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Season 5

105 :05x01 - The Priest Killer

A killer goes after local priests and Ironside teams up with Father Samuel Cavanaugh, a former police officer, to bring the murderer to justice.
Guest Stars: George Kennedy as Father Samuel Cavanaugh | Anthony Zerbe as Vincent Wiertel | Louise Latham as Martha Gordon | David Huddleston as Harrison Davis | Regis Cordic as Archbishop (as Regis J. Cordic) |
Co-Guest Stars: Ned Romero as Monsignor | Robert Sampson (1) as Father Dennis McMurtry | Ann Doran as Harriet Miles | Kermit Murdock as Publisher | Peter Brocco as Father Miles | Allison McKay as Woman | Charles Seel as Sacristan | Ron Masak as Michaels |
Uncredited: Thomas Bellin as Mr. LaPlan | Gail Bonney as Josephine McMurtry | Max Gail as Patrolman | Robert Karnes as Hugh O'Flynn | Don Ross as Det. Baker | Robert Shayne as Father Adam Wendell | Fred Slyter as Author | Robert Williams (1) as Tom McMurtry
Director: Richard Colla

106 :05x02 - Contract: Kill Ironside

A determined and methodical assassin comes after Ironside, who takes things personally and goes after the man who wants him dead.
Guest Stars: James Olson as Marvin Bosner |
Co-Guest Stars: Phillip Pine as Joe Rossi | Marion Ross as Gloria Bosner | Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | George N. Neise as Alvin Kresser | Joyce Jameson as Mrs. Akerman | Frank Hotchkiss as John Oliver | Len Wayland as Sgt. Morrison | Ned Wertimer as Tourist | Paul Bryar as Building Manager | Robert Osterloh as Willard Park | Carol Bagdasarian as Stewardess | Renee Tetro as Susie Bosner | Stephen R. Hudis as Eddie Bosner (as Stephen Hudis) | Don Ross as Police Technician | Dallas Mitchell as Detective | Herb Robbins as Bum (as Herb Robins) | Donald Elson as Bomber | Charles P. Thompson as Pop Bosner | Donald Phelps as Hotel Clerk | Richard Poston as Officer In Charge (as Dick Poston)
Director: Don Weis

107 :05x03 - The Professionals

A stolen credit-card gang convince out-of-town visitors to join them for parties, drug them, and steal their credit cards. They're too embarrassed to report anything until it's too late. The Chief gets involved just as one of the victims turns up dead.
Guest Stars: James Drury as Al Young | Johnny Seven as Lt. Carl Reese | Lynette Mettey as Vera | Brett Parker as Vic Hancock | Frieda Rentie as Maid |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeff Morris as Frank Richards | Michael Lerner as Joe Yarby | Michael Baseleon as Gil Peters | Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | Tom Hallick as Billy Mathers | David Frank (1) as Danny Fremont | Lindsay Workman as Mr. Kalemsky (as Lindsay Workman) | Cliff Emmich as Jerry Barker | Claudia Jennings as Maralyn | Jerry Katz as Night Man | Grace Albertson as Angela Hunt
Director: Don Weis
Writer: Sy Salkowitz

108 :05x04 - The Gambling Game

Rookie police officer Fran Belding tries to clear her father, Chief Belding, after he's murdered and all the evidence points to him being in with a gambling racket.
Guest Stars: Bobby Darin as Charlie | Madlyn Rhue as Betty | Van Williams as Sgt. Artie Hawkins | Johnny Seven as Lt. Carl Reese |
Co-Guest Stars: Clifford David as Joe Julian | Donald Woods (1) as Dr. Latham | John Lupton as Eddie Rogers | Russ Conway as Captain Phil Edwards | Richard Angarola as Bernie Wilson | Joseph Corey as Driver | Ralph Smiley as Doorman | Alex Sharp as Justin | Ross Sherman as Dave (Dave Belding)
Director: Don Weis
Writer: Sy Salkowitz

