his grandfather.

160 :12x04 - Discoveries of the Past

First aired: Aug/27/2007

First, Beth and Ken Martin knew they had a diamond in the rough with their 1920s Chicago bungalow, but what they didn't realize was the gangster history their basement held. Next, when Dennis Lamkin and John Niemi redid their Duluth, Minn., mansion, they found that the home was built by one of the city's first entrepreneurs, who also happened to be a terrible romantic with a penchant for amazing anniversary gifts--the kind that take a key to open! Then, Lisa and Tom Vilardi wanted a break from the city, so they decided to move to the country in Paupack, Penn., to redo a sprawling estate that turned out to have been an escape for many throughout the years. Finally, years of demolition lead Stephanie and Randy Jefferson on a trail of the former Richmond, Va., homeowners--only to find out that the home had served as a house for women that were new to the city.

161 :12x05 - Picture to the Past

First aired: Oct/19/2007

First up is a look Kendall Hailey and Danny Miller's Los Angeles home that has a tie to the golden era of Hollywood. Next, Nancie and Del Gudmestad had American history came to life when they renovated their Gettysburg, Pa., home--the floorboards held ties to the deadliest battle in the US. Then, Chip Helms of Society Hill, SC, realized a picture to the past was written in letters held in a dusty attic. Finally, Mimi Herrington did some demolition on her Richmond, Va., row house and came across a letter from years ago. After hours of research, she found a tie to one of America's first heroines.

162 :12x06 - Revealing Renovations

First aired: Jan/23/2008

First, in Spokane, Wash., Mary Moltke updated her Queen Anne Gingerbread house and in the process stumbled across a safe, a stash of old booze bottles and sordid stories of mischievous mayhem. Next, Ruth and Dan McLaughlin's 1891 Victorian in Greenville, Maine, carries the story of Lyman Blair, a city boy who made his mark on the rural area in the early 1900s. Then, when Andy Meadows renovated his Montgomery, Ala., bungalow, he found ledgers, vintage signs and the history of a homeowner with hobbies much like his. Finally, in Elgin, Ill., Laura and Steve Stroud knew they had a piece of the past when they bought their 1887 Victorian. What they didn't know was that the history was tied to a teetotaling business man who made his money through whiskey.

163 :12x07 - Historical Links

First aired: Oct/25/2007

First, Susan Phillips and Tony LoPinto discovered a virtual time warp when they bought their DuLuth, Minn., mansion. The amazing home included a basketball court, Swedish massage shower and billiard room all from the late 1800s. Next, when Dawn and Mark Bussanmas rehabbed their home in Barrington, Ill., they found notes, books and stories that would unearth a family with ties to prohibition and politics. Then Jean and Tom Gaunt of Indianapolis, Indiana share the secrets of the man with a short temper and quick trigger finger that lived in their sprawling home. Finally, Kristen and John McPherson tell the story of how their home and its first owner are linked to their current life as high school teachers with a passion for history.

164 :12x08 - Tinseltown Ties

First aired: Unknown

First, Patti and Kevin Short show off their spectacular St. Louis mansion that was once home to opulent balls and Hollywood legends. With another tie to Tinseltown, the next couple, Leslie and John Nichols, of Santa Paula, Calif., did some detective work to discover that the former owner of their home was the creator of the chasing light. Then, it's on to Eatonton, Ga., where homeowner Martha Mock has a feline with an infatuation for the past. Finally, Carol Cartledge, in Washington, Ga., finds love in her own living room.

165 :12x09 - History Lessons

First aired: Sep/24/2007

First, Connie and Clint Zimmerman from Auburn, Maine, find secrets around every corner in their Victorian home. Next, Brian Sampson made his house new again and in the process found a link to the most disastrous shipwreck of the 20th century. Then, we take a look at a 1790s farmhouse in Heath, Mass., owned by Margaret and Don Freeman. The 14-room with a running elevator leads them to the history of a woman renowned for her innovations in women's mental health. Finally, Dan Prozinski of Minneapolis, Minn., and his wife, Sue Park, show off their unusual home, a former dry goods store from the early 1900s.

166 :12x10 - Historical Ties

First aired: Sep/18/2007

First, Anna Atchison of Fairbanks, Alaska, thought she'd stumbled upon royal history when she bought the former mayor's house, but her hopes were dashed when she found out the soiled past of this dirty politician. Next, in Spokane, Wash., Janine and Vern Arneson loved their 1912 four-square home but didn't realize that it had historical ties to the silver screen. Then, it was a summer home that had always interested Paula Draper, so once they bought one, they discovered it used to be a hotel with a seedy past. Finally, Mark Podmore of Columbia, SC, took a series of secret discoveries found around his house and learned about the family who once owned the craftsman bungalow.

167 :12x11 - Picture-Perfect Past

First aired: Oct/02/2007

First, Harriet Paine of Shelburne Falls, Mass., discovers that she has led a parallel life with a previous owner of her house. Next, Vicki and Tim Puchta of Hermann, Mo., knew their farmhouse had roots and vines, but they didn't know that the history of those vines stemmed from Bavaria and continue today as a winery. Then, in Topsham, Maine, Brian Sampson bid on the town library and won a wonderful home, complete with a mysterious story of the former record-breaking homeowner. Finally, Pat and Bob Ramey bought their 1920s clapboard house in Faulkville, Ala., not knowing there was a special link between the original owners and themselves.

168 :12x12 - Hidden Treasures Revealed

First aired: Sep/05/2007

First, Vikkie and Al Naccarato bought their French-style chateau sight unseen, but they didn't know that the place had been used as a former shooting range and had secrets around every corner. Next, the meaning of girl power is brought to life when homeowner Michelle Schulter Ford uncovers suffragette sightings in her Staten Island home. Then, many treasures actually equal a mini-treasure museum for Dan Hawkins and TJ Bath of Houston. Finally, Kathy and Tom Bonadeo from Cape Charles, Va., learned some major history about the town when they performed a monster makeover on their beachhouse.

169 :12x13 - Past Secrets Revealed

First aired: Oct/11/2007

First, we take a look at the shingle-style home of Joan Lautenschleger and Jack Cummings in Brookline, Mass. They redid the place from top to bottom, only to find that the previous owners were prominent figures in the Brookline community with political ties to a former presidential candidate. Next, Cathy Adams shows off her 1923 Tudor in Birmingham, Ala., that has a garden fit for a king. Then, we get a look inside the Victorian home of Sue Yates and Joanne Kosanke in Kouts, Ind., and find out many secrets about the former owner. Finally, we see how Lisa Sherrer and Rick Guobaltis of Key West, Fla., took their Southern-style plantation house and made it into a real castle, with ties to a shipyard captain.

170 :13x01 - Historical Finds

First aired: Sep/25/2007

First, Stephania and Don Conrad's 1922 Palm Beach Mansion is the house that bread built. Discoveries of antiques, delicate dinnerware and receipts help the Conrads discover that their 11,000-square-foot house was built by the Pillsbury family. Next, Adam Goodheart uncovers three past eras of his 1804 Federal-style house in Centreville, Md. Then, when Sandy and Warren Yambor find a turn-of-the-century photo of their home with about 40 additional feet in the backyard, they wonder how their 1896 Queen Anne Victorian came to sit practically on top of the Cleveland highway. Finally, Laura and Dale Forrester's house in Chickamauga, Ga., helps pay for its own renovations when the couple finds several coffee cans full of old coins in the kitchen wall.

171 :13x02 - Home Histories

First aired: Sep/17/2007

First, Linda and Mark Spengler of Lowell, Mass., lovingly restored their 1848 Victorian and found their love of animals traced to the original owners. Next, it's a three-ring circus for Bobbi Uecker of Helena, Mont., whose 6,000-square-foot home belonged to one of the first suffragists and now houses the Ringling Brothers! Then, for Selena and Ed Walker of Washington, Ga., a call from a stranger that led to the discovery of prominent past for their Southern home. Finally, in Mulkiteo, Wash., Jeanne and Vic Alinen decided not to move themselves, but their home instead, and in the process, they attracted the home's history.

