Season 1


When San Francisco Chief of Detectives Robert Ironside is paralyzed by a shot from an unseen sniper, he convinces the Police Commissioner to appoint him a Special Consultant. After assembling a team to help him, Ironside sets out to solve his first case by bringing the sniper to justice.
Guest Stars: Geraldine Brooks as Honor Thompson | Wally Cox as Scoutmaster | Kim Darby as Ellen Wells | David Sheiner as Doctor | Lilia Skala as Sister Agatha | Antonio Fargas as T.D. Harris |
Co-Guest Stars: Gene Lyons as Police Commissioner Randall | Joel Fabiani as Dr. Schley | Ayllene Gibbons as Baby Peggy Marvel | Terrence O'Flaherty as Announcer | Eddie Firestone as Wheels Montana | Grace Lee Whitney as Stripper |
Uncredited: Stuart Margolin as News Show Staff | Tiny Tim as Art House Performer | Harry Basch as unknown | Theodore Marcuse as Bartender at Algiers Tavern | Michael Romanoff as Restaurant Owner | Bruce Garrick as Billy Marting | Frances Stevenson as Policewoman | Ron Kelly as TBD
Director: James Goldstone
Story: Collier Young | Teleplay: Don Mankiewicz

1 :01x01 - Message from Beyond

Ironside and his team investigate a robbery at a racetrack.
Special Guest Stars: James Gregory as Herb Jarman |
Guest Stars: Gene Evans as Al Hayes |
Co-Guest Stars: Gene Lyons as Police Commissioner Randall | George Chandler as George Bently | Ken Lynch as Russ Quinn | Kathleen Freeman as Helga | Kent McCord as Patrolman Kellogg | Larry J. Blake as Auctioneer | Alma Platt as Martha Bently | Bill Dufrene as Communications Officer | Jimmy Joyce as 1st Car Dealer | John McKee (1) as 2nd Car Dealer | Lee Miller (1) as First Man at Race Track | Lou Straley as Man | Dick Russell as Third man | Dallas Mitchell as Desk Sergeant |
Featuring: Madlyn Rhue as Margaret Blackwell ("And" (end credits))
Director: Michael Caffey

2 :01x02 - The Leaf in the Forest

A killer covers his tracks by committing a murder while a serial killer is on the loose in San Francisco stalking women.
Guest Stars: John Larch as Pierre Dupont | Edward Andrews as Mason Baylis |
Co-Guest Stars: Barbara Barrie as Myra Dupont | Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | Henry Beckman as Orator | Lillian Bronson as Esther Garrison | Joe Finnigan as 1st Reporter | Vernon Scott as 2nd Reporter | Robert Ellenstein as Marty | Sean Kennedy (3) as 1st Hippie | John Rubinstein as 2nd Hippie |
Featuring: Bert Freed as Det. Vince Keeley ("And" (end credits))
Director: Leo Penn

3 :01x03 - Dead Man's Tale

To bring in a contract killer, Ironside makes it appear that his most recent target, a crime lord turning state's witness, is still alive.
Guest Stars: Jack Lord (1) as John Trask |
Co-Guest Stars: Susanne Cramer as Tina Masson | Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | Simon Scott as Warren Stuart | Ben Wright as Dr. Leon Chaffee | Byron Morrow as Mr. Gregory | Frank Gerstle as Eddie Burns | John Goddard as Ernie Greco | Stuart Nisbet as Luther Carson | Robert Turnbull as Beeker (as Bob Turnbull)
Director: Don Weis

4 :01x04 - Eat, Drink and Be Buried

Ironside comes to the aid of an old friend, Francesca Kirby, who works on TV and is receiving death threats.
Guest Stars: Lee Grant as Francesca Kirby | Farley Granger as Mitch Kirby |
Co-Guest Stars: Richard Anderson as Darren Sanford | Joanne Medley as Annie Royer | Susanne Benton as Model | Maria Lennard as Doris Keller |
Uncredited: Lee Miller (1) as Shipper | John Lodge as Durant |
Featuring: Quincy Jones as Les Appleton ("And" (end credits))
Director: William Graham
Writer: Tony Barrett