109 :05x06 - Ring of Prayer

When a conman using the occult to swindle his clients for a fortune is denied parole, Ironside investigates and discovers that a medium with real supernatural powers may be involved.
Guest Stars: Barbara Rush as Mme. Jabez | Ray Walston as Walter Butler | Paul Stewart (1) as Ben Hopkins |
Co-Guest Stars: Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | Than Wyenn as Carl Proctor | John Zaremba as Dr. Ward | Ford Rainey as Chairman | James Dobson as Clerk | Lillian Field as Medium
Director: Don Weis
Writer: Jack Morse

110 :05x07 - In the Line of Duty

A local thief kills a respected police officer... or so everyone but Ironside believes.
Guest Stars: Vera Miles as Gloria Campbell | Brandon de Wilde as Christopher |
Co-Guest Stars: Ned Romero as Sgt. Raul Garcia | Ann Doran as Marlene Whittaker | Regina Fenderson as District Attorney Demarest | Ross Elliott as Samuel Cohen | George D. Wallace as Judge Amato (as George Wallace) | Stuart Nisbet as Technician | Stuart Randall (1) as Jack Campbell | Michael Delano as Public Defender Hubert (as Mike De Lano) | Udana Power as Judy | George McCallister Jr. as Johnny | Pamela Galloway as Girl | Daniel Llorens as Boy | Vince Williams (2) as Newscaster | Bill Burnside as Golden Gate Bandit | Fred Lerner as Officer | Kathryn Kelly Wiget as Joanna Malin
Director: Don McDougall
Writer: Mark Rodgers

111 :05x08 - Joss Sticks and Wedding Bells

Ironside learns that the fiancé of his sponsored Korean daughter is in trouble and sets out to help.
Co-Guest Stars: Miko Mayama as Chong Lee | Soon-Tek Oh as Kwangsoo Yung (as Soon-Taik Oh) | Brian Fong as Inchull Kim | Lee Delano as McCandle (as Lee De Lano) | Raymond Mayo as Petey | Dana Elcar as Joe Markham | Jean Byron as Saleslady | Leon Lontoc as Chinese Grocer | Lew Brown as 1st Officer | Buck Young as 2nd Officer
Writer: Martin Roth

112 :05x09 - Murder Impromptu

Ironside and his date are present during an on-stage murder at an improv comedy show, and the Chief finds himself with any number of suspects among the cast and crew.
Guest Stars: Roddy McDowall as Jamie Shannon | Barbara Hale as Marsha Connell | Anne Archer as Myra St. John | Joey Forman as Lennie Blake |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Bell (1) as Seamus Brennan | Bob Hastings as Mort Green | Elaine Giftos as Stephie Parker | Harry Hickox as Harry Arturburn | Barry Cahill as Coroner | Dennis McCarthy as Ralph Tracy | Kathy Kelson as Rosemary | Heather Mccoy as Heather
Director: Don Weis
Story: John McGreevey, Max Hodge | Teleplay: Max Hodge

113 :05x10 - Dear Fran...

Fran's cousin Bobby kills himself by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. His body is never found but a note he left behind suggests that he killed himself because of his unrequited love for her. When Fran starts receiving new notes from Bobby, she wonders if he's still alive... or if someone is trying to punish her for his death.
Co-Guest Stars: Victor Holchak as Ralph Broderick | Anthony James as The Neighbor | Christine Belford as Sue Broderick | M. Emmet Walsh as Telegraph Clerk | Barbara Barnett as English Girl | Tony Brande as Perrone | Peggy Rea as Landlady | James Sikking as Voice Print Officer (as James B. Sikking) | Randy Lane as Delivery Boy | Mona Tera as Little Girl | Allan Ray as Gas Station Attendant
Director: Don Weis
Songs: Billy Goldenberg -- Growing Up is Hard to Do