172 :13x03 - Digging Up Past Mysteries

First aired: Oct/15/2007

First, when Joni and Chuck Manto bought their abandoned 19th-century mansion, they had no idea that it was a mortuary filled with mystery. Their creeps give way to curiosity when they discover an empty casket left behind in one of the rooms, but the real surprise comes when they notice ornate etched glass, stained glass, mosaic floors and painted murals throughout the 7,000-square-foot house in Cumberland, Md. Next, Brian Hollenback bought his 1895 Queen Anne Victorian in Rock Island, Ill., with the knowledge that the house was once married to the mob, literally. Then, Dene and Michael Myers find Japanese lanterns, a sword, Asian figurines, antique water bottles and a slew of keys hidden throughout their 9,000-square-foot Victorian in Mexico, Mo., but have no idea how the items connect to the previous homeowners. Finally, we return to the Manto house in Cumberland, Md., as the Mantos discover a hidden mural covered by old wallpaper and a long- forgotten fireplace behind drywall. Professional appraiser Jerry Williams stops by to look over the house's ornate artwork and determine if it has any monetary value.

173 :13x04 - House Secrets Revealed

First aired: Dec/28/2007

First, a spooky trap door in the 12,000-square-foot Indiana mansion of Carl Holliday and Steve Goodman reveals treasures and tragedy from this home's past. Next, Teena and Bill Hanlon in Newtown, Penn., discover clues to their home's past while clearing out clutter left behind by the previous homeowners. Then, a forgotten antique recipe box full of delicious dessert ideas leads Kirsten and J.C. Van Dijk to discover the active social life of their small Massachusetts town back in the 1800s. Finally, stripping off layers of wallpaper in the 1920s family home of Susan and Woody Tucker in Virginia leads them to discover Grandma's secret rebellious side.

174 :13x05 - Historical Discoveries

First aired: Oct/09/2007

First, in Adamstown, Md., Vicki and Pete Michael knew they had a historic home but when they found that their farmhouse was once a safe house on the Underground Railroad, more historical stories came to life. Next, Shelly and Steve Posey found so much history in their six-room upstairs apartment that Shelly became entrenched in the life of its former tenant, a hero from World War II. Then, Connie and Jeff Kelsey found an attic full of finds in Snohomish, Wash. Finally, Barb and Darrel Swanson of Carver, Minn., found ties to the original owners of their home, including antiques, an 1890 painting and family stories.

175 :13x06 - Mysteries Uncovered

First aired: Nov/01/2007

First, college student newlyweds Carrie and Ryan Breisach show off their dilapidated 1895 Queen Anne Victorian in Kalamazoo, Michigan's "student ghetto." A ruler with a child's name on it and old school report papers peak this young couple's curiosity, and has them searching for more information on their home's past. Next, Kathy and Nathan Sprehe never expected to buy a house that paid for its own renovations, but they didn't complain when a bundle of cold hard cash turned up in their ceiling. Then, Jane and Russ Cartmill anxiously dig up the past when they find two tombstones in the garden of their 1903 Colonial Revival in Eatonton, Ga. Finally, a 1800s Oregon City, Ore., farmhouse is a complete mystery to owners Shirley and Wilbur Wilson. The priorities of the previous homeowners are scrutinized when the Wilsons discover that the house has no bathroom, but had the very first telephone in town.

176 :13x07 - Mysterious Connections Discovered

First aired: Aug/28/2007

First, Maggie McCain-Davis has a farmhouse in Bloomington, Ind., but that farmhouse meant much more to the early settlers of the 1800s. Next, in Linfield, Penn., Cookie Sheerer took a home fit for a thriller movie and unearthed a story of a family with ties to Hollywood superstars of the Golden Age. Then, Nancy and Doug and Bryant of South Haven, Mich., treasure their 1884 colonial, but the real treasures were found in the house and on the edge of the estate. Finally, Fred Martens and Warren Liang of Cincinnati, Ohio discovered that they had walked right into their own mystery, upon closer inspection of their home.

177 :13x08 - Pieces to the Past

First aired: Oct/22/2007

First, Bill Johnson in Monroeville, Penn., discovered a log cabin underneath the plaster of his home, complete with a secret tunnel. Then, in an old barn in Bowie, Md., Jamie Foster Brown and her husband, Lorenzo, discovered the pieces to the past of old tobacco farmer who lived life in style. Finally, Beth and Ned Potter found pieces of a puzzle that prompted them to learn about the curious initials on their front porch.

178 :13x09 - Hidden Treasures

First aired: Oct/01/2007

First, mysteries in the 1829 home of Jan Howell in Decatur, Ala., keep piling up. For example, a second-story door leads to the outside, but there is no exterior staircase. Next, Kewanee, Ill., residents Kathy and Bob Miller examine the past when they find medicine bottles, a medical diagram and an unusual fire extinguisher in their 1917 arts-and-crafts style home. Then, Amy and Jim Estep were thrilled when they found a hidden staircase behind a wall of their early 1900s American Foursquare in Cincinnati. Finally, when Judy and Frank Habjanetz bought their 1813 farmhouse in West Hickory, Penn., they had no idea that they would be inheriting practically everything the previous homeowners owned.

179 :13x10 - Windows to the Past

First aired: Nov/20/2007

First, in Sandusky, Ind., Michelle and Chris Komora took an old school and made it into a home. Along the way, they found a Hollywood hoop dream come to life. Next, Joyce Jackson and Patrick Mealey of Perry, Maine, rescued an old home and then found the remnants of the first family who loved and lived at the home. Then, with 200 years of history surrounding them, Sarah and Jim Spruill of Cheraw, SC, had heartwarming history, even in the shade of trees on the lawn. Finally, Deborah Stone of Eutaw, Ala., restored her plantation home and fell in love with the homeowners.

180 :13x11 - Exploring the Past

First aired: Dec/20/2007

First, in Greensburg, Penn., Janet and Gene James found the jet-setting diaries of a global couple and film images that are more than 70 years old. Next, Catherine and Howie O'Brien love their 1800 Federal-style home, complete with secret passageways that held escaped soldiers during the Civil War. Then, a love letter discovered in the home of Deb and Andy Carstenson prompted them to research the first owners. Finally, Pat and Frank Durbin had papers literally falling out of the walls of their home in Port Townsend, Wash.

181 :13x12 - Tales of Restoration

First aired: Nov/14/2007

First, Marsha and Butch Hawn from Pittman, NJ, had history literally hanging from the woodwork in their 1796 farmhouse. With a little elbow grease and a lot of research, the Hawns updated their home and its history. Next, in Anchorage, Alaska, Susan and Mark Lutz bought a home that doubled as a construction site. They cleaned up the place and in the process found interesting clues about the homeowner, who lead a double life. Then, secret codes lead Joyce and Don Robinson to decipher the Quaker family who once owned their 1859 farmhouse in Mooreville, Ind. Finally, in Moorhead, Minn., Lori and Tony Scheving bought their 1913 farmhouse packed with pieces that lead to a discovery of a tragedy that resulted in a happy ending.

182 :13x13 - House Histories Revealed

First aired: Unknown

First, when Beth and Steve Clapper bought this 24,000-square-foot craftsman in McCloud, Calif., the building was so massive that there were rooms the couple hadn't even gotten to see yet. Little did they know there was a mystery behind these closed doors just waiting to be solved. Next, an unassuming trunk reveals a secret affair in the 140-year-old family vacation home of Laura Rydin in Kennebunk, Maine. Then, when a chunk of wallpaper falls from the ceiling of Sharon and Brian Snyder's home in Independence, Mo., they fear their house may have once been the scene of a brutal crime. Finally, Joyce McNeely may have inherited this 1836 farmhouse in Burlington, Ky., but she moved into a mystery.