5 :01x05 - The Taker

A close friend of Ironside's in the force is killed, and all the evidence makes it seem that he was on the take. Ironside sets out to prove his innocence and find his killer.
Guest Stars: Peter Mark Richman as Daryll Frazer (as Mark Richman) | Robert Alda as Johnny Utrecht | William Schallert as Simon Arkoff | Jan Shepard as Adrienne May |
Co-Guest Stars: Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Dennis Randall) | Cyril Delevanti as Commodore Wallace | Ernie Anderson as Butler (as Ernest Anderson) | Gail Bonney as 1st Secretary (Randall's Secretary) | Bebe Louie as Weather Official | Barbara Bell Wright as 2nd Secretary (Fraser's Secretary) | Lee Miller (1) as Man | Virgil Frye as Andy Anderson
Writer: Don Weis

6 :01x06 - An Inside Job

Two prisoners break out of their cell and take first Ironside and then Eve hostage.To prevent them from harming anyone, including him and Eve, Ironside has to help them escape police headquarters.
Guest Stars: John Saxon as Carter | Norman Fell as Capt. Lauren | Don Stroud as Bains |
Co-Guest Stars: Harry Hickox as Lt. Gold | Eileen Wesson as Pretty Girl | Cal Bartlett as 1st Officer | John Alvin as Clerk Officer | Ken Renard as Cleaning Man | Robert Karnes as 3rd Policeman | Tyler McVey as TV Man | Michael Harris (2) as Charlie | Will J. White as Moose | Ben Hammer as Flagg | Jim Drum as Willis
Writer: Sy Salkowitz

7 :01x07 - Tagged for Murder

Ed refuses to accept that an apparently accidental death is that, and risk his career to get at the truth.
Guest Stars: Jack Kelly as Johnny Corman | Antoinette Bower as Andra Bellingham | Gene Nelson as Andy Sheldon |
Co-Guest Stars: Bruce Lee as Leon Soo | Marjorie Bennett as Grouchy Hotel Clerk | Roger De Koven as General | Arthur Adams as Doctor | Lenore Kingston as Maid | Bert Freed as Sgt. Cable |
Uncredited: Gene LeBell as Karate Student

8 :01x08 - Let My Brother Go

Star running back Charles "Bat" Masterson has a big family problem - his brother Joe, who has got himself into gamblers for thousands of dollars. Joe's a two-time loser, so when an accident propels lowlife Georgie Main out a window, Bat decides to take the fall, even though it means the end of his football career and probably jail. But Bat has to convince Ironside he's the guilty party, and that may be hard to do.
Guest Stars: Ivan Dixon as Charles "Bat" Masterson |
Co-Guest Stars: Ena Hartman as Betty Masterson | Peter Mamakos as Georgie Main | Don Marshall (1) as Joe Masterson | Maidie Norman as Natalie Masterson | Kirk Kirksey as Ernie | James Lasane as Ralph | John Sebastian as Ed Harris | Robert Pearson as Bake
Director: Don Weis

9 :01x09 - Light at the End of the Journey

A man hires a detective to locate his estranged wife, so she can sign papers relating to their shared business venture. She's willing to sign them; they mean a deal that will net both parties millions. So when the detective is murdered, Ironside is at a loss for an explanation. But he went through the academy with the man, and won't give up. His one advantage may be a witness - the elevator doors opened onto the murder scene. But when Ironside finds the witness and realizes she's blind, he's stymied. Or is he?
Special Guest Stars: Robert Reed as Jerry Pierson |
Guest Stars: Katherine Crawford as Norma Wells |
Co-Guest Stars: Bill Fletcher as Gilroy | Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | Steve Dunne as Ted Bartlett | William Leslie as Waring (as Bill Leslie) | Jeanne Baird as Joan Waring | Arthur Adams as Medical Examiner | Lauren Gilbert as Homicide Sergeant | Jason Wingreen as Bell Captain |
Uncredited: Mike Farrell as Bellhop

10 :01x10 - The Monster of Comus Towers

On the top floor of Comus Towers a collection of art awaits patrons. The alarm goes off, and the guards arrive to find one man unconscious, one man dead, and a valuable painting missing. The thief apparently went out a broken window - or did he enter that way? That means he either climbed thirty stories or somehow flew in fifty mile per hour wind gusts, while carrying a forty-pound work of art. Ironside will have his work cut out for him, and the killer isn't finished...
Guest Stars: Warren Stevens as Howard Comus | David Hartman as Lt. Fitch |
Co-Guest Stars: Joan Huntington as Amanda Stillman | Michael Forest as James Edmond | Donald Buka as Vincent Longo | Kevin Hagen as Owen Simmons | Evi Marandi as Stella Rossi | Renzo Cesana as Enzo Rossi | Harper Flaherty as Herbert Chapman | Jim Creech as Det. Bloch | Jeff Malloy as 3rd Guard
Director: Don Weis

