In Living Color

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
96 05x01 16/Sep/1993 Ike Strikes Back
98 05x03 30/Sep/1993 Ike Turner and Hooch
99 05x04 07/Oct/1993 Unpoetic Justice
100 05x05 14/Oct/1993 The Irish Singer
101 05x06 21/Oct/1993 Droop! There It Is
102 05x07 28/Oct/1993 Circus of the Black Stars
103 05x08 04/Nov/1993 Sam Kinison: Live From Hell
104 05x09 11/Nov/1993 All Up In The Family
105 05x10 18/Nov/1993 Wile E Coyote on Trial
106 05x11 02/Dec/1993 Umbilical Barry
107 05x12 16/Dec/1993 Mary Tyler Mo
108 05x13 30/Dec/1993 Wheel of Dozens
109 05x14 13/Jan/1994 The Gangasta Group
111 05x16 03/Feb/1994 Hemorrhoid Guy
112 05x17 10/Feb/1994 The White League
114 05x19 24/Feb/1994 Dirty Dozens Tournament of Champions
115 05x20 10/Mar/1994 Thugs
116 05x21 24/Mar/1994 Infomercial Awards
117 05x22 07/Apr/1994 Sweet Tooth Jones
119 05x24 05/May/1994 Ace and Main Man Meet Salt n Pepa
120 05x25 12/May/1994 The Scary Larry Show

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