183 :14x01 - Relics Reveal Answers

First aired: Sep/21/2007

First, Sally and Gran Clark were presented with the golden opportunity to separate fact from fiction when they bought their 2,700-square-foot bank-turned-home in Russellville, Ky. For years it was rumored that the famous Jesse James gang robbed the bank in the 1860s, and the Clarks crack open the vaults of this mystery, literally! Next, the 1800s Georgetown, Ohio, home of Nancy Purdy has been in her family for over 125 years, but she still doesn't know everything about it. Magazine cutouts from 1868 pasted to the attic walls and medicine bottles strewn throughout the garden help her discover the history of her home before her ancestors owned it. Then, Linda Kerr falls even more in love with her 1917, 6,000-square-foot Federal-style house in Wheeling, W.Va., when she discovers its intoxicating past. Finally, Brad and Carol Searcy fish for clues into the past of their Fair Haven, Vt., home and come up with a whale of a tale. Brad makes the catch of the day when he fishes out several books and a handcrafted sign from an attic crawl space.

184 :14x02 - Mystery In The Trees

First aired: Oct/03/2007

First, when Vince Kontny bought the 100-year-old Last Dollar Ranch in Montrose, Colo., he had no idea that stories of the past were still whispering through the trees, literally! Next, when Lani and Richard Eklund bought their 8,800-square-foot mansion in Lockeford, Calif., they had only seen the "new" portion of the house, built in 1883. Behind the closed doors of the older portion of the house, they make some peculiar discoveries that lead them chasing after a shocking mystery. Then, when Whitney and Steve Short decided to save a 8,400-square-foot home from the wrecking ball, they never imagined the property's past spanned the entire history of Manhattan, Kan. Finally, Tommye and P.D. Frey immediately fell in love with their 1921 Tudor in Dallas, but could never figure out why the 2,100-square-foot house did not have a proper living room. Their curiosity is peaked even further when they find a hidden doorway that leads into a tiny room, a secret hatch in a closet and a trap door.

185 :14x03 - Speakeasy Mystery

First aired: Dec/07/2007

First, when Kirby Upjohn bought his 10-room, 1921 house in Kansas City, Mo., she could not help but notice all of the strange devices installed around the house. Her mind fills with questions when she discovers that the instruments were used for security in the early 1920s. Next, Elaine Cox, the owner of a 1849 Colonial Georgian in Bolivar, Tenn., was shocked to discover that her house had a stately story to tell. Then, homeowners Amanda and Paul Herzog find unexplained letters hiding in the wall of their 1899 Victorian in Albuquerque, N.M. and become curious. When the papers tie the house to an old railroad tale, the Herzogs hear their calling and get all aboard to find out more. Finally, Kirby Upjohn takes a closer look at her basement Prohibition-era cocktail lounge and discovers art-deco hardware, a high-powered ventilation system, a projection room and an electric movie screen all from the 1920s! Through research, she is able to determine who built the speakeasy and hosted parties for political bigwigs, including US President Harry S. Truman.

186 :14x04 - Historical Connections

First aired: Dec/13/2007

First, when Steven Bader bought a 1839 Greek revival in Savannah, Ga., he never dreamed he would find items left behind by the original homeowners that include a priceless piece of American history. Next, the ornate architecture and one-of-a-kind art pieces throughout a Philadelphia, Penn. 1900s Victorian Tudor won over owners Russ Harris and John Casavecchia--so much so that they have restored all 7,000 square feet. Then, Margie and Jeff Yansura were always curious about West Palm Beach's "tile house," and eventually, their curiosity won them over and they bought the 3,300 square-foot Spanish revival. Finally, the 1883 Victorian home of Chuck Stava and J.D. Bartell looks like a fish out of water in Houston, but that didn't stop this couple from falling in love with the steamboat-style house. While pouring a new foundation to save the sinking structure, Stava discovers a string of pearls under the house that connect back to the original homeowners.

187 :14x05 - Russian Relics And More

First aired: Jan/09/2008

First, a buried milk bottle and a wooden store sign help Maryland homeowner Will Workman figure out his house's past. Next, the 4,300-square-foot home of Donna and Jeff Burcher was in such bad shape when it was offered to the city, even they refused it. The Burchers took a chance that no one else would and bought it. Medicine bottles, X-ray cards, crutches and wheelchairs lead them to the safe conclusion that their house was used as a hospital in the past. Then, Alice and Carl Reese make some refreshing discoveries in their 3,500-square-foot art-deco home when they find thousands of dollars worth of Dr. Pepper memorabilia and strange machines around the property. Finally, Iris and Hugh Darling inherit his family's Seward, Alaska, general store and the apartment above it. They are shocked to find $10,000 worth of Russian bonds, stacks of cash and deeds to land all over Alaska in the store's 1903 safe.

188 :14x06 - Multiple Clues To The Past

First aired: Nov/30/2007

First, the Jamesport, N.Y., home of Nancy Gilbert and Richard Wines was made to look like Greek revival to keep up with the early 1800s fashion, but the builders were obviously not wealthy. The pair discovers things like inexpensive china pieces in the yard and a wooden mantel painted to look like the time's popular black marble. Next, Kirby McNabb is the current owner of an 1888 Greek revival plantation called Daffodil Hill in Murfreesboro, Tenn. He is thrilled to discover that flowers are not the most interesting things in his garden, when he digs up a slew of artifacts from the Civil War. Then, keeping with tradition, Jeanne and Brian Muir bought an 8,000-square-foot 1800s saloon / hotel in Weaverville, Calif., to turn it into a quaint bed and breakfast. Little did they know this peaceful-looking property was once a Wild West saloon that had burned and risen from the ashes—at least five times! Finally, no expense was spared in the construction of the 1885 home of Mary Lou and Christopher Harnett in Parkersburg, W.Va. But who built it? The Harnetts find clues in the the intricate woodwork of the inlaid floors, the fireplace tiles and a secret room.

189 :14x07 - Piano Cash Surprise

First aired: Aug/20/2007

First, while restoring this 1914 Baxley, Ga., home, Stacey Bass and Jay Anderson discover a secret room left undisturbed for decades. Even more intriguing is the $10,000 they find hidden between the hammers and strings of an antique piano. Next, when Anneli and Bob Ganger bought their 10,000-square-foot mansion in Gulf Stream, Fla., they never expected to find items from the past, especially a hidden swimming pool, elegant furniture, and a fireplace (in Florida?). Then, Jane and George Morris find things like an electric belt and antique liquor bottles stashed away in the attic of their 1890 red brick Victorian in Bowling Green, Ky. Finally, when a previous homeowner of this 1909 traditional told current owners Carole and Charlie Wicks that she had stashed love letters in a wall, the couple's curiosity gets the best of them. After years of living in their Lewistown, Mo., home, they finally decide to knock a hole in a suspicious wall to see what might be hiding there.

190 :14x08 - Cannonball Conundrum

First aired: Unknown

First, the 1818 plantation of Lani and Ron Riches has been deserted for more than 20 years but still holds secrets from the past, including a live Civil War cannonball and 19th-century furniture. Next, Lisa Harvell and David Spradling find the seeds of a mystery in the backyard and attic of their Austin, Texas, bungalow. Then, the dimensions of Kay and Ray Campeau's 6,000-square-foot 1892 Bozeman, Mont., home just don't add up—until they find a secret room. Finally, every time homeowners Lisa and Joe Carney do restoration work on their 1883 Asheville, N.C., home, they uncover something new—and the home has been through a lot of restoration.

191 :14x09 - Historical Pursuits

First aired: Oct/12/2007

First, Erin and Chad Foerch thought there wouldn't be much mystery left in a house that's so illustrious it had a thesis written about it. Turns out, though, that there was an entire room in the 1854 Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, Victorian that was still waiting to be discovered. Then, imagine buying a 100-year-old house and then finding out it inspired a horror novel. That is what happened to Bob McKenna when he purchased a 1906 arts-and-crafts-style home in Birmingham, Ala. Next, a man who vanished in the night, rumors of missing money and a mysterious confession turn up at the Durant, Okla., home of Cindy and Merle Soltis. Finally, Margaret and Pat McGowan make an eerie discovery in the yard of their 1866 Italianate home in Northfield, N.J., that sends them scrambling to find out what—or who—is buried in their yard.