11 :01x11 - The Man Who Believed

Samantha Dain, young and apparently happy, nevertheless takes a fatal plunge from the Golden Gate Bridge 200 feet into the cold bay below. Only Ironside thinks she was murdered, but his chief evidence of this is flimsy at best: a sympathetic note she sent him while he recovered from the injury that left him paralyzed. Bit by bit he works to uncover the ugly truth of her death.
Guest Stars: Guy Stockwell as Paul Bridger | Marcia Strassman as Samantha Dain | Barbara Rhoades as Bonnie Lloyd (and Introducing) |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Constantine as Harry Brancusi | George Furth as Ray Harrison | Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (credit only) | Cliff Potts as Dan Peabody (as Cliff Potter) | Arthur Adams as Dr. Gwynne | Johnny Silver as John Brenner | Bill Welsh as Announcer | Alex Gerry as Dr. Maurice Zelman | June C. Ellis as Nurse | Sharon Harvey as Girl
Director: Anton Leader

12 :01x12 - A Very Cool Hot Car

Car thefts are up, and recoveries down. The Commissioner already forced out the first lieutenant in charge of the investigation, and now his replacement is in trouble. There's one person the commissioner can turn to: Ironside. The first question to answer is where the cars are going. The second might be: are the thieves getting help from the police – from a corrupt officer?
Guest Stars: Bernie Hamilton as Lt. Bill Adams | Arch Johnson as Sgt. John Breen | Jay C. Flippen as Lt. Muldoon |
Co-Guest Stars: Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | Pamela Dunlap as Rosemary Dunne | Michael Fox as Technician | Alice Frost as Mrs. Muldoon | Gail Bonney as Secretary | K.L. Smith as Rafael | Peter Helm as Alfred Dunne (as Peter J. Helm)
Director: James Sheldon
Writer: Luther Davis

13 :01x13 - The Past is Prologue

Ironside attends a graduation party for Tom Stowe, who has put himself through Stamford. Years earlier, Ironside's intervention helped Stowe off the wrong path and motivated him to succeed and achieve. Then one of Ironside's colleagues enters with a warrant naming Wally Stowe, Tom's father, a murderer! It seems that nearly twenty years ago in New York, Wally (then Frank Tomlecek) murdered his employer and fled. Ironside decides to investigate the case, and the more he learns the less he likes what he learns.
Guest Stars: Victor Jory as Wally Stowe / Frank Tomlecek |
Co-Guest Stars: Harrison Ford as Tom Stowe | Jill Donohue as Phyllis Chase | Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | June Vincent as Mrs. Chase | Jean Inness as Dee Stowe | John Hoyt as Malcolm Henderson | John Zaremba as Dr. Michaels | Bartlett Robinson as Atty. Whittier | Chester Jones as Butler | Gail Bonney as Secretary |
Uncredited: Walter Coy as Chief of Police Paul Wilson
Director: Don Weis

14 :01x14 - Girl in the Night

Ed Brown meets a girl, Elaine Moreau, while in Las Vegas working a fugitive warrant. They go back to her place, and suddenly she flees. When Ed runs outside in baffled pursuit, someone hits him over the head, and he wakes up in an alley, wallet missing. Chief Ironside and the team fly out to see him in the hospital, and are inclined to believe Ironside's Las Vegas colleague, who holds that this is some sort of confidence game. But Ed doesn't believe that, and works to convince his friends. It doesn't help that local law enforcement is buried under the high profile killing of prominent local Jim Cardoff.
Guest Stars: Susan Saint James as Elaine Moreau | Steve Carlson as Johnny Foster | Donnelly Rhodes as Joe Varona |
Co-Guest Stars: Joan Staley as Millie O'Neil | Mort Mills as Mike Hennessey | Simon Scott as Jim Cardoff | George Keymas as Stulka | Sarah Marshall (1) as Jan Carlin | Oscar Beregi as Stefan | Laurie Mitchell as Carol Phillips | Craig Huebing as Dr. Evans
Director: Ralph Senensky
Story: Dean Riesner | Teleplay: True Boardman

