In Search of.....

In Search of.....

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Final: 7x08 -- Shroud / Alien / Faith (Nov/22/2002)

Leonard NimoyLeonard Nimoy
As Host/Narrator (1976-1982)
Mitch PileggiMitch Pileggi
As Host/Narrator (2000)

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1x25: In Search of Ancient Mysteries recap: Serling talks about the Nazca Lines and how aliens might have created it and colonized the area. The documentary then shows real footage and photos of the Nazca lines from above the sky. Serling then mentions Homer’s Illiad from one archaeologist may not have been a myth but real. The archaeologist refers to (but doesn’t mentions) is Heinrich Schliemann.. read more.

5x21: The Hindenburg Mystery recap: Nimoy retells the story of the Hindenburg tragedy. He mentions that there was a large hangar used for large ships like the Hinderburg. He says Count Zeppelin and his company is responsible for the building of the Hindenburg. He says ships like Graf Zeppelin helped to gain wide interests in new airships that would be faster. By 1934, he says the largest airship was being built the Hindenburg. He says a special hangar had to be built for the large ship. He also mentions that the creator of the Hindenburg, Hugo Eckener actually wanted to use helium which was safer than hydrogen... read more.

5x12: Laugh Therapy recap: Nimoy starts the episode by showing different placebos or experiments over the course of history that seem to have help people in need. He shows one man in India having his wrists burned and then bandaged as part of his therapy. He then tells the viewer that in the turn of the century a strange device that emitted a blue spark was used to cure people. A man named Dr. AK Shapiro is interviewed and explains the placebo effect (something that has no medical basis yet helps people). Dr. Shapiro shows his bizarre collection of placebos to the viewer everything from unicorn corns to leeches he has collected... read more.

4x23: Glenn Miller recap: Nimoy talks about the December 15, 1944 and how Glenn Miller serving in the Army Aircorp band takes an invitation to play in France. Despite terrible weather, Miller decides to take the flight to Paris... read more.

4x11: D.B. Cooper recap: Nimoy recalls the case of DB Cooper who skyjacked a Boeing plane and allegedly got away with $200,000. Nimoy starts explains the beginning of the case. In Thanksgiving Eve , Flight 305 stopped of in Portland. A man identifying himself as Dan Cooper purchases a ticket for the last leg of the flight to Seattle. A 2:30 pm boarding began and Cooper got to his seat. Cooper then sent a note to the flight stewardess saying that he had a bomb. The stewardess told the captain who then communicated Cooper’s crime to the FBI and FAA. Unsure of whether Cooper was bluffing. Richard and Barbara Simmons, two passengers on the flight are interviewed and give their testimony about the events... read more.
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