192 :14x10 - Hidden Secrets Revealed

First aired: Aug/15/2007

First, Dete and Paul Meserve's Los Angeles, Calf., English cottage was built for the birds--well, it's full of them anyway. They find bird-inspired artwork everywhere as they explore the elaborate details of the home's arts-and-crafts design. Little do they know, these birds are worth big bucks. Then, when Rick Widman bought this 18th-century antebellum Colonial in Charleston, S.C., he had no idea that the house itself was like a time capsule preserving the legacy of a great American. Finally, little did Gayle and Gerry Cormier know their Plainfield, Vt., country home once housed a radical member of the Chicago Seven and an actor from the Magnificent Seven. But what makes this home really special are the secrets hidden inside by the woman who designed it.

193 :14x11 - Missing Mural Mystery

First aired: Sep/27/2007

First, Diana and Gene Smith knew about the large, handpainted murals on the walls and ceilings when they bought their 19th-century, 6,000-square-foot Victorian in Gonzales, Texas, but they had no idea of the uncanny connection of the previous homeowners to their own lives. Next, the 1790s Louisiana plantation home of Anne Butler has been in the family for seven generations, but new secrets are revealed when a ceiling caves in and exposes mysterious 18th-century clothing and medical equipment. Then, in the 1915 Southern California home of Christie Romero, almost everything was original, including a secret cubby with small compartments and a suspicious outdoor entrance. These unusual discoveries spark Romero's curiosity, and she embarks on a search to find out what was going on in her home during the Depression Era. Finally, the 1903 Saratoga Springs, N.Y., home of Michele and Dieter Funiciello came complete with a built-in bench that had been locked for decades. When the couple finally pries the bench open, they find hundreds of secret love letters written to a ladies' man with a criminal past.

194 :14x12 - Treasures From The Past

First aired: Sep/10/2007

First, after buying a Des Moines, Iowa, Victorian for a dollar, Jennifer and Larry James didn't expect to get more than four walls and a front door out of the place and were stunned to discover a treasure trove of scientific finds inside. Then, when Pam and Tim Wellborn bought their 1938 Colonial-style home in Alexander City, Ala., they couldn't help noticing its strong resemblance to Mt. Vernon. An attic full of items from the 1940s and a secret garden help them understand the history of their home and the prominent previous homeowners, including a first lady, who once lived there. Next, Marty and Tim Smith's discovery of birdcages and artwork in their 1893 Victorian in Salisbury, N.C., lead to them learning about the eccentric previous owner and her trash-talking pet. Finally, when Springfield, Penn., homeowner Judy Wilmarth finds the home's original deed and secret panels once used to harbor runaway slaves, she searches for more information about the influential previous homeowner.

195 :14x13 - Peculiar Pieces Of The Past

First aired: Sep/19/2007

First, peculiar discoveries in the 4,000-square-foot Baytown, Texas, home of Kristine and Bear Estrada include a 16-foot-deep Cold War bomb shelter, still stocked with supplies, in the backyard. Next, finding a red velvet rope, multiple 1950s phone lines and presidential mail make Denver, Colo., homeowners Nancy and Dave Osburn think something very important went on in their home. Then, after finding bloodstained wooden floors and both Confederate and Union bullets throughout their property, Linda and Curt Follmer discover that their 1834 cottage was used as a hospital during the Civil War. Finally, Sharon and Ken Avey's 1897 home in Independence, Calif., came complete with a strange peephole in the kitchen built to peek in on some unusual residents. They embark on a quest to find out who, or what, used to live in their home.

196 :15x01 - Surprising Discoveries

First aired: Oct/24/2007

First, Dean Williams and Michael Turner find a surprise in the basement of their 1904 Queen Anne Victorian in Brighton, Ala., that leads to a story of an artist whose life was even more colorful than her art. Then, while restoring their 1878 Victorian mansion in West Union, Ioqa, Marie and Le Monroe discover that their house was built with a no-expense-spared policy—just to top the neighbors. Next, by the time Judy Cook bought this 158-year-old house in Heath Springs, S.C., it had been vacant for 10 years. Animals were living in the house, and graffiti from the 1800s was spread all over the walls. Finally, as Tim Hagaman gets to work on his 9,000-square-foot mansion in Springer, N.M., he discovers that it has a dark and infamous past.

197 :15x02 - Restoration Revelations

First aired: Nov/09/2007

First, when Cindy and Tony Gorski begin to restore their 1890s home in Dundee, Ill., they can't believe what they find in the walls. They are able to begin piecing together their mysterious finds when they discover a local newspaper addressed to a previous owner with a strange connection to the circus. Next, Twentynine Palms, Calif., homeowner Jerri Hagman thinks she knows everything there is to know about the 1929 home that she inherits from her previous employers—which makes the discovery of a secret room full of gold-mining maps even more shocking. Then, Velvet and Scott Graham's 1888 Queen Anne Victorian in Fort Smith, Ark., was in such bad shape when they bought it the fire department had declared the home a fire hazard. They are determined to save it, or the original turn-of-the-century artwork they find inside could be lost forever. Finally, finding something that could make your house explode is never fun, but Westlake, Ohio, homeowner Steve McQuillin discovers that even a deadly gas leak can have a silver lining.

198 :15x03 - Records From The Past

First aired: Dec/14/2007

First, what do outlandish paintings, 1930s homemade records, medical journals and catgut sutures have in common? Not even homeowners Mike and Terri Cournoyer could figure that out when they first bought their 1927 Mediterranean home in Louisville, Miss., but they were determined to find out. Next, Linda and Charles Piserelle find a stash of diaries, letters and some valuable trinkets hiding in the attic of their 3,000-square-foot Queen Anne in Houston. It all adds up to the story of a family ahead of their time who gave their name to a town. Then, while excavating for a new pool in the backyard of their 7,000-square-foot Lewiston, N.Y., mansion, Diane and Ed Finkbeiner dig up two very large, heavy pieces of American history—cannonballs! Finally, Nikki and Stan Welles knew it was a quirky house, but once they moved into their 1949 home in Homer, Alaska, they found out how strange it really was.

199 :15x04 - Shocking Discoveries Abound

First aired: Dec/06/2007

First, Robert Snow's 1856 home in Columbus, Miss., is so ornate it seems like something from Gone With The Wind, except for the bathtub in the butler's pantry—now that is a little out of place. Next, when Efi Leissos first bought her 1882 home in Altadena, Calif., she had no idea what immense discoveries were just waiting to be uncovered, including the origin of their street name; Christmas Tree Lane. Then, Chuck Bressi and Jeff DiGregorio bought their 1870s territorial adobe in Tucson, Ariz., site unseen and are shocked to discover it has an interior modeled after a traditional San Francisco Victorian. Even more mysterious is the low ceiling in one of the bedrooms, a secret room underneath the house and what seems to be a buried tunnel in the basement! Finally, it didn't take long for Heather and Gabe Wicks to learn that their 1853 home in Nashville, Tenn., has a history of hosting legendary generals over the years. But the couple is even more intrigued with strange items they keep finding around the house. They contact relatives of previous homeowners to find out why there is a secret elevator, a whisky distillery and a horse tie inside the house.

200 :15x05 - Clues From The Past

First aired: Unknown

First, Jon Mason explores the five houses and various outbuildings on his compound of over 200 acres in Hamburg, Wis., and is shocked to discover a building with an antique bar and bowling alley inside. He desperately wants to find out who built the funhouse. Next, Kay and John Tatum are stunned to discover a bullet hole in the door of their 1889 Queen Anne Victorian in Little Rock, Ark. Even more shocking than the bullet hole is the low angle from which it was shot—the height of a child perhaps? Then, Steve Hairfield discovers priceless antiques in a forgotten vault. Finally, Sophia and Roy Pachecanos' 1883 San Antonio, Texas, mansion of is full of signs from the past. They turn to research and neighbors to help them determine what the signs mean, who wrote them, and why.

