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Season 8

180 :08x01 - Raise the Devil (1)

Ironside and his officers must unveil the facts of the murder of a woman who was worried about a devilish possession she believed she was under.
Special Guest Stars: Bill Bixby as Dr. Theodore Gallin |
Guest Stars: Carolyn Jones (1) as Justine Cross | Sian Barbara Allen as Susan | Michael Anderson, Jr. as Jeff Hanley (as Michael Anderson, Jr.) | Dane Clark as Mr. Todd | Paul Richards as Earl Jansen |
Co-Guest Stars: Dennis Redfield as Rudy (Rudy Sands) | Virginia Christine as Mrs. Hawkins (Esther Hawkins) | Ben Wright as Mr. Hawkins | Norma Connolly as Lydia Todd | Linda Dano as Katherine | Brett Hadley as Bill | Jackie Russell as Edy | Eric Chase as Neil
Director: Russ Mayberry

181 :08x02 - Raise the Devil (2)

Clues of the murder lead Ironside and his team to a psychiatrist who hypnotizes his patients with criminal purposes.
Special Guest Stars: Bill Bixby as Dr. Theodore Gallin |
Guest Stars: Carolyn Jones (1) as Justine Cross | Sian Barbara Allen as Susan | Michael Anderson, Jr. as Jeff (as Michael Anderson, Jr.) | Dane Clark as Mr. Todd |
Co-Guest Stars: Dennis Redfield as Rudy (Rudy Sands) | John Elerick as Officer Hogan | Dale Ishimoto as Dr. Yamato | Norma Connolly as Lydia Todd | Granville Van Dusen as Doctor | Ron Kolman as Jack | Eric Chase as Neil | Cynthia Mayberry as Young Susan (as Cynthia Ann Mayberry)
Director: Russ Mayberry

182 :08x03 - What's New With Mark?

Mark finally gets his law degree and his first case is defending a killer who claims he acted in self defense. While he negotiates marriage with his girlfriend, Ed decides to help out the Chief by moving in with him when Mark moves out.
Special Guest Stars: Cameron Mitchell (1) as Paul Kincaid |
Guest Stars: Frank Gorshin as Richard Dorian | Joan Pringle as Diana Martin |
Co-Guest Stars: Ned Glass as Milt Kleiner | Jason Wingreen as Sam Novak | Kenneth Tobey as Mahoney | Penny Santon as Madame Kapati | Harlan Warde as Judge | Eric Mason (2) as Garson | Harry Harvey as Elderly Man (as Harry Harvey, Sr.) | Joan Crosby as Counter Woman | Guy Way as Lupo

183 :08x04 - Trial of Terror

Ed discovers that a prime witness in a case is killed, and tries to convince his daughter to testify against a gangster.
Guest Stars: Joan Van Ark as Caroline Ward | Harold Stone as Mike Martine (as Harold J. Stone) | Tom Troupe as Philip Conrad | Pamela Hensley as Debbie Hinden |
Co-Guest Stars: Ted Gehring as Decker | Larry Watson (1) as Sonny Powell | Richard LePore as Frank Steele | Jack Manning as James Ward | Joe E. Tata as Garvey | Stacy Keach, Sr. as Druggist
Director: Russ Mayberry
Writer: Lou Shaw

184 :08x05 - Cross Doublecross

Someone's trying to kill Fran's new boyfriend, a hot-tempered cop, and Ironside soon discovers that he might be responsible for two murders.
Special Guest Stars: Mike Farrell as Len Parsons |
Guest Stars: Gary Lockwood as Jim Marshall | Madlyn Rhue as Amy Frost |
Co-Guest Stars: Darwin Joston as Jamie | Claude Johnson as Ralph Wilber | Buck Young as Stan Frost | Hal Bokar as Man | Martin Speer as Intern |
Uncredited: Lenore Kasdorf as Karen
Director: Don Weis

185 :08x06 - Set-Up: Danger!

A mobster abducts Ironside in the hopes that he'll solve a murder and prove that the mobster isn't responsible... thus preventing a mob war.
Special Guest Stars: John Vernon as Jack Phelps |
Guest Stars: Barry Sullivan as Bruno Roman | Rudy Solari as Eric Roman | Gary Crosby as Marty Simmons |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Richardson as Max Phelps | Pat Renella as Pete Bonner | Casey Kasem as Jim Crutcher | Byron Mabe as Chick Soule | Patsy Garrett as Motel Manager | Cynthia Lane as Selma Roman
Director: Russ Mayberry

