Season 6

129 :06x01 - Five Days in the Death of Sgt. Brown (1)

Ed is injured in a shooting and a fall that leaves him crippled. While Ironside tries to determine who is responsible, Ed must decide whether to undertake a life-threatening operation.
Starring Roles: E.G. Marshall as Dr. David Craig | David Hartman as Dr. Paul Hunter |
Guest Stars: Vic Morrow as Dr. Ritter | Russell Wiggins as Richard Wells | Stephen Young (1) as Dr. Neal Young | Lincoln Kilpatrick as Maurice | Ed Flanders as Phil MacIver |
Co-Guest Stars: Norman Alden as Frank Harmon | Christina Hart as Jan Ritter | Kathryn Kelly Wiget as Polly MacIver | Scott Walker (1) as Al Bundy | Herb Robins as District Attorney | Mark Giardino as Duff (as Mark M. Giardino) | Kathleen O'Malley as Night Nurse | Gary van Orman as 1st Officer | Alyscia Maxwell as Nurse Thompson | Fran Ryan as Charge Nurse | Ann Doran as Nurse Stern
Director: Leonard Horn

130 :06x02 - The Savage Sentry

A robber goes after two jewelry stores and somehow manages to tame the guard dogs. Suspicion initially falls on the dog trainer, Dunlap, who provided both dogs, but Ironside soon realizes that something more is involved... and gets a dog of his own to break the case.
Guest Stars: Anthony Zerbe as Dunlap | Bo Svenson as Walter M. Taggert | Dana Elcar as George Buckner |
Co-Guest Stars: Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | Mariclare Costello as Mary Ellen Wells | Gilbert Green as Andre Jardin | Gary Wood as Charles Barnes | John Davey as 2nd Trainer | Jessica Rains as Martha Lane
Director: Don Weis

131 :06x03 - Programmed for Panic

Ironside goes on the air to discuss the murder of a 25-year-old art student in a public park... and panic the killer into making a mistake that will let the police get the evidence they need against him.
Guest Stars: James Gregory as TV Presenter | Russell Johnson as Martin Lucas |
Co-Guest Stars: John S. Ragin as Congressman Lowery (James Lowery, as John Ragin) | Scottie MacGregor as Mrs. Pyle | Kres Mersky as Sandy Weiner | Victor Izay as Dr. Bartheim | Maggie Malooly as Rhoda Lucas | Ed Begley, Jr. as Jimmy Sanders | Ivan Bonar as Mr. Bronson | Molly Dodd as Mrs. Mertz | Al Checco as Confessor (Charlie) | Tom Hallick as Director | George Wyner as Tech Director | Jennie Blackton as TV Reporter | Vince Howard as Detective | Fred Lerner as 1st Detective
Director: Daniel Petrie
Writer: Adrian Spies
Songs: Marty Paich -- Yesterday's Love

132 :06x04 - Down Two Roads

After getting his law degree, Mark takes on the case of a friend accused of murder. He soon becomes disillusioned when he discovers that the legal system is stacked against the man and wonders whether he has made the right choice for his life.
Guest Stars: Eugene Roche as Marty Chapman (as Eugene H. Roche) | Johnny Seven as Lt. Carl Reese |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Lerner as Adrian Father | David Spielberg as Tom Ryan | Joshua Bryant as John Moore | Felton Perry as Roger Stewart | Joseph Bernard as Daniel Feldman | Sandy Ward as Ph.D. | William Lally as Faculty Member | John Williams Evans as Man | Lisa Moore as Student
Director: Don Weis
Writer: Sy Salkowitz
Songs: David and Marty Paich -- Darlin'

133 :06x05 - Camera...Action...Murder!

A pushy filmmaker accompanies Fran on patrol. Meanwhile, someone starts sending footage of women who are turning up dead... and the next one is of Fran.
Guest Stars: Joe Don Baker as Eric Blair | Dennis Patrick as Arnold Gardner |
Co-Guest Stars: Elliott Street as Thatcher | Anthony Caruso as Antonio Fazzi | Linda Gillen as Yellow (as Linda Gillin) | Patrick Dennis-Leigh as Old Man | Michael Santiago as Mailman (as Ike Urrutia) | Erena Radich as Ann Simonson | Fleur H. Powell as Rosemary | Emily St. Michael as 3rd Girl | Dana Saraceno as Vincenzo | Bob Golden (1) as Policeman | Fred Lerner as 1st Sgt. |
Uncredited: Del Monroe as Second Sergeant
Director: Russ Mayberry