201 :15x06 - Historical Stories

First aired: Oct/31/2007

First, signs that Diana and Joseph Infante's 1949 midcentury modern in Long Beach, Calif., was somehow musical are everywhere. After finding a musical motto imbedded in the home's living room floor, a piano soldered to a custom fireplace screen and a black music note nailed to a door, the couple is dying to find out if a rumor about past parties with celebrity guest lists is true. Next, leather books, 1920s clothing, hats, dolls, toys, art, confederate money and letters are just the beginning of what Susan Stillwell finds in the attic of her 1913 prairie-style home in Danville, Va. Then, when Maria and Reginald Sprecher move into their 1890s Queen Anne in Waukesha, Wis., a little bird tells them their house has a story to tell—actually, two little birds on the fireplace! Finally, when Marilyn and David Stansberry move into their 200-year-old house in Charlotte, Tenn., they soon discover strange letters carved into a wall, an odd collection of handwritten books and an entire bag of 19th-century mail. It turns out that finding who wrote them is just the beginning of the mystery.

202 :15x07 - Safe-Cracking Discovery

First aired: Sep/11/2007

First, when Stephen Christopher and Gary Allen first moved into their 10,000-square-foot home in Clarksburg, W.Va., they uncovered papers that tell a sordid tale of a bitter divorce. Now, after four years of wondering, Stephen and Gary are employing the help of a local locksmith to crack open the basement safe and see if there is any treasure to go along with the previous homeowner's tragedy. Next, in New Haven, Conn., Colin Caplan discovers clues to his 1750s Colonial-style home's forgotten past when he finds a strange medallion and a hidden bookcase. Then, during the restoration of their 1908 California Craftsman in Bisbee, Ariz., Karen and David Berridge uncover an old cane with a secret compartment and wonder if it belonged to the same homeowner who installed the home's antique elevator. Finally, Emily and Scott Smith buy their 1812 home in Lynchburg, Va., for only a dollar and get way more than they bargained for. Throughout the five-year renovation, the couple has discovered marbles, buttons, carpenter tools, wedding rings, an 1800s bullet mold and what appear to be pentagrams engraved into the fireplace.

203 :15x08 - Hidden Discoveries Revealed

First aired: Dec/27/2007

First, Danielle and Tom Stull discover a doctor's shocking secret in their 1869 Queen Anne in Commerce, Iowa, when they find medicine bottles with pills still in them, medical textbooks full of handwritten notes, an operating table, a medical cabinet and a turn-of-the-century shocking machine. Next, the 12,000-square-foot neoclassic mansion of Yvette and Paul McCue in Aurora, Ill., is well known for its grand history, and the couple is thrilled to discover a room modeled after the most famous home in the country. Then, when Doris Buffett and her son-in-law Mark Haymes discover a wine bottle in the backyard of their 1776 Federal-style home in Fredricksburg, Va., they hire local high school students to help with their outdoor scavenger hunt for items from the past. Little do they know, all of their discoveries are hiding inside the house. Finally, Barb Gavron hits the jackpot in the basement of her 1890s Queen Anne in Eureka Springs, Ark., when she discovers a glass walking stick that helps unlock the mystery of why people from around the country came to their town for a drink.

204 :15x09 - Finds From The Past

First aired: Dec/21/2007

First, when Lyn and John Dwyer discover this 1795 home in Southbury, Conn., was once owned by a long-lost relative, they knew they had to buy it to find out more about their family's past. Next, Carolyn and Chris Eichen set out to find if the rumors that their Virginia City, Nev., Victorian survived the 1875 fire that nearly destroyed the whole town. They hope their burning questions will be answered when the house is raised for a new foundation. Then, Laverne and George Lesznik are excited to discover an old covered wagon on the property of their 1795 New England farmhouse in Florence, Vt., but when they start finding tombstones things get a little creepy. Finally, this 1905 Huntington, Pa., Queen Anne Victorian is so primitive it still has an icebox, but that is exactly why owner Tom Yoder loves it. He pieces together finds such as a still-working servant call box, early booster seat, church program and a family postcard that solves the mystery of who used to live in the house.

205 :15x10 - Surprise Discoveries

First aired: Oct/05/2007

First, self-proclaimed eccentric Arthur Kole gets a pleasant surprise when he moves in to his 8,000-square-foot home in Newburgh, N.Y. There are two safes that are begging to be opened, but when he starts finding caskets, his surprise turns into a "grave mystery." Next, Gayle and Paul Smith think it's strange that their 1896 Priest River, Idaho, log cabin is made from square logs, but they are thrilled to discover that their odd-shaped walls are a great hiding spot for treasure. Then, Jean and Gordon Avery love that their 1864 farmhouse in Eastham, Mass., overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, but they never expected to find part of a whale in their yard! Finally, sometimes you just don't know what your own family is up to. That is what happened to Fairmont, W.Va., homeowners Irene and Mike Shaw when they bought their family home and discovered that their aunt was leading a double life.

206 :15x11 - Basement Bonanza

First aired: Nov/13/2007

First, finding an antique tapestry in the basement of Valentine and Joe Iamartino's home in Thompson, Conn., touches off a mystery. Next, Joan and Sal Chandon's 1757 Colonial in Fairfield, Pa., has a distinguished past as being one of the oldest taverns in the country. The 9,800-square-foot home also had some distinguished visitors, including a US President, a Civil War general and one of the most quoted men in history. Then, Mary and Rich Nourse are thrilled to discover a stash of colorful love letters from a persistent suitor that were tucked away by the woman who once lived in their 1886 Italianate home in Sierra City, Calif. Finally, a mysterious staircase in a Newburyport, Mass., home sends owner Nancy Haverington searching for more clues about her very old house.

207 :15x12 - Historical Surprises

First aired: Nov/29/2007

First, Natalie Campisi and Jerry Farrell's 1896 cottage in Wallingford, Conn., came complete with an intricate fireplace sculpture and grand piano in the living room, but the couple can't figure out why the floor in that room is different. Next, Patricia and Andy Wilson were feeling studious when they decided to buy a 140-year-old schoolhouse in Fort Hunter, N.Y., and make it their home. They had no idea that along with the desks and blackboards, they'd get a real history lesson. Then, finding all sorts of potions, powders and medicines in their Chester, Conn., home made Virginia Carmany and Isaac Ruiz suspect there might have once been a doctor in the house—and it looks like his favorite treatment was whiskey. Finally, he's one of the most recognizable faces in America, but Shirley and George Curry didn't expect to see his face anywhere but on a one-dollar bill. So when he turns up in their 1866 prairie-style home in Humboldt, Iowa, they know they have a mystery of presidential proportions.

208 :15x13 - The Crime Castle

First aired: Nov/22/2007

First, Warwick, R.I., homeowner Bill Nixon's 1901 Colonial came complete with a secret underground concrete room, an escape tunnel and bullet marks on the walls. When Bill finds out his house was once nicknamed "the crime castle," he begins to research the home's past and comes up with a surprising link to a prohibition rum runner and the mob. Next, Lyn and Ron O'Callaghan find clues to the past all over their 1790s home in New Hampton, N.H., but can't determine if it was once a post office, a tavern or a stagecoach stop. Then, homeowners Peggy and Howard Levine are happy to know that countless lives had been saved in their home, but they get a little creeped out when they discover a morgue in the basement. Finally, Ruth and Tom Zwierzelewski's Queen Anne in Scottdale, Pa., came with an unexpected feature—a giant electrical switch looming over the bathtub.

209 :16x01 - Cracking Open the Past

First aired: Nov/07/2007

First, it may be remote but Cripple Creek, Colo., is like a mecca to followers of a famous astrologer who lived in the small mountain town until the day she disappeared into thin air. When Janice and Rick Wood moved into her 1898 brownstone, they were astonished at what they found inside. Next, the 1700s Colonial of Maryan and Jeffry Muthersbaugh was so dilapidated they were happy just to get the layers of outrageous wallpaper down. So imagine their surprise when they discover their home has a link to old Hollywood and a mysterious safe. Then, when Robert Williams and Heike Grigsby first find pieces of glass in the attic of their 1899 Victorian in Montgomery, N.Y., they figure they have a lot of cleaning up to do. When the glass is held up to the light they discover it is not trash at all—and that is just the beginning. Finally, we return to the Muthersbaughs' house to see an expert safe-cracker open that basement safe.

