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Ironside: Split Second to an Epitaph

Hospitalized for investigative surgery, Ironside’s life is further threatened by a robber-killer whom he can identify.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x2
Airdate: Thursday September 26th, 1968
Special Runtime: 120 Minutes

Guest Stars
Joseph CottenJoseph Cotten
As Dr. Benjamin Stern
Troy DonahueTroy Donahue
As Father Dugan
Lilia SkalaLilia Skala
As Sister Agatha
Andrew PrineAndrew Prine
As Ernie Norton
Don StroudDon Stroud
As Albee
Margaret OMargaret O'Brien
As Louise Prescott

Co-Guest Stars
Mel ScottMel Scott
As Ralph Fellows
Eileen WessonEileen Wesson
As Nurse Evans
Lorraine GaryLorraine Gary
As Nurse Green
Les CraneLes Crane
As Himself
Brenda ScottBrenda Scott
As Carol Dillon
David SheinerDavid Sheiner
As Doctor
Amentha DymallyAmentha Dymally
As Ann Fellows
Frank ArnoFrank Arno
As Police Artist
Christine OlaverezChristine Olaverez
As Nina Kendall
Caroline OlaverezCaroline Olaverez
As Tina Kendall
Linda ChandlerLinda Chandler
As Nurse Kane
Main Cast
Raymond BurrRaymond Burr
As Robert Ironside
Don GallowayDon Galloway
As Det. Sgt. Ed Brown
Barbara AndersonBarbara Anderson
As Eve Whitfield
Don MitchellDon Mitchell
As Mark Sanger
Episode Notes
Originally broadcast as a two-hour movie, the episode is split into two one-hour parts for syndication.

Episode Quotes
Ironside: You want me to tell you what it's like, okay? Okay. It starts out as pure hell and it gets worse. Two years after you think you've adjusted, a little thing like a woman stopping at your table and you start to get up and... They'll tell you. They'll all tell you to forget it. You can't walk like you can't fly and that's it. But you never could fly and you don't spend your life with people that can fly. It's a lot of hell, Ralph. It's impossible, Ralph. You can't take it, Ralph, any of it. Nobody can. But you do.

Eve: Hi, Chief.
Ironside: Any leads on who he was? Did anybody see a car? What about fingerprints? What about ballistics?
Ed: Easy. One question at a a time.
Ironside: Since when?
Eve: How do you feel?
Ironside: Curious. Where do we stand?
Eve: Nothing on the getaway car, no prints anywhere.
Ironside: That's great. All right, what was the take, Ed?
Ed: A case of morphine syrettes, assorted methamphetamines. I've got a list.
Eve: We got his picture out. All PDs, bus stations, airports.
Ironside: It'll be on page 51 of the Dispatch, all the places where no one sees it.

Ironside: Meantime, you two are still on the city payroll. You got a killer to catch. What are you doing here?
Eve: Well, you were sick.
Ironside: Well, you're not. Now get to work. Both of you. Both of you.
Eve: I'm glad you're really better.

Ironside: I don't want ignorant people in my office even when I'm dead.

Dr. Ben Stern: Bob, you're scheduled for tomorrow.
Ironside: Oh, now look...
Dr. Stern: Early. When you and I and the daisies are all fresh.
Ironside: Well, why so fast? I mean, I'm--I'm in the middle of a case.
Dr. Stern: (chuckling) Now I've seen everything. Scared?
Ironside: You know me better.
Dr. Benjamin Stern: I know my patients, happens all the time. The come into the office and I explain the possibilities and they say "Oh sure" and make little jokes about me using a clean knife and staying sober and then I get them in here and I tell them "tomorrow." "Oh no, no, no. It can't be tomorrow, cousin Sandra is coming in from San Leandro tomorrow and Wednesday is sister-in-law's anniversary, the next day is big dance at the Army. No, not tomorrow, never tomorrow." But I must say, "in the middle of a case" is a new one on me.
Ironside: It's my spine.
Dr. Benjamin Stern: So, you tell me when.
Ironside: You're right, Ben. I am scared.
Dr. Benjamin Stern: When, Bob?
Ironside: Tomorrow.
Dr. Benjamin Stern: See you first thing in the morning.

Les Crane: KRAL TV: Well, how do you feel, Chief?
Ironside: Les, they ought to take away your microphone for asking an old chestnut like that.
Les Crane: Well, I see you haven't changed much lately. If you get on your feet again, what'll be the first thing you do?
Ironside: Probably sit down.
Les Crane: Chief, we've been hearing a lot of rumors. Just how risky is this operation?
Ironside: I'll let my doctor quote the morning line on that one. As a policeman, I've known the people of San Francisco for over twenty years. I've arrested some, called some bad names, and been called some bad names back. Main thing is, I would like to thank all of the people of San Francisco for taking the time to write and wish me luck. I not only got sacks of mail, I got a few telegrams. Here's one: "Wishing you nearly every success." Big Len and the boys in C Block, Folsom, California.

(as Mark convalesces at the hospital)
Mark: Well, nice of you to stop in, Chief.
Ironside: How you feeling?
Mark: I've been hurt worse than this in some of the fights I won.
Ironside: Well, rest up.
Mark: I intend to. By the way, when's your big game?
Ironside: Tomorrow morning.
Mark: Do me a favor.
Ironside: Sure.
Mark: Don't give Dr. Stern too much help. Just let him run the operation his own way.
Ironside: Okay.

Ironside: What about the dead guinea pig?
Eve: Well, I talked to that Miss Perfogle. She said that it just died. One of those things. These are student nurses and maybe they weren't as careful.
Ironside: They do an autopsy?
Eve: No, there didn't seem to be any reason to.
Ironside: Well, there's a reason now.
Eve: We can't now. The corpus delicti went out with the morning trash. Why are you so interested in a dead guinea pig?
Ironside: Because it's dead.

Ironside: Where's Ed?
Eve: Running down sightings. Couldn't you have spotted a more distinctive looking murderer?
Ironside: I did my best.
Eve: You always do. They should put that on your epitaph.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorCollier Young
Executive ProducerFrank Price
ProducerPaul Mason (1)
Associate ProducerJeannot Szwarc
Music SupervisorStanley Wilson
HairstylistLarry Germain
Make-upBud Westmore
Set DecoratorJoseph Reith  |  John McCarthy, Jr.
Director of PhotographyBud Thackery
Art DirectorLloyd S. Papez
Music ScoreOliver Nelson
Film EditorEdward W. Williams
SoundEarl Crain, Jr.
Assistant DirectorJoe Boston
Production ExecutiveLeonard H. White
Unit ManagerWilbur E. Mosier
Editorial SupervisorRichard Belding
CostumesGrady Hunt
Color CoordinatorRobert Brower
Theme MusicQuincy Jones
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