186 :08x07 - The Lost Cotillion

Ironside's friend Athena, an elderly woman who is beginning to suffer symptoms of dementia, worries that she may be responsible for several murders in San Francisco.
Special Guest Stars: Dana Andrews (2) as Courteney Eliot |
Guest Stars: Kim Hunter as Athena | Jess Walton as Jennifer | Cesar Romero as Tony Hudson |
Co-Guest Stars: Frank Maxwell as Lt. Rourke | Alan Napier as John | Virginia Gregg as Ellen | Meg Wyllie as Miss Westcott | Charles Macaulay as Jay Endacott | Dennis McCarthy as Dr. Creighton | Eve Brent as Mrs. Creighton | Henry Wills as Stephen Post
Director: Alvin Ganzer
Writer: Walter Black

187 :08x08 - Run Scared

Ironside's granddaughter Peggy Lynch is a street performing mime and witnesses a murder. She goes on the run with her boyfriend for reasons that go beyond the fact that the killer wants her dead.
Guest Stars: Ed Nelson as Joe Lynch | Kathleen Quinlan as Peggy Lynch |
Co-Guest Stars: Bettye Ackerman as Sylvia Harris | Michael Bell (1) as TV Director | Ron Thompson as Jamie | John Lupton as Eliot Harris | Phillip Pine as Store Manager (Saunders) | Louis Quinn as Desk Clerk (Freddie) | Paul Picerni as Armand | Ann Doran as Landlady | Kenneth O'Brien as Leo Gulden | Claire Brennen as Eileen Fields
Director: Don McDougall
Writer: Hindi Brooks

188 :08x09 - Act of Vengeance

An ex-convict out on parole goes after the gang that supposedly killed his son, but Ironside isn't convinced the gang is responsible.
Guest Stars: Paul Burke (1) as Carl Parkos | Kathie Browne as Laverne Parkos |
Co-Guest Stars: Anthony Eisley as Len Harter | Anne Seymour as Carrie Stephens | Scott Colomby as Tony (Tony Parkos) | Ned Romero as Sgt. Keller | Bob Hastings as Paul Carlton | Butch Patrick as Barney Parkos | Paul Berrones as Mario Garcia
Director: David Friedkin

189 :08x10 - The Far Side of the Fence

When Ironside is accused of murdering a dockworker, he sends Ed undercover. Ed discovers that the dead man's brother, a racketeer, wants Ironside dead to get revenge... and wants Ed to finish Ironside off.
Special Guest Stars: Peter Mark Richman as Parker |
Guest Stars: Jim Hutton as Matt Black | Shelley Fabares as Charlotte Black | Elisha Cook as Charley Yager (as Elisha Cook) |
Co-Guest Stars: Lee Paul as Trace | Joan Pringle as Diana Sanger | Albert Popwell as Counterman | W.T. Zacha as Steve | Mario Machado as Commentator | Walt Davis as Patrolman | Troy Melton as Property Officer
Director: David Friedkin
Writer: Judy Burns

190 :08x11 - The Over-the-Hill Blues

A debonair jewel thief, Peter Justin, is out of prison and up to his old tricks. However, Ironside has to clear the man of a false murder charge... even though he knows Peter has four big jewel heists planned.
Guest Stars: Leslie Nielsen as Peter Justin | Beth Brickell as Gillian Simpson | Steve Sandor as Randy Pearce | Beverly Garland as Andrea Reynolds |
Co-Guest Stars: Jack Soo as Sing-Ho | John Milford as Tony Costa | Joan Pringle as Diana Sanger
Director: Don McDougall

191 :08x12 - Speak No Evil

A sniper takes a shot at Ed's friend, a community center worker named Steve Timmins, and Ed soon discovers that Steve is a priest with a record for bucking authority.
Guest Stars: Christopher Connelly as Steve Timmins | Lonny Chapman as Jason Mowbray | Mary Murphy (1) as Cindy Wile |
Co-Guest Stars: Jack Bender as Earl Mowbray | Jean Allison as Mrs. Mowbray | John McLiam as Father Holt | Anne Schedeen as Vicki | Davis Roberts as Lt. Wyatt | Lee Delano as Harris | Frederick Rule as Driver | Christian Juttner as Joey
Director: Don Weis

192 :08x13 - Fall of an Angel

Ironside finds a young boy hiding in his van, and soon discovers that the boy's father is on the run from both sides of the law.
Guest Stars: William Elliott as Williams | Judy Pace as Ellen | Henry Beckman as The Angel | Val Bisoglio as Oscar |
Co-Guest Stars: Joan Pringle as Diana Sanger | Richard X. Slattery as Tiny | Jarrod Johnson (1) as Joey Williams | Casey Kasem as Lab Technician | Allen Jaffe as Bos'n | Victor Millan as Sgt. Torres | Nora Marlowe as Nora Clitterhouse | Joe Renteria as Martinez | Danny Wells as Sallow Fellow
Director: Daniel Haller