134 :06x06 - Riddle Me Death

A Japanese puzzle box is the only clue to a man's death in a seeming accident. His estranged daughter Jane suspects foul play and the case soon ends up in Ironside's lap.
Guest Stars: Sian Barbara Allen as Jane Spencer | William Devane as Chambers |
Co-Guest Stars: Ernest Harada as Shiraki | Thomas Bellin as Morgue Clerk | Tad Horino as Cemetary Guard | Yuki Shimoda as Ship Captain | Joe Ponazecki as Desk Clerk | Anne Ramsey as Motel Manager | William Bryant as Jake | Steve Gravers as Jones (as Steven Gravers) | Rudy Challenger as Doctor (Dr. Stanley) | Paula Shaw as Woman
Director: Jeffrey Hayden

135 :06x07 - Nightmare Trip

While transferring a prisoner to Los Angeles, Ed ends up in jail when he confronts a pair of hostile beat cops. Rather than let Ironside bail him out, Ed insists on staying in jail in protest while he questions his own choice of career.
Guest Stars: Don Stroud as Caine | Jack Ging as Dewey | Rudy Solari as Buckner |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Carr as Police Det. Sgt. Tulley | Steve Sandor as Dale Madigan | Jonathan Goldsmith (1) as Tony Watts | Bill Fletcher as Wolf | John Goddard as Sgt. Andy Badger | Bill Williams (1) as Lt. Dacker | James McCallion as Walker | Dan Barton (1) as Ephren | Frank Michael Liu as Benjy Davis | Joel Lawrence as Fixer (as J.H. Lawrence) | Vic Vallaro as Sgt. Richards | Casey King as Danny Badger | Kevin Dobson as Young Marine | George Conrad as Ownie Karp
Director: Raymond Burr
Songs: Jimmy Griffin -- The Other Side

136 :06x08 - Buddy, Can You Spare a Life?

Ironside decides to reopen an old case he handled that may have put an innocent man in prison for seven years. However, the DA's office that convicted the man resists Ironside's efforts.
Special Guest Stars: Cameron Mitchell (1) as Ken Klaven |
Guest Stars: Geraldine Brooks as Marty Booth | Roger Perry as Lee Paxton | Antoinette Bower as Judy Kalvern | Lonny Chapman as Harry Amstead | Paul Hampton as Hal Murdoch | Johnny Seven as Lt. Carl Reese | Sallie Shockley as Billie Jean Marcatti |
Co-Guest Stars: Ray Middleton as Judge | Mike Lane (1) as Nick Marcatti (as Michael Lane) | Maggie Johnson as Beth Armstead | Kerwin Mathews as Eric Oates | Marion Ross as Mrs. Bartel | William Campbell as Walter Booth | J. Pat O'Malley as Tim Hawkins | George Petrie as Warden Denny | Peter Bourne as Korchek | Casey MacDonald as Records Clerk | Alice Nunn as Mrs. Winston
Director: Don Weis
Songs: Carol Carmichael -- Now You're Gone

137 :06x10 - The Countdown

A man, Caesar, attaches an explosives belt to a scientist, Dr. Norman, and sends him to the Commissioner's office. Caesar then demands that the police release three men from prison or he'll detonate the belt.
Special Guest Stars: Jackie Cooper as Dr. Norman Chase |
Guest Stars: Richard Jaeckel as Caesar | Lizabeth Hush as Adele | Johnny Seven as Lt. Carl Reese |
Co-Guest Stars: Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | Ted Gehring as Harmon | Mark Lambert as Harv Fowler | Graham Brown as Tom | Eric Server as Volker | Robert Gibbons as Garman | Ed Lauter as Newton | Henry V. Brown Jr. as Kabir | Ron Henriquez as Perez | Steve Pendleton as Dr. Warner | John Dennis as Hank Dowman
Director: Don Weis

138 :06x11 - The Deadly Gamesmen

Two rich young men stage a series of bizarre crimes and Ironside soon realizes that they're playing a game of chess using the city as their board.
Special Guest Stars: Scott Marlowe as Jeffrey |
Guest Stars: Noel Harrison as Paul Buckler |
Co-Guest Stars: Gene Lyons as The Commissioner (Commissioner Dennis Randall) | Conlan Carter as Roy Pope Jr. | Robert M. deAnda as Officer Gene Lewis (as Robert M. de Anda) | Kathleen King as Tina Hastings | Johnny Silver as Billy Roberts | Michele Nichols as Carol Chase | Sondra Currie as Cindy Love
Director: Don Weis
Writer: Max Hodge

139 :06x12 - Who'll Cry for My Baby?