15 :01x15 - The Fourteenth Runner

Yuri Azneyeff, a champion caliber member of the Russian track team, disappears while training near San Francisco. The Russians turn to the San Francisco Police Department, and the commissioner turns to Robert Ironside. Ironside must decide first whether Azneyeff disappeared on his own, or had help. Then he must decide which of the various interested parties he can actually trust...
Guest Stars: Steve Ihnat as Peter Zarkov | Edward Asner as Marlin Davis | John van Dreelen as Niko Varinya |
Co-Guest Stars: Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | Phillip Chapin as Yuri Alexeyovich Azneyeff | Ingrid Pitt as Irene Novas | Ollie O'Toole as The Undertaker | Lee Miller (1) as The Bartender
Director: Don Weis
Story: Leon Tokatyan | Teleplay: Donn Mullally

16 :01x16 - Force of Arms

Millionaire Marcus Weathers created Second Force in response to what he saw as growing problems with lawlessness and disrespect for authority. Then someone murders his second-in-command, Buck Dennison. Ironside must cooperate with a man he believes is working toward a police state. He has no choice – if the police can't solve this murder, it will strengthen the credibility of Weathers and Second Force. Which might be exactly what the murderer wants...
Guest Stars: Harold Stone as Jim Connolly (as Harold J. Stone) | Gene Raymond as Marcus Weathers | Linden Chiles as Jeff Hanson |
Co-Guest Stars: Diane Brewster as Susan Weathers | Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | George Murdock as Victor Cramer | Les Crane as Himself | Ron Russell as Albie | Frank Gerstle as Buck Dennison (Broderick Dennison) | Cliff Norton as Henry Brink | Arthur Adams as Dr. Gwynne | William Lucking as Thomas Flagg
Director: Anton Leader

17 :01x17 - Memory of an Ice Cream Stick

Mike Benny lies dead on the floor, a mobster who came to the usual bad end. Ironside caught the case – and one of the suspects is Sam Noble, who just got out of prison, had a history with the victim, and saw him just before his death. He's also Sam Noble, the man who befriended a very young Mark Sanger, giving him ice creams and small change. Ironside and his young helper face off over whether Sam Noble has rehabilitated, or has returned to a life of crime.
Guest Stars: Jack Kruschen as Willie Bush |
Co-Guest Stars: Mel Scott as Sam Noble | Ena Hartman as Millie Roberts | Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | Francine York as June | Jim Creech as Detective Garber | Victor Bozeman as 1st Detective | Will J. White as 2nd Detective | Jackie Russell as Kathy
Writer: Sy Salkowitz

18 :01x18 - To Kill a Cop

Detective Sergeant Ed Brown happens to be nearby when he hears an officer needs assistance call. The arrest is of Frank Vincent, a thoroughly unpleasant drunk who starts fights and hates cops. He swears he'll “get even." The next day someone guns down Briggs, one of the officers who arrested Vincent. Did Vincent commit this murder? Ironside isn't sure. Then Connell's car explodes; Connell was the other man who arrested Vincent. Now Ironside is sure – but the only way to prove it might be to put Ed out where Vincent can take the expected shot at him...
Guest Stars: Pernell Roberts as Frank Vincent |
Co-Guest Stars: Ruta Lee as Marian | Parley Baer as Everett Brandt | Anne Whitfield as Helen | Richard Van Vleet as Briggs | Bing Russell as Cal Bristold | Olive Sturgess as Mary Connell | Robert Karnes as Booking Sgt. | Hal Needham as Connell | Dan Currie as 1st Officer
Director: Anton Leader
Teleplay: Donn Mullally

19 :01x19 - The Lonely Hostage

Detective Fred Hickman has a plan for the rest of his life. Unfortunately for policeman Larry Riley, that plan involves $150,000 of a bank's money – and Riley catching a bullet when he tries to interfere. The shooting roused the force; all the escape routes are closed. So Hickman agrees to surrender, but only to Ironside. It's a trick; he intends to use Ironside and his special van, one of the few vehicles that can exit the city unquestioned, to escape to the new life he has planned for himself and his family.
Guest Stars: Robert Lansing as Fred Hickman |
Co-Guest Stars: Kathie Browne as Jane Hickman | Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | Charles Brewer as Larry Reilly | Fabian Dean as Glodder | William Fawcett as Sam Layton | Mike Mahoney (1) as Crandall | Rex Devereaux as The Elegant Drunk