193 :08x14 - The Visiting Fireman

Ironside gets a visitor from England: a police inspector in San Francisco for a conference. He offers to help Ironside with a case, but the Chief soon realizes that he knows more than he claims.
Guest Stars: John Williams (1) as Insp. Bill Walston |
Co-Guest Stars: Hedley Mattingly as Doubleday | Keith McConnell as Henry Beamish | Joe George (1) as Barney Rollins (as Joseph George) | Larry J. Blake as Welks | James McCallion as Johnny Lewis | Barry Cahill as Roy Makin | Dianne Harper as Nurse | Jack Denbo as Charles Duval | John Dewey-Carter as Policeman | Alex Rodine as Schmidt | Eric Woods as Boy | Mark Giardino as Reporter
Director: Don Weis

194 :08x15 - The Return of Eleanor Rogers

Ed's new girlfriend, the daughter of a renowned judge, asks Ed to help her father after a series of seeming "accidents."
Guest Stars: Joseph Campanella as Judge John Fredericks | Ina Balin as Eleanor Fredericks | Katherine Cannon as Isabel Fredericks |
Co-Guest Stars: Joseph V. Perry as Mr. Fasari (as Joseph Perry) | Stanley Adams as Joe Menlo | Bill Zuckert as Sergeant Wiley | Ralph Montgomery as Bailiff | Howard Curtis as Frank Wolser | Luanne Roberts as Hooker | Bill Burnside as Detective
Director: Don Weis

195 :08x16 - The Faded Image

Fran ends up badly injured in a college "accident," but Ironside learns that two other girls were similarly hurt and believes someone who knew all three victims is responsible. Meanwhile, the team sits vigil at Fran's bedside, hoping she'll recover.
Guest Stars: Richard Anderson as Dean Glenville | Gary Frank as Ted Glenville | Julie Gregg as Vivian Dorsey | Joan Pringle as Diana Sanger |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Mantee as Prof. Bradford Link | Coleen Gray as Mrs. Glenville | Don 'Red' Barry as Capt. Dennis Barnes (as Donald Barry) | Jordan Rhodes as Dr. Thompson | John Elerick as Officer Daggitt | Elisabeth Brooks as Carole Mapes | James Wheaton as Lt. John Rainey | Bill Garris as Mike Hogan | Frieda Rentie as Nurse Carson
Director: Bruce Kessler
Writer: Mann Rubin

196 :08x17 - A Matter of Life or Death

Ironside's old flame comes to him for help when her husband is killed. A homeless man is arrested for the murder, but Ironside figures someone else is responsible.
Guest Stars: Harris Yulin as Sam North | Whitney Blake as Laura Gaynor | Bert Remsen as Billy Joe | Warren Stevens as Elliott Gaynor | Joan Pringle as Diana Sanger |
Co-Guest Stars: Penny Fuller as Susan Harmon | Sam Chew, Jr. as Alex | John Furlong as Policeman | Jeff De Benning as 2nd Judge | Dorothy Bostwick as 1st Judge | Luke Walker (1) as Clerk
Director: Jeffrey Hayden

197 :08x18 - The Organizer

Ironside, Mark, and Ed go undercover at a hotel hosting a Mob meeting, intending to disrupt the get-together and keep the organizer from forming a new, more powerful Syndicate.
Guest Stars: Pernell Roberts as Harry Blocker | Harry Townes as James Raskin | Johnny Seven as Lt. Carl Reese | Jack Manning as Mr. Rainey | Mitch Davis as Joey Martinque | Steven Marlo as Jack Dubin (as Steve Marlo) | James Chandler as Sheriff Harrison (as Jim Chandler) |
Co-Guest Stars: John Rayner as Officer Regan | Todd Martin (1) as Lacey | Robert Rodriguez as Bell Hop | Barbara Rhoades as Helen
Director: Jerry Jameson

198 :08x19 - The Rolling Y

A young aspiring artist is accused of cattle rustling and Ironside, who has befriended him, comes to his aid. Getting in the way is the artist's father, who doesn't want him wasting his time on something that doesn't make money.
Guest Stars: John Larch as Clint Yarborough | William Katt as Porter Yarborough | Bill Williams (1) as Sheriff Callahan | Shelly Novack as Deputy Earl Muncey |
Co-Guest Stars: William Bramley (1) as Paul Pacheco | Marjorie Battles as Veronica Zradna | Albert Cole as Al Cole | Fred Roberto as Emil Victor (as Federico Roberto)
Director: Don McDougall
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 14, 1967
Ended: January 16, 1975
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