Ironside comes to the aid of an old man whose daughter was murdered when the police don't have enough time to deal with the case.
Guest Stars: Tisha Sterling as Wanda Bolen (as Patricia Sterling) | Johnny Seven as Lt. Carl Reese |
Co-Guest Stars: Titos Vandis as Anton Bolen | Don Pedro Colley as Billy Nero | John Quade as Johnny Andrews | Gwenn Mitchell as Elizabeth | Ted Cassidy as Wrestler | Charles McGraw as Marvin | Jan Arvan as Nick | Val Bisoglio as Charley | James Oliver (2) as Anthony | Bill Zuckert as Fred | Beverly Sanders as Saleslady
Director: Richard Donner
Songs: Carol Carmichael -- Money Girl

140 :06x13 - Cold Hard Cash

Ed goes undercover to join a criminal gang suspected of plotting a kidnapping. When they pull it off, Ed tries to keep the victim alive while Ironside deals with her mother, a film star whose agent is worried about the kidnapping will affect his client's career.
Special Guest Stars: Jack Kelly as Bobby |
Guest Stars: Barbara Rush as Lorraine | Richard Anderson as Walter | Johnny Seven as Lt. Carl Reese | Kaz Garas as Owen Riggs |
Co-Guest Stars: Wally Taylor as Vic Barry | Diana Webster as Mrs. Melling | Jeff Morris as Sheriff Gibson | Kay Lenz as Stephanie | Hugh Douglas as TV Newsman | Janice Fischer as Switchboard Operator | Vince Howard as Deputy | David McLean (1) as Gus Hadley
Director: Don Weis
Writer: Stephen Lord

141 :06x14 - Shadow Soldiers

While attending a conference in London, Ironside and Ed become involved with an assassination when Ed gets a glimpse of the killer... making him the next target. Ironside's efforts are hindered by an old friend, a superintendent who doesn't seem to want the Chief's help.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Bochner as Supt. Colin Faber | Stefan Gierasch as Klaus Muller |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Bell (1) as Lt. Morris | Donald Moffat as Hartz | June Whitley Taylor as Ellen Faber | Ivor Barry as Supt. Williams | Gerald Peters as Supt. Davis | Hedley Mattingly as Inspector McArtle (as Hedley Mattingley)
Director: Daniel Haller
Story: Michael Fisher | Teleplay: Sy Salkowitz

142 :06x15 - Ollinger's Last Case

The Chief is sick in bed and sends Ed to check out a mysterious call from an old friend, Ted Ollinger. Ollinger is missing and the townspeople where he lives seem determined to make sure Ed doesn't find the man.
Guest Stars: Kenneth Mars as Adam Bronson (as Kenny Mars) | Albert Salmi as Bill Eaton | Loretta Swit as Sally Pearson |
Co-Guest Stars: Warren J. Kemmerling as Sheriff Heally (as Warren Kemmerling) | Mills Watson as Deputy Davis (Larry Davis) | William Bramley (1) as Bert Martin | Joseph Kaufman as Sam Madden
Director: Don Weis
Songs: Jim Haas -- Where Can You Go?

143 :06x16 - A Special Person

During a lavish party, someone takes a shot at the host, the editor of a popular gentleman's magazine. Ironside and Ed are in attendance and Ironside figures that the would-be killer is still somewhere on the ground.
Special Guest Stars: Barry Sullivan as Howard Jameson |
Guest Stars: Sandy Baron as Wayne Dorian | Leslie Charleson as Nicky |
Co-Guest Stars: Melendy Britt as Rona Bartlet | Robert Viharo as Joey Galardo
Director: Jeffrey Hayden

144 :06x17 - The Caller

While housesitting for a friend, Fran receives a series of increasingly disturbing anonymous calls. A local girl turns up dead and Ironside sets out to find the killer.
Guest Stars: Barry Livingston as Johnny Garber | L.Q. Jones as Harry Ashton |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Lambert as Willis Barnes | Dabney Coleman as Daniel Leary | Dick Bass as Jake | Ray Ballard as Mr. Rowling
Director: Don Weis

145 :06x18 - Love Me in December

Rancher Aaron Clark is accused of murdering a former worker who set a fire. Aaron's much younger fiancé goes to Ironside for help, and Ironside explains that while he knew Aaron in the Navy, they weren't on the best of terms. Despite that, the Chief agrees to help and discovers that the small town is prejudiced against Aaron and the 19-year-old fiancé.
Special Guest Stars: Madlyn Rhue as Kate Dunhill |
Guest Stars: Steve Forrest as Aaron Clark | Simon Oakland as Elton Ferris | Katherine Cannon as Vicki O'Neil (as Kathy Cannon) | Val Avery as McKay |
Co-Guest Stars: Greg Mullavy as Kenny Hall (as Greg Mullavey) | George Murdock as Phil Wagner Sr. | Gregory Sierra as Billy Trona | Kip Niven as Phil Wagner Jr. |
Uncredited: Wallace Earl as First Woman
Director: Don Weis