114 :05x11 - If a Body See a Body

While out for a day in the park, Ed stumbles across a corpse. However, when he goes back later, he discovers that it has disappeared. The Chief orders him to handle a kidnapping case instead and let Homicide handle the report, but they soon discover that the vanishing body and the kidnapping are connected.
Guest Stars: Beth Brickell as Karen Muller | Lee Montgomery as Craig (as Lee Harcourt Montgomery) |
Co-Guest Stars: Warren Berlinger as Joe Muller | Lawrence Casey as Ted Carlson | Brian Avery (2) as Sgt. Larry Carr | Charles Bateman as F.B.I. Agent Bill Murray | Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | Pat Delaney as Sally Carlson | San Christopher as Elizabeth Collin | Bill Zuckert as John Porter Thompson | Gail Peters as Doris Griffin | Fred Holliday as FBI Agent Bob Hill | Barbara Sigel as Photodrop Girl | Robert Dornan as Paul (The Body) (as Robert K. Dornan) | Linda Galloway as Carol Palmer | Guy Lee as Roy Eng | John Mitchum as Photo Lab Foreman | Andy Johnson (2) as Airline Agent | William Benedict as Special Delivery Man
Director: Don McDougall
Writer: Max Hodge

115 :05x12 - Good Samaritan

When a soldier who went AWOL after being accused of a murder helps Ed in a shootout, the team set out to clear his name.
Guest Stars: Michael Callan as William Eller | Warren Stevens as Colonel Orville Hazlett | Don 'Red' Barry as Harry Wilke (as Donald Barry) | Robert Pratt (1) as Cpl. Larry Hayes | Diana Muldaur as Capt. Pauline Daniels |
Co-Guest Stars: D'Urville Martin as Cpl. Lester Howe | Bryan Montgomery as Pfc. Jerry Kovak | Dennis Rucker as Pfc. Jurzyck | Kristin Helmore as WAC Sgt. Mildred Peterson | John Davey as MP | Francisco Ortega as Doctor | Robert Dugan (2) as Technician (as Robert E. Dugan) | Bruce Powers as CID Man

116 :05x13 - Gentle Oaks

When a series of deaths occur at a convalescence retirement home, Ironside goes undercover as a senior citizen to solve the case.
Guest Stars: Ruth Roman as Mary Joyce Skinner | John Carradine as Isiah Witt | Harry Townes as Dr. Philip Perry |
Co-Guest Stars: Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | Jeff Davis (2) as Malcolm Hill | Lynn Hamilton (1) as Nurse Clark | Jon Lormer as Walter Cook | Barry Cahill as Joe Payette | Jason Wingreen as Sgt. Dave Myers | Arthur Hanson as Father Clausen | Jessica H. Jones as Heloise
Director: Robert Clouse

117 :05x14 - License to Kill

Ed becomes involved when an officer is shot and a second officer shoots the first one's murder. Both officers attended the Police Academy with Ed, and he soon suspects that the second murder was a setup.
Guest Stars: David Carradine as Frank Carlson | Roger Perry as Randy Keating | Richard Anderson as Rod Ballard | Jackie Coogan as Buster Logan | James McEachin as Jerry Maxon |
Co-Guest Stars: Gloria Calomee as Iris Maxon | Michael Conrad as Tracy | Amzie Strickland as Landlady | Ralph Manza as Emilio | Keith Walker (1) as Reporter | Art Balinger as Walter Field | Joshua Bryant as Reuben Colter | Tad Horino as Wing Yee | Robert Ito as Sgt. Ikiski | Bob Golden (1) as Henry
Director: Don Weis