210 :16x02 - Mystery On The Menu

First aired: Oct/08/2007

First, when John Holst finds shot glasses and dice in his 1800s Victorian in Williams, Ariz., he thinks that the building might have once been a saloon or gambling joint, but a mysterious find makes him realize it has also been a brothel. Next, when Pat Kalba discovers a carved gargoyle, fireplace mantel and tiny faces throughout her house, she knows the 1915 Dutch Colonial in New Haven, Conn., must have an interesting past. Then, the scary attic of a 1874 Italianate in Red Oak, Iowa, has been hiding family secrets for decades because no one wants to go inside. Jennifer Boeye finally convinces husband Bill to explore the forgotten area, and they find a treasure trove of Bill's family history. Finally, for years Leigh and Stewart Shepse heard that his ancestors struck it rich in the California gold rush, and they find proof in the attic of their 1902 Nevada City, Calif., family home.

211 :16x03 - Blueprints, Booze and Mystery

First aired: Aug/26/2007

First, this Syracuse, Ind., 1940s summer cottage came with a stash of blueprints, booze and a mystery. When owner Georgia Ernst gets to the bottom of it, she finds her home connected to an inventor who founded a company that's worth billions! Next, Sandy Spector has put years of renovation into her 1855 Greek revival in Stoughton, Mass., and finds a plethora of interesting objects along the way. Then, imagine moving into a home and finding mysterious X's drawn in places where no one was supposed to look. Pam and Mike Davis did just that when they moved into their 1783 farmhouse in Sandy Hook, Conn., and are dying to find out who put them there and why. Finally, Anne and Damian Putney are shocked when they uncover a hidden staircase, pocket door and butler's pantry—but when a boxing glove falls out of the ceiling, they know they have to find out the history of their home. Luckily their neighbors are well educated on the past, and along with the original blueprints of their 1905 Spokane, Wash., bungalow, they learn all about the last 100 years.

212 :16x04 - Multiple Mysteries Revealed

First aired: Unknown

First, when Sherri and Matt DiDuro buy several pieces of furniture from the previous owners of their Geneva, N.Y., home they don't expect to find remnants of a mystery and a Miracle. Papers and an advertisement they find in a desk confirm that the previous owners were the inventors of Miracle-Gro. Next, Jane and Bill Moore searched their house for 10 years while restoring their Greensboro, N.C., Italian farmhouse but end up finding clues to its past buried in the backyard. Then, Heather and Mark Schmidt have a lot of room for a mystery on their seven-acre property in Covington, Ky., and that is exactly what they find. They are shocked to learn their home was once a monastery where monks made their own wine from the acres of vineyards surrounding the 1830s house. Finally, finding hand-forged nails and shoes in their 1796 Vassalboro, Maine, farmhouse isn't as shocking to Elaine Crawford and Dick Kelly as what they discover in their workshop and secret attic room. A hand-woven rug and abolitionist pamphlet in the attic makes Elaine think their house may have once been a part of the Underground Railroad.

213 :16x05 - Secrets Exposed

First aired: Nov/16/2007

First, imagine buying a mansion that looks like it came out of a Hollywood mystery and then finding a real mystery hidden inside. That's what happens to New Haven, Conn., homeowners Carolyn and Ian Christmann when they discover a sensational story of love, betrayal and a loaded gun in their house! Next, the unique stone archway, tin candle mold, family bible and dozens of photos Barbara and Jay Klehfoth find in their 1835 Federal row house in Centerville, Ind., teach them a lesson in history. Then, Deena and Tim Kinkeade's 1904 Queen Anne in the small town of Moscow, Idaho, isn't exactly where you'd expect to find evidence of great wealth, but that's exactly what they found in their new fixer-upper, and it all starts with a token worth 10 cents. Finally, every homeowner dreams they'll discover something really valuable in their new house—and it looks like Carolyn and Ian Christmann have discovered a lot. An expert is called in to put a value on their discoveries and they find out what they thought might be trash is worth about $22,000.

214 :16x06 - Previous Owners' Surprises

First aired: Dec/26/2007

First, when Larry Johnson moves into a spacious craftsman in Hickory, N.C., he discovers a mysterious name that keeps coming up everywhere! A basement full of home movies helps fill in the blanks, but then he finds some titles that shock him. Next, Amy and Curtis Woods' new home in Chester, W. Va., is huge, but it doesn't take them long to realize it is full of fancy features. Then, owner Robert Shaffer thought his 1830s Queen Anne Victorian had nearly 200 years of secrets go up in smoke. But the fire uncovers original artwork by a famous American artist underneath wallpaper, and Robert is able to hire an art historian to restore it. Finally, Lynette and Scott Chandler knew they found something special in their Boise, Idaho, Colonial revival when they learn it was made out of solid granite. But when they find a natural hot spring out back that supplies their home with heat, they begin to wonder about the previous owners, who were ahead of their time.

215 :16x07 - Norman Rockwell House

First aired: Nov/27/2007

First, no one knew it, but a bizarre mystery that would send shock waves through the art world was hidden in the Arlington, Vt., family home of brothers Don and Dave Trachte. It involves art forgery, a secret compartment and a painting worth millions. Next, it wasn't uncommon for people of earlier generations to have many different skills but "jack-of-all-trades" doesn't even begin to describe the man who once lived in the home of Missy and Kevin Krulik in Lebanon, Ind. Then, Linda and Jim See's 1904 Colonial revival in Wallace, Idaho, came with fancy inlaid floors and handpainted tile. That makes them wonder who could have afforded such luxuries? Finally, it is a story the art world is still talking about. A forgery of a Norman Rockwell painting that's so perfect, even the museum couldn't prove it was a fake. When brothers Don and Dave Trachte find the missing original hidden behind a false wall by their father, they are determined to find out how much the missing masterpiece is worth.

216 :16x08 - Uncovering Home Histories

First aired: Oct/29/2007

First, Emily and Robert Caldwell had a lot of restoration work to do when they first bought their 1804 Georgian Colonial in Hebron, Maine. When they find antique books, an 1870s secretary desk, and a bayonet around their property, they can't help but wonder how they all connect. Next, when Lori and Derrill Rice bought a charming log cabin village in Elkin, N.C., they got a big surprise — a treasure hunt behind every door. Then, Cathie Hiltbrand makes an explosive discovery in in her 1837 Victorian Colonial in Dover, Ohio, when she notices a wooden box marked "dynamite" in a corner of her basement. She is relieved to find the box full of 1800s kitchen tools instead of explosives, but her curiosity overcomes her and she sets off to find out more about the history of her home. Finally, when William Adams and Robert Gaudette bought their 1740s Gregorian home in Seekonk, Mass., it was being used as an antique store. While turning the building back into a home, they come across several items from the past that help them uncover their home's history.

217 :16x09 - Hidden Clues to the Past

First aired: Oct/16/2007

First, while exploring the turret of her 1910 Queen Anne Victorian in Van Buren, Maine, Susan Bouchard finds a pair of portraits, a calendar and business cards stashed away. Then she discovers a cognac bottle labeled "holy water" in the liquor cabinet and becomes overwhelmed with curiosity about the people who used to live in her house. Next, Kathleen Lusk Brooke and her husband, George, love that their home was built with elegant and expensive materials, but they wonder how they got to the small New England town of Mattapoisett, Mass., and who could afford to put them there. Then, Monty Dixon thought everything in her Belleville, Ill., home was sold in an estate sale before she moved in, but it turns out that there are still treasures lurking in the dark basement. Finally, when Sharon and Dave Oster bought their dream home in Boise, Idaho, they never expected to find whiskey bottles under the floorboards and a secret room in the basement.