146 :06x19 - The Ghost of the Dancing Doll

The Dancing Doll, a boat belonging to Ed's friend, is towed into the bay. His friend is gone leaving nothing behind but a bullet hole and blood, and the evidence soon suggests that the missing man was a mob killer.
Guest Stars: Christopher Connelly as Jerry | Jess Walton as Debbie |
Co-Guest Stars: Gene Lyons as Commissioner Randall (Dennis Randall) | Del Monroe as Tom | Warner Anderson as Matty Millane | Abner Biberman as Sal Reiger | Jackie Russell as Helene | Ron Pinkard as Chief Borden | Paul Factor as Eddie Caldwell | James Almanzar as County Officer | Rob Townsend as Jack Farrell | Dean Smith (1) as Joe | Pedro Regas as Carlo Donata
Director: Russ Mayberry

147 :06x20 - All About Andrea

Feminist writer Andrea Wolcott is shot at and Fran is assigned to protect her against further attacks. Meanwhile, Ed falls in love with Andrea's granddaughter, which endears him to neither Ironside nor Andrea.
Guest Stars: Myrna Loy as Andrea Wollcott | Jacqueline Scott as April Morris | Neva Patterson as Gerry |
Co-Guest Stars: Bill McKinney as Augie Morris | Jenny Sullivan as Coral Watson | Robert Quarry as Ted Moresby | Morgan Paull as Martin Lowell | John McLiam as Trash |
Uncredited: Alan Napier as Marcus Lowell
Director: Russ Mayberry

148 :06x21 - Another Shell Game

Art thief Anthony Justin is released from jail, and is hired to commit a robbery... and takes advantage of the situation to engage Ironside, the man who caught him, in a battle of wits.
Special Guest Stars: Dan O'Herlihy as Arthur Justin |
Guest Stars: Skye Aubrey as Liz van Deering | Johnny Seven as Lt. Carl Reese |
Co-Guest Stars: Scott Glenn as Frank Lenox | Mel Scott as Pete | George DiCenzo as Joe | Bern Hoffman as Sadowsky | Jack Manning as Tony Barton | Bob Golden (1) as Prison Guard | Joe Petrullo as Chauffeur (as Joseph Petrullo) | Francisco Ortega as Museum Guard | Jo Jo D'Amore as 1st Man
Director: Alvin Ganzer
Writer: Sy Salkowitz

149 :06x22 - All Honorable Men

A mysterious thief commits an impossible robbery, breaking into a bank's safe deposit vault, and Ironside discovers that the one likely suspect may not be as guilty as he appears.
Guest Stars: William Daniels as Stillwell, the Bank Manager | Fred Beir as Daniels | Johnny Seven as Lt. Carl Reese | Sandra Smith as Anne Lewis |
Co-Guest Stars: Leonard Stone as Norman Gregg | Henry Beckman as Clark Andrews | Regis Cordic as John McLane (as Regis J. Cordic) | Amzie Strickland as Rita Logan | Arthur Batanides as Manny | Robert Bruce Lang as Policeman | Gene Tyburn as Bomb Expert | James Hong as Wilson
Director: Russ Mayberry

150 :06x23 - The Best Laid Plans

Ironside finds himself in a battle of wits when he's trapped in a bank with three robbers. They take Ironside and the other customers and staff hostage while awaiting for a payroll delivery truck to arrive.
Guest Stars: Don Stroud as Travis | Whit Bissell as Walter Eustace | Johnny Seven as Lt. Carl Reese | Rafael Campos as Quinto | Kathleen Lloyd as Paula (as Kathleen Gackle) | Frank Marth as Bolton |
Co-Guest Stars: Peggy Feury as Mrs. Gracey | Nate Esformes as Marco | Frederic Downs as Gerald Darrow | Brent Davis as Bart | Jack Knight (1) as Gilroy | Jerry Hardin as Stark | Ben Frommer as Vendor | Gabriel Walsh as Customer (as Gabe Walsh) | Philip Jackson as Plainclothesman (as Phillip Jackson)
Director: Daniel Haller

151 :06x24 - A Game of Showdown

After they get lost heading for a fishing trip, Ed and the Chief stop in a small town and get involved with a shooting at a motel run by a crooked gambler. The two officers soon get involved and Ironside sets out to help a couple get their money back in a high-stakes game of poker.
Guest Stars: Robert Webber (1) as Del Hogan | Scott Brady as Sheriff | Suzanne Charney as Bev (as Suzanne Charny) | Mary Murphy (1) as Carrie Thomas |
Co-Guest Stars: William Tepper as Johnny | Don Hanmer as Woody Owens | Virginia Vincent as Marylou Beacon | John Carter as Burt Thomas | Cheryl Ladd as Gwen (as Cheryl Stoppelmoor)
Director: Don Weis
Story: Mann Rubin, Sy Salkowitz | Teleplay: Mann Rubin
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 14, 1967
Ended: January 16, 1975
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