118 :05x15 - Class of '57

Ed tracks down a former classmate on the run because of an assault charge. While tracking down the man, Ed runs into Ann Garfield, his first love, and reawakens some old feelings.
Guest Stars: Marlyn Mason as Ann Garfield | Johnny Seven as Lt. Carl Reese |
Co-Guest Stars: Charles Robinson as Bernie Simmons | Gary Crosby as Steve Owen | Fredd Wayne as Arthur Greene | Joseph Hindy as Tony | Alex Henteloff as Frank | Jerry Fogel as Roger Jameson | Carolyne Barry as Connie Richmond (as Carol Shelyne) | Denis Jay as Tom | Christian Juttner as Eddie | Ellen Tucker as Mary
Director: James Neilson

119 :05x16 - No Motive for Murder

Ironside travels to Tokyo to help an old friend Toshio, whose son believes that someone plans to kill him. However, Toshio insists that nothing is wrong despite the fact that an "accident" left him in a wheelchair.
Guest Stars: James Shigeta as Toshio Watari |
Co-Guest Stars: George Takei as Tsutomu Watari | Lloyd Kino as Saburo Tokahisa | Yuki Shimoda as Major (Akuri Nakamura) | Dale Ishimoto as Supervisor (as Ishimoto) | Irvin Paik as Shinji Watari | Bob Okazaki as Watanabe | Kay Shimatsu as Yamashita (as K. Shimatsu)
Writer: Sy Salkowitz

120 :05x17 - But When She Was Bad,...

A bank robber gets out of prison after a five-year sentence and, realizing Ironside won't stop until he finds out where he hid the money, hires a woman to kill the Chief.
Guest Stars: Suzanne Pleshette as Shelly Kingman | Johnny Seven as Lt. Carl Reese | Dane Clark as Roy Lewis |
Co-Guest Stars: Len Lesser as Frank Bender | Antony Carbone as Doctor | Willard Way Eodgers as Police Officer
Director: Corey Allen
Writer: Alvin Boretz

121 :05x18 - Unreasonable Facsimile

Ironside goes after Harry Coltrane, a Hollywood makeup man and a frustrated actor who decided to commit bank robberies. Now Harry is out of jail and a new series of bank robberies are committed with the same MO, but Ironside isn't convinced Harry is responsible.
Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith as Harry Coltrane | Frank Aletter as Frank Clawson |
Co-Guest Stars: Bernie Kopell as George Packer | Susan Seaforth Hayes as Ellen Packer (as Susan Seaforth) | Susan Stafford as Joyce Manion | Myron Healey as Mitch Carlin | Russell Thorson as Elderly Man | Agustin Vallejo as Callaway | Louise Truax as Woman | Rhoda Williams as Landlady
Director: Don Weis

122 :05x19 - Find a Victim

A thief goes after Mob racketeers, who are reluctant to testify because the Mob profits were what were stolen.
Guest Stars: Pat Hingle as Lou Karns | Robert Emhardt as Willford | Paul Winfield as Benson (as Paul E. Winfield) | Morgan Paull as Pete Karns | Charo as The Dancer |
Co-Guest Stars: Mike Road as Storey | John Barbour as Moderator | Norman Leavitt as Peter Ferguson | Philip Kenneally as Frankie Kellner | Jimmy Pelham as Speedy Robbins | George Sawaya as Cabbie | Glen Vernon as Shipley | Dean Smith (1) as Thaler | John Cliff as Johnson | Arthur Tovey as Professor | Fred Lerner as Stanley

123 :05x20 - And Then There Was One

A killer goes after two of Mark's friends using a military-issue hand grenade, and Ironside soon realizes that someone is targeting the members of a Vietnam unit.
Special Guest Stars: Percy Rodriguez as Mohammed (as Percy Rodrigues) |
Guest Stars: Scott Hylands as Joe Grainger |
Co-Guest Stars: Bo Hopkins as Gregg Hewitt | Frank Maxwell as Major Haggerty | Richard Young as Steve Winters | Christine Dixon as Marge Grainger | Felton Perry as Mustafa | Pamela Jones as Helen Potter | Harrison Page as Sid Potter | Vic Tayback as Henry Garrison | Phillip Clark as Vince Atkins | Virginia Gregg as Miss Wilson | Karen Carlson as Gracie Atkins | Wallace Earl as Landlady | John Williams Evans as 1st Detective | Tom Pittman as 2nd Detective | Rick Arnold (1) as Eldon Link
Director: Arnold Laven