218 :16x10 - Time Capsules

First aired: Dec/19/2007

First, Kris and Bob Garrison are shocked to discover that the original owner of their Queen Anne Victorian in Jennings, Ms., was a wealthy inventor who left behind some of the secrets of his craft. Next, imagine trying to uncover the history of your log-cabin house, but instead stumbling into a find that could change history. That is exactly what happens to Cascade, Idaho, homeowners Diana and Barry Bryant when they discover a stash of valuable tools on their property. Then, Tonyea and Terry Kellison knew the previous owners of their Salem, Ohio, home had a sense of humor when they noticed their walls had some interesting additions pasted into the wallpapered scenes. Finally, while restoring their nearly 200-year-old home in Rockland, Mass., Molly and Frank Schnabel knew they were bound to come across something interesting, but they weren't expecting to discover a virtual time capsule from 1860.

219 :16x11 - Keys to the Past

First aired: Dec/04/2007

First, when Mary and Hal Burgan discover a travel trunk full of photos and 16mm film reels of vacation footage in the attic of their Mount Vernon, Ill., Queen Anne Victorian, they realize that the previous owners must have led a life of luxury. Next, since Eric Decibus restores houses for a living he isn't too surprised to find old bottles, a newspaper and a civil war hat in the floors of his 1840s Colonial in Lambertville, N.J., But when he unearths a famous well from the early 1700s underneath his kitchen cabinets, he isn't the only one that is shocked. Then, when Lestar Martin's great aunt left him her 1848 Greek revival in Gibsland, La., he knew he was bound to come across something interesting — but he never expected to find a connection to a presidential assassin! Finally, the Richmond, Ind., home of Jill and Kris Nelson is a strangely modern old house with details that just don't add up. The couple never would have guessed that finding old light fixtures and hardware would be the "key" to uncovering its important past.

220 :16x12 - Hidden Treasures Abound

First aired: Nov/21/2007

First, Terry and Jim Baker of Kirkwood, Mo., discover that their house was a hideout for famous criminal, Pretty Boy Floyd. While cleaning out the backyard, Jim finds tokens of the past and an unforgettable story about what used to be hidden back Next, it took James Leach years to discover all the secret passageways, tunnels and ornate features throughout his Gothic revival castle in Newport, R.I. Then, when Mona and Craig Farley moved into their 1903 Greek revival in Minden, LA, they were shocked to see the library filled with antique books. Little did they know there was much more to find. Finally, Gary Palochko fell in love with this seaside Colonial in Provincetown, Mass., when he learned the kitchen ceiling was made out of wood from shipwrecks. When he discovers a whale's tooth and 1800s documents hidden upstairs, he has a feeling the previous owner's connection to the sea goes further than the kitchen.

221 :16x13 - Curious Home Finds

First aired: Dec/11/2007

First, Tom Cipriano of Scranton, Pa., is lucky enough to have access to firsthand information of his home's past that come in handy when he finds a locked safe. He is thrilled to discover the key to the mystery is hidden inside the safe. Next, the strange thing about Paula and Dennis Calvert's 1930s Tudor in Highland, Ill., is not that it sat abandoned for 12 years, but that it looked like someone was still living there. When the couple moved in, there were still toothbrushes in the holders, food in the pantry, books in the library and an attic full of treasures. Then, after nearly 100 years, Robin and Tom Ericson's Guernsey, Wyo., bungalow needs a facelift. When their renovation begins, strange hardware and a bizarre stash of razorblades tell the story of the home's curious past. Finally, when Kenny Koonce moves into his Shreveport, La., bungalow, there's nothing left — not even the crystal on the chandelier! So when Kenny finds a box of fancy antique hats and books on manners in the eaves he is thrilled to still have a small piece of his home's history.

222 :17x01 - House Mysteries Revealed

First aired: Dec/12/2007

First, when Maria and Jeff Saperstein moved into their 8,000-square-foot home, they knew they had something special. With crooked chimneys, round rooms and a strange plaque on their roof, the search was on to uncover the stories behind their house. Next, newlyweds Julie and Andrew Kizlinski were bent on buying an older home to restore. Little did they know that an 1884 farmhouse would be the king of all renovation challenges. Then, after years of working in the rat race, Linda and Wes Matchett found the perfect place to relax and call home in Wolfeboro, N.H. But they had no idea what to think when they found tombstones in their yard as well an old door in the attic revealing a stern warning from the past. Finally, Maria and Jeff Saperstein had no idea they could be hiding a fortune — in plain sight. After discovering that the stained-glass windows at the top of their stairs could be authentic Tiffany windows, they are dying to find out what they could be worth.

223 :17x02 - Hidden Histories Uncovered

First aired: Dec/05/2007

First, when Jessyca and Greg Golembowski bought a dilapidated 1899 Queen Ann Victorian as a "project," they had no idea the real mission would be uncovering its secret past. With its rich leather wall covering, elaborate fireplaces, ornate chandeliers and massive stained-glass windows, they just knew their house had a tale to tell. Next, when Edwin Calderon purchased a Gothic revival in New York, he didn't know it was hiding a past as dramatic as its fairy-tale architecture. After finding a plaque and some interesting objects down in the basement, he goes on a mission to learn the story behind his house. Then, when Wendy and Gregg Moore purchased their dream home, they had no clue about the history that came with it. After renovation work reveals hidden signatures and graffiti throughout the house, they start to piece the puzzle together. Finally, the Golembowski family spent months rehabbing their old Victorian and discovered many treasures along the way. They have been waiting anxiously to see if they've hit the jackpot. Appraiser Cheri Elliott reveals some stunning values on a unique pedestal sink, sparkling chandeliers and those amazing stained-glass windows.

224 :17x03 - Historical Home Surprises

First aired: Jan/02/2008

First, when Denni and Rob Proctor moved into their family's 1865 Gothic revival in Allegan Mich., they thought they knew everything there was to know about the house. So imagine their surprise when they find a mysterious box that ties their home to a famous Civil War general who helped change the course of American history. Next, after discovering a secret chamber in their 1786 Federal Cape-style home, Linda and Dale Straube start digging into the home's history and uncover its scandalous past, along with a stunning link to a U.S. president. Then, it was a find so strange that their realtor told them not to be afraid. When Lisa and Howard Goodman went up to the attic of their 1885 house in Peekskill, N.Y., they got the surprise of a lifetime. Inside their house was another house! After finding a signature on the window and a name on their front steps, the couple learns why another cottage was built in their attic. Finally, appraiser Cherie Elliott takes a look at various items found in the Proctors' house and comes up with some shocking values.

225 :17x04 - Multiple Mysteries Unearthed

First aired: May/30/2007

First, innkeepers Janet Matteucci and her husband, David, fell in love with a Georgian revival in Bethlehem, N.H. But it wasn't just its 7,500 square feet that impressed them. The grand estate came with presidential letters, formal gardens and amazing furnishings. Next, when Pat and Doug McKinnon relocated their family from Germany to Denver, they were excited to find a house with old country charm. Little did they know that lurking behind the walls were unexpected stairways, a hidden door and a secret passage. Then, when Jay Brandow moved into an 1872 Italianate Victorian, he was happy just to be able to get to the bottom of the dozen layers of paint. He had no idea that hidden beneath all the paint was a mystery as deep as Michigan's Great Lakes. A mysterious photo leads to the tale of a ship's captain and his family, along with the story of his tragic shipwreck. Finally, it's back to New Hampshire, where the homeowners find out what some of their treasures are worth.

226 :17x05 - Houses Full of History Lessons

First aired: Oct/04/2007

First, when Marcela and Steve Gross moved into their 1805 Federal-style home, they discovered that the past owners had left lots of things behind, including two sets of Victorian chairs and a handmade cabinet. But it was the clues in their barn that helped them learn about an inventor who lived in the house and why their property was known as "Graceland." Next, when Michele and Michael Hills went on a mission to turn an old church into their home in Pittsburgh, they knew they were bound to get a few surprises. They had no idea they would get a full-fledged history lesson in the process. Then, when Mary Beth and Carl Slemp first saw the 10-acre farmhouse in Lapeer Mich., they thought it was very charming. When they found out what was buried underneath, their interest was piqued even more. Finally, we return to the Gross home, where they learn about the well-rounded man who purchased it in 1894. The house stayed in his family for generations, each leaving stuff behind in the barn and attic. Now they are wondering what it's all worth. An expert stops by to give them the shocking news.