20 :01x20 - The Challenge

Ironside's friend Carl Anderson, a psychologist, has collected examples of art from five San Francisco artists. Following a chess match, he offers Ironside a different challenge: one of the artists is in a dangerous state of mind, where just a slight shift could lead to murder. Forty-eight hours later, Ironside returns to his friend's house. Anderson has been knifed to death, taking to his grave the answer to his tantalizing question. Ironside is more determined than ever to puzzle his way through the artists' minds to the truth.
Guest Stars: Tom Simcox as Brian Turner | Sue Ane Langdon as Rhea Prentiss |
Co-Guest Stars: Nicholas Colasanto as Mike Sellino | Coleen Gray as Ann Kingsley | Noah Keen as Dr. Paul Bragen | Cec Linder as Prof. Carl Anderson | Virginia Grey as Mrs. Meacham
Director: Anton Leader

21 :01x21 - All in a Day's Work

After Ironside correctly guesses the ending to a suspense film in three minutes, the team leaves the theater. Mark and Ed go to retrieve the van, and before they return, two thieves race from a jewelry store. Eve chases them, is fired upon, fires back... and kills one of them – who turns out to be just seventeen years old. Wracked with guilt, she must help the team determine what happened... one last case before she ends her police career.
Guest Stars: Jeanette Nolan as Mrs. Matling |
Co-Guest Stars: Lorraine Gary as Nancy Lewin | Walter Burke as Smiley | Jerry Hausner as Mr. Edwards | Don Hanmer as Artie | Harry Swoger as Raynold | Clyde Howdy as Policeman
Writer: Evan Hunter

22 :01x22 - Something for Nothing

Singer Tommy Cusack made the mistake of borrowing money from racketeer Roy Faber, whom the SFPD has been trying to put away for nearly a decade. Faber knows Cusack can't afford to pay so he sends his lackey Luther Zahn to extract a favor: Cusack's help with a bank robbery. Ironside correctly guesses the nature of the crime Faber's men plan and prevents it. Now Cusack's in a fix. Faber blackballs him from the city's clubs, then sends men to beat him. But Faber's in a fix, too. Cusack knows enough to put him away, if he'll testify. Trouble is, people who testify against Faber seem to develop health and memory problems...
Guest Stars: James Farentino as Tommy Cusack | Susan Saint James as Verna Cusack | Jan Merlin as Luther Zahn |
Co-Guest Stars: Vincent Gardenia as Roy Faber | Paul Mantee as Asst. D.A. Corey | Laurie Main as Harris | Leonard Stone as Hermann
Director: Robert Butler

23 :01x23 - Barbara Who

Barbara, a woman who helped Ironside through his recovery from the attack that paralyzed him, comes to him with a problem: she believes someone is trying to kill her. But she doesn't know who he is or why someone might want her dead – because before a year ago, she has no memory of her past. The police found her, badly beaten and with no memory, and a hospital patched her up, and... no one came looking. Ironside begins looking into her past, eventually discovering her real name... and that she's wanted for murder.
Guest Stars: Vera Miles as Barbara Jones/Lois Richards | Philip Carey as Dick Richards |
Co-Guest Stars: Johnny Seven as Officer Petrizzi | Mark Roberts (3) as Jim Hennessy | Alan Baxter as The Sheriff | Marion Ross as Mrs. Petrizzi (Shirley Petrizzi) | Kiel Martin as Billy Meeker | John Pickard (2) as Ned Morris | Robert Patten as Dr. Carl Banks | Paul Bryar as 2nd Driver | Albert Popwell as 1st Driver | Michael Barbera as Johnny Petrizzi | Glenn M. Weber as Mike Petrizzi |
Uncredited: Susan Olsen as Tracy Richards | William Boyett as Trucker
Director: James Sheldon
Writer: Sy Salkowitz