124 :05x21 - Death by the Numbers

A dead man turns up with an unidentified numbered disk on his body... and the Commissioner has a similar disk. To ferret out the killer, Ironside poses as an artist who is similarly targeted.
Guest Stars: Jacqueline Scott as Felice Evans | Burr deBenning as Hank Logan | Marilyn Erskine as Mrs. Gordon |
Co-Guest Stars: George Murdock as Jim Peters | Shelly Novack as Matt Newell | Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | William Katt as Jimmy (as Billy Katt) | James McCallion as Bartender | Michael Fox as Dr. Albert Gold | Bobby Bass as Mr. Gordon
Director: Don Weis

125 :05x22 - Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Murder

A young girl believes that she killed a man with witchcraft, and her parents ask their friend Ironside to help.
Special Guest Stars: Rod Serling as Thyros, Witches Shop Keeper |
Guest Stars: John Schuck as Archie Baldwin | Jodie Foster as Pip Barker | Lee Paul as Billy Mahan |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Carr as Gerald Barker | Milton Selzer as Mr. Gold | Anne Whitfield as Carol Barker
Writer: Sy Salkowitz

126 :05x23 - Achilles' Heel

To force a judge to go easy on a tax evader's sentence, he has his men frame the judge's son for murder.
Guest Stars: William Windom as Judge Lawrence Van Buren | Rick Lenz as Larry Van Buren | Johnny Seven as Lt. Carl Reese | Angel Tompkins as Candy Delmar |
Co-Guest Stars: Kerwin Mathews as Paul Arnstein | Bill Fletcher as Ellis Stark | Val Avery as Arnie Hummel | James Douglas (1) as Frank Stilwell | Henry Beckman as Durand | Hilly Hicks as Otis Williams | Ian Wolfe as Sam | Arthur Space as Austen Quill | Alan Dexter as Defense Attorney | Karen Norris as Judge Bell | John Rayner as 2nd Clerk | George Wyner as 1st Clerk | Michael Grayson as Detective (as Michael J. Grayson) | Elena Eileen as Waitress
Director: Raymond Burr

127 :05x24 - His Fiddlers Three

Someone murders a violin tutor at a conservatory and Ironside must sort through the students while analyzing a clue that the murdered man left to one of his pupils.
Guest Stars: Tim Matheson as Darryl Podell | Kathleen Lloyd as Diane Lombard (as Kathy Lloyd) | Paul Koslo as Donald Flood | Collin Wilcox as Elizabeth Flanders (as Collin Wilcox-Horne) |
Co-Guest Stars: Barry Higgins as Jeremy Daniels | Ricky Kelman as Tony Savo (as Rick Kelman) | Kevin Hagen as Anton Beecham | Dita Nicole as Risi Flood | Ken Renard as Mr. Eagles | Pamela Campbell as Girl Student
Director: Alf Kjellin

128 :05x25 - A Man Named Arno

An escaped convict attacks Fran in the office, and a mystery man comes to her help. The next day, the mystery man's wife reports him missing and everything ties into an enigmatic drug dealer.
Special Guest Stars: Anne Francis as Mrs. Moratta |
Guest Stars: Nico Minardos as Ken Griffin |
Co-Guest Stars: Johnny Seven as Lt. Carl Reese | Thomas A. Geas as Moratta (as Tom Geas) | Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | Woodrow Parfrey as Walter Dolan | Sandra Gould as Wife | Aldine King as Peggy Alexander | Louisa Moritz as Bonnie | Karen Bouchard as Kitty Ornell |
Featuring: Robert Karnes as Husband | Howard Lees as Victor Arno
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 14, 1967
Ended: January 16, 1975
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