Invasion of the Christmas Lights

Invasion of the Christmas Lights

This is a Christmas special for the schedule with a twist. Mix X-treme Christmas obsession with neighbours from Hell and you get "INVASION OF THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS"!

Christmas is a time for giving and these X-treme characters believe they are giving a whole load of love and joy to their families, neighbours and community. They don’t realise they are giving some of their neighbours a nightmare from Hell!

We follow our Christmas enthusiasts as they prepare for their biggest and best Christmas yet! Hundreds and thousands of dollars are spent on their Christmas displays each year as they transform their homes into the biggest Christmas display EVER seen in their street, their towns, their country!

They are super competitive and start working from the 1st January each year. For some it means composing music and a digital system their lights move to the beat of and for others miles more extension cords and hundreds of electrical sockets are designed around Disney type features. There is one thing they all have in common, they are OBSESSED.

Not everyone loves the displays, though, some of their neighbours are mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore. Some neighbours call the cops, and some neighbours call their lawyer.

... And they pay the price. Andrew has 32 surveillance cameras around his small plot to ward off vandalism and angry neighbours, and Chris spent $30,000 defending himself but ended up with a conviction for noise from his Christmas music display.

Who knows what will unfold this year as they are determined to Xtreme it up bigger, louder and brighter than ever before and the cameras roll as the drama unfolds. (Source: TLC)

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Prev: 1x05 -- Invasion of the Christmas Lights 2: 2014 - Extreme Christmas Light Decorators (Nov/26/2014)

Invasion of the Christmas Lights 2 takes you inside the world of extreme Christmas light decorators. Join us as we criss-cross the US and visit 6 homes where wizards of light out-do the neighbors and put on holiday displays that make you go: "wow."


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