24 :01x24 - Perfect Crime

At Bay College, Ironside presents a seminar on crime fighting, prompting a common question: what about the perfect crime? Ironside advises the students that looking from the outside it is much easier to see the mistakes of others, and be sure one would not make such blunders. As Ironside leaves campus, a sniper shoots a student. Investigation turns up nothing until Ironside realizes the key to solving this crime depends on discovering the sniper's real motive, which he has masked with some clever misdirection. To flush him out, Ironside uses misdirection of his own.
Guest Stars: Pete Duel as Jonathan Dix (as Peter Dueul) | Brenda Scott as Peggy Fortune | Ron Russell as Larry Wilson |
Co-Guest Stars: Shelly Novack as Roger Simmons | David Lewis (3) as Dean Adam Gabriel | Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | Paul Hough (1) as Byron Shelley Crawford III | Vernon Scott as Frank | Lenny Kahn as Phil | Bill Baldwin as George | Kitty Malone as Attractive Girl
Story: Leonard H. White | Teleplay: Norman Katkov

25 :01x25 - Officer Bobby

Ironside waits to board a plane that will take him to Los Angeles and the National Police Officers Convention, a gathering he has not missed in over twenty years. Just before he boards, the plane explodes! Was someone after Ironside? Or another passenger? After eight grueling hours investigating this explosion, Ironside returns to his van and discovers an abandoned baby and a cryptic note, “Keep my baby until...” Investigating the plane's passengers, Ed Brown discovers an apartment provisioned for a baby, and a picture of the abandoned child. Could the two mysteries be one mystery?
Guest Stars: Nancy Malone as May Evans | Jeanne Cooper as Myra Brinker |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Carr as Harry Higdon | Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | Russ Conway as L.A. Laserman | Sharon Harvey as Stewardess | Sidney Clute as Police Surgeon | Jon Lormer as Tommy | Ron Pinkard as 1st Reporter
Director: James Sheldon

26 :01x26 - Trip to Hashbury

Ed and Eve visit Freddie's, a house steeped in psychedelia, drugs and sex. They're looking for runaways, but Ed finds a lot of trouble, instead. He's accused of using excessive force when Barbara Chase, one of the women living there, is beaten. Worse for him, her father is prominent litigator Eldon Chase. With Ed suspended, Ironside, Eve and Mark must work to discover what really happened. Barbara tells her father she was only there to help people, but is she telling the truth? When Barbara later dies, Ed's problem gets worse and Ironside's investigation gets much harder.
Guest Stars: William Windom as Eldon Chase | Cliff Osmond as Freddie | Monica Lewis as Miss Partridge |
Co-Guest Stars: Stacey Gregg as Patty Larsen (as Stacey Maxwell) | David Macklin as David Wilson | Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | Susan O'Connell as Barbara Chase | Judith M. Brown as Terry | Victor Creatore as Doctor | Cynthia Hull as Kathy | Michael C. Ford (1) as Tag | Jerry Davis (2) as Jeff Harmon | Allan Hunt as Gary | Janice Fischer as Lisa | Elizabeth Germaine as Elsa | Anna Morimoto as Flora | Zoë Ann Leader as Jean | Kres Mersky as Violet
Director: Anton Leader

27 :01x27 - Due Process of Law

Mark's girlfriend is murdered and he seeks out the killer. However, when the chief suspect turns up dead, Mark is arrested for his murder.
Guest Stars: Dwayne Hickman as Archie Bass | David Carradine as Pogo Weems |
Co-Guest Stars: Burr deBenning as Joe Fenway | Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | Carol Booth as Connie Goshen | Parley Baer as Everett Brandt | Roy Glenn as Mr. Tobin | Janee Michelle as Helen Tobin | Barry Cahill as Sgt Miller | Ray Ballard as Dispatcher | Ron Pinkard as Jimmy Bracken
Director: Richard Colla
Writer: Don Brinkley

28 :01x28 - Return of the Hero

Ironside is forced to testify against a friend and his former partner, Vietnam military hero, David Larkin, who is accused of murdering his wife when he finds her with a lover. The Chief tries to make up for it by clearing the man, but Larkin's fellow officers have their own plans to get justice.
Guest Stars: Gary Collins as Capt. David Larkin | Ron Hayes as The Sargeant | Elizabeth Germaine as Receptionist |
Co-Guest Stars: Gavin MacLeod as Daniel Gerber | Joe Turkel as District Attorney (as Joseph Turkel) | Hank Brandt as Paul J. Rutledge | Ned Romero as Kali | Chuck Wood as Mace | Dennis McCarthy as Judge Carlisle
Director: Ralph Senensky
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 14, 1967
Ended: January 16, 1975
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