227 :17x06 - Medical Mysteries Found

First aired: Oct/10/2007

First, when Kathy and Joe Spear moved into their 19th-century farmhouse, they had no idea what was in store for them. Joe grew up in the house, so he thought he knew it inside and out. But he was wrong. Soon after the couple moved in, they found tons of antique furniture and a name linking their home to an infamous pirate. Next, after moving into their 1892 Grand Victorian home, Maura and Ed Burgess had no idea that the house was busting at the seams with history. That was until a renovation project turned up medical journals and a strange drain in the middle of their dining-room floor. Then, soon after Mike and Betsy Rutkowski moved into their 200-year-old home in Fairfax, Va., they started to hear stories about a Civil War ghost that haunted their house. They didn't think anything of it until they found a bloodstain on their dining-room floor and a Civil War bullet in their yard. They soon learned their house used to be a makeshift hospital during the war, as well as an Underground Railroad hideout. Finally, when the Spears took over a farmhouse from Joe's parents, they discovered it had been hiding a secret past for over a century. They knew the home was built in 1880 and that the furniture they found dated that far back as well. But is its monetary value worth as much as its historical value? Appraiser Elyse Luray intends to find out.

228 :17x07 - Past Secrets Resurface

First aired: Dec/18/2007

First, John Gile was on a mission to find his family home, and when he finally found it, he was overwhelmed with the secrets his ancestors left behind. After tracing through his family tree and uncovering a 13-star flag, oil portraits and a rifle, he learns that his home is linked to a Civil War mystery. Next, when Charlotte and Tom Herrmann's dream house finally went on the market, they quickly snatched it up, but as soon as they moved in, they began to take notice of strange medallions and carvings lurking at every corner. Then, when Melissa and Jason Archibald moved into their 1850s home, they had no idea the home's tragic past would be revealed in the woodwork. It wasn't until they started tearing down walls that secrets from the past would come pouring out, including two guns. They learn about a heroic sheriff who once lived in the house and how his death was a huge blow to the entire community. Finally, we return to the home of John Gile, who was thrilled to be able to trace his 300-year-old Colonial back to his ancestors. He was even more excited about finding out if some of their old belongings could be valuable.

229 :17x08 - Pieces of the Past

First aired: Oct/18/2007

Pieces of the Past
First, when a lakefront home in Michigan went on sale, Patti and Ken Bing snatched up the old place and began sprucing it up. They had no idea a collection of left-behind items would pave the way to a very interesting past. In their search for answers, they learn that their home is connected to the biggest zoo in the United States. Next, when Craig Melichar and Mike Masciantonio moved into their 1830s farmhouse, it looked as if the history had been stripped away. But that all changed when they started digging up pieces of the past in their very own backyard. Then, Sue Hamblen knew she wanted an old house to make her own, but she never dreamed about the massive amount of history that would come along with it. After finding a Civil War uniform button and a mysterious trap door leading to a tunnel system, she discovers that her home played a secret role in two different wars! Back at the Bings' place, they discover that their craftsman home was once the site of the largest private zoo in America. But is their zoo of funky furniture also a gold mine? An expert takes a look.

230 :17x09 - Hidden History

First aired: Dec/25/2007

First, when Karen Kiefer bought her old family home in Scottdale, Penn., she didn't know exactly just how much history lived there. That was until she came across some hidden diaries that linked her family to a famous general. Next, Patty and Chris Tait had a lot of renovation work to do when they moved into their 19th-century Greek revival farmhouse. As they were working on the house, they found strange items buried in the yard that uncovered mysteries from the past, including a link to a US president. Then, when they were kids, Amy and Greg Wilson dreamed of living in the 1910 Victorian they now own. As they were fixing it up, they found a bottle of moonshine, license plates and a box of medicine. But imagine their surprise when strangers dropped by and told them they were born in the house. Finally, As Karen Kiefer fixed up her family's 100- year-old home, she found paintings by artists whose works now hang in the Smithsonian, along with a Civil War sword and fixtures that might be true Tiffany lamps.

231 :17x10 - Antique Finds Abound

First aired: Oct/26/2007

First, Nancy Sweet and her daughter Susan moved into a mountain-high Colorado dream home when Nancy remarried. They knew it was gorgeous on the inside and out, but when they began to find treasures left behind, they figured out that this place was hiding a mystery. Next, when Lou and Rick Gibson moved into their country cottage in Baltimore, Md., they loved every inch of it — that was until they went into the basement and discovered human bones! And that was just the tip of the iceberg. Then, Nancy Yorinks and Patrick Carter bought their 1892 Victorian in Moscow, Idaho, to suit their growing family, but they had no idea their house was busting at the seams with history. While renovating their kitchen, letters, medical journals, spoons and shoes came pouring out of the walls. Finally, we return to the Sweet house to find out what the rare furnishings, antique rugs and classic car are worth. Appraiser Eron Johnson is on the case.

232 :17x11 - Historic Home Discoveries

First aired: Nov/28/2007

First, when Bonnie and Stratton Hicky first moved into their 1822 Greek revival in Madison, Ga., they thought they knew the whole story behind their historic home because it had been in their family for generations. But when they started discovering artifacts such as a walnut bedroom set, paintings and even a desk with a secret compartment, their family secrets started revealing themselves. Next, when Margaret and Kevin Hluch decided to take on the challenges of transforming an 1890 commercial building in Frederick, Md., into a creative living and working space, they never imagined they would be uncovering a mystery as well. But when they found a stone engraved, "Pythian Castle, 1921," a book of ceremonies, and an actual stage — complete with lighting — they grew curious about their home's past. Then, Jami and Tom Hollenbaugh thought they had found the perfect home in Irvona, Penn., for raising their family. But when they started discovering hundreds of bricks in the yard of their wooden house, a pair of glasses and a tombstone with the name Thomson on it, they were about to learn they got more than they bargained for. Finally, appraiser Elyse Luray, former auctioneer at the famed Christie's Auction House, visits the Hickys to see if what their finds are worth.

233 :17x12 - Ancient Clues From the Past

First aired: Nov/02/2007

First, when Beth and B.C. Wyatt inherited their 1780s family home in Cynthiana, Ky., they also inherited a house full of clutter. But as they worked their way through each room, they started realizing some of the "clutter" might actually be priceless family heirlooms. Next, when Dale and Mike Heath first laid eyes on this 1849 Greek revival in Wetumpka, Ala., they immediately saw its potential. And when they ventured up to the attic, they discovered a trunk full of stuff, including a bundle of old letters, that told them they were getting a glimpse into the life of an Army ladies' man. Then, William Wakeley and Matt Galla didn't even have to set foot in this century-old home in Pittsburgh to know it was exactly what they were looking for — it only took a picture on a website to know they had to have it. But when they discovered steel beams stamped "Carnegie," a hard hat and various construction signs, it made them curious about their house's past. Finally, back at the Wyatts' house, appraiser Elyse Luray, former auctioneer at the famed Christie's Auction House, stops by to see if the family artifacts hold any monetary value.

234 :17x13 - Homes' Histories Come to Life

First aired: Aug/24/2007

First, when Jenny and George Ragsdale got the chance to buy a sprawling 100-year-old estate in Jamestown, N.C., they knew they'd be saving a piece of history. But they had no idea that along with the house, they'd be saving collections that could be priceless. Next, Pattie and Jim Prewitt moved into an old Navasota, Texas, home that had been abandoned and run down for years. As they were working to restore its natural beauty, the couple uncovered paintings, a baby swing and toys, in addition to an old suitcase, filled to the brim with history. Then, when Laurie Dumas got the chance to purchase a 100-year-old Colonial that she had admired for years, she jumped at the opportunity. It wasn't until she married her husband, Jeff, a few years later that the home's history would come to life. Finally, back at the Ragsdale house, more items from past generations surface. Elyse Luray, former appraiser and the famed Christie's Auction House, drops by to take